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Christmas Stockings

Please welcome back our December Guest Blogger, Jenifer Cowles of Scrapbooking-N-More!   Here is part 2 of her Christmas Decoration series – Christmas Stockings.

Remember to post your comments & let us know, if you are enjoying her posts!

Christmas Stockings

Hi, Jenifer Cowles from scrapbooking-n-more back again for another  tutorial for you.  Today we are going to make the matching stockings for the Tree Skirt that I showed you last week.


Inspired by the Land of Nod catalog again.


Materials List:

  • Fleece (you could use felt)
  • Scissors
  • #PV25 3/8" Velvet woven in red



  • Make a pattern.  I just drafted one out on a brown grocery bag.
  • Cut out 2 of the cuff pieces and 2 of the Sock parts.


  • Make sure you attach the pleated ribbon to the cuff, it makes it much easier to work with.


  • Again I take my old Sizzix and cut out more circles.  I use the smaller circles for the polka dots on the Stockings.  Sew the circles on first, before you sew the 2 stocking pieces together.
  • Stocking pieces – sew with right sides together and turn right side out.
  • Cuffs – sew right sides together on short sides.
  • Sew the cuff to the stocking and fold down.
  • Attach #PV25 3/8" Velvet woven in red on the side to hang.

Voila you are done.  I made cream with red dots for the boys and Red with the cream dots for the girls.

I hope you have time to make them and I would love to see how they turn out!  Leave a comment and I would love to see how they turn out.

  1. Charlene


  2. Donna Przybylowski

    Adorable stockings, very nicely done. Wish I had someone to make them for!! Love the look and design!!

  3. Pam Spradlin

    These are adorable and they look simple to make.

  4. Carol B

    Adorable stockings, love the polka dots!

    Carol B

  5. Pam Loris

    Cute stocking to match the tree skirt! And another quick and simple project!


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