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New Christmas Card DIY! Featuring WASHI TAPE!

Hello everyone! Diana Poirier from The Morand Pages here today showing you how to make super quick, but elegant, Christmas cards using May Arts Ribbon’s adhesive ribbons and washi tape.  
For these cards, I cut 8.5″ X 11″ white cardstock to 7″ X 7″ squares and folded them in half.
STEP 1:  Cut the word “Christmas” from the “Merry Christmas” washi tape and place on the bottom of your card in the center. Then cut a strip of the copper foil washi tape (about 1.25″) that will be used as the tree trunk and center it over the word “Christmas.” This gives you the starting point for your tree.
 STEP 2:  From the green triangle ribbon, cut a strip of 3 triangles, a strip of 2 triangles and 4 single triangles.  Start making your tree starting with your strip of 3, then 2, then 1 single  piece.
Now you can start “decorating” your tree!
 STEP 3:  From your white scalloped ribbon, cut 3 strips – approximately 1″, 2″ and 3″.  Place the strips on your tree curving them just slightly to make them look like they are hanging off of the tree. 
STEP 4:  Next cut 5 rosettes from your roll of rosette ribbon.  Trim the corners off the base of the rosettes so they are more rounded.  Take the adhesive backing off of the rosettes and place them on your tree.dscn3816-step-5-copy-1
STEP 5:  With the red sheer ribbon, make a little bow and attach it to the top of your tree with a little bit of clear adhesive tape.  If you use a glue, make sure you use one that dries clear and also use a very little bit of it as it may come through the ribbon.
STEP 6:  Cut the word “Merry” from your Merry Christmas washi tape and place it over the tree.  Use a corner rounder and round out the corners of the card.
And you’re DONE! Wasn’t that quick?!
 I hope these cards have given you a little bit of inspiration! The May Arts adhesive ribbon and washi tape are PERFECT for making quick Christmas cards whether you have to make a whole bunch or just a few.
A486-1-46  in PARROT GREEN
540-38-14 in RED
A485-14-01  in WHITE

A487-58-14 in RED 


  1. Anne Dunn

    That’s a great way to make quick cards!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Renee Quirk

      You are welcome! So happy you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Linda T

    Gorgeous card.

    1. Renee Quirk

      Thank you, Linda!

  3. Mary Jones

    Beautiful Beautiful love it

    1. Renee Quirk

      🙂 Thank you!


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