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Christmas Stocking




Let’s play with traditional stocking designs by adding easy
May Arts Ribbon Inspiration.  This Red
and White stocking measures approximately 22” long and 9” wide.


Christmas stocking with ribbon




  • Red felt – for 2 pieces – 24” X 10”
  • White felt – approximately 12” X 18”
  • May Arts Ribbon # XFF14 – 2.5” wide  – 1 yard
  • May Arts Ribbon # XA15
    – 1.5” wide  –  1 yard
  • Permanent fabric adhesive (test first to make sure it won’t
    bleed through the felt)
  • Red sewing thread


  • You may print out the photo of this stocking and enlarge
    it to approximately 22” in length, or trace the outline of an existing stocking
    onto clean paper to create your pattern. Avoid newspaper because the ink could
    transfer to your work and leave permanent smudges.  Draw the heel and toe shapes freehand.  All stitching can be by hand or machine.


  • RED FELT – cut out 2 stocking
    shapes.  I used a decorative-edged rotary
    blade.  Pinking shears would also achieve a festive
    edge.  Straight edged is always fine.
  • WHITE FELT – cut out 2 pieces
    for the upper “cuff-like trim on the stocking. They should be 3 ½”  wide by the upper width of your stocking
    pattern.   Cut 2 heel pieces
    and 2 toe pieces according to your pattern
  • Position the 2
    white felt “cuff” pieces in place on top of the red felt stocking shapes. (Since the felt is reversible, be sure to
    make a stocking FRONT and a stocking BACK.)
  • Stitch the white
    “cuff” pieces onto the front and back red stocking pieces, approximately ¼”
    from the edge.
  • Repeat this for the
    heel and toe pieces
  • Pin the stocking
    front piece exactly on top of the back, wrong sides together.
  • Stitch front and
    back together using a generous ¼” seam allowance, leaving top open.

Christmas stocking with ribbon


  • Cut 1 piece 9”
    long.  Fold in half, creating a strip ¾”
    wide X 9” long.  Stitch the 2 pom pom
    edges together, as close to the edges as possible.


  • Fold the 9” X ¾” piece of pom pom-edged ribbon in half to
    create the 4 ½” hanging loop.  Stitch the
    2 raw ends of the loop securely to the stocking back.  See photo.
  • To conceal raw
    edges, fold under and stitch both ends of the remaining 27” of this ribbon.
  • With a straight
    pin, expose the wire on one edge at one end of this ribbon.  Carefully pull this wire to gather the entire
    length until it fits inside the upper edge of the stocking.  Distribute the gathers evenly.  Pin in place along the inside edge of the
    stocking without letting the green pom poms on this edge show on the outside.
    Baste then stitch in place.


  • Cut enough to
    extend around the entire top edge of the stocking (front and back) – see photo
    for placement.
  • Apply the fabric
    adhesive as lightly as possible to this cut-out ribbon and center it on the
    white “cuff.”  Starting at the edge below
    the hanging loop, press firmly with your hands.
    Let it set according to the adhesive’s instructions, It may require a
    little help from a dry iron (using a pressing cloth) to create a permanent
  • From the remaining
    cutwork ribbon, select and cut out various shapes and apply as above, to the
    heel and toe pieces on front and back.

Blog Posted By:  Ellen Highsmith

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