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Christmas Canvas

Day 5 – May Arts /  Core'dinations / Petaloo Blog Week!


I have been so inspired by all the mixed media pieces lately that I thought that I would give it a try.  I haven’t done anything like this ever and I am pretty pleased with the results.



First take your Canvas, mine was a royal blue one that I had used to make a piece for my sons room a couple years ago that didn’t match his décor any longer.  I just started layering book pages, patterns, tissue paper and really anything that I had in reach.  I just modge podged them willy nilly.  After that dries then I just stared layering paint and inks here and there and finally I thru on some glitter.



After I had the background just so I went to my Core'dinations paper and cut out some stripes and then used a large scallop punch to round off some of the edges.  I roughly sketched a tree once I had the shape I wanted I glued it on with some more modge podge.  I inked the tree with some shades of green and some white to soften it up.  To get a nice tree topper I used a petaloo flower on the top to finish up my tree.



Now the fun starts.  I added ribbons and buttons to decorate the tree and the presents under the tree.  Just have fun with it and remember there is no wrong way to make art.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.



Blog post by: Jenifer Cowles

  1. {vicki}


    This is the greatest project ever!


    a recycled project at its finest.

  3. Cynthia B.

    Fun experiment! Looks like you had a blast, and now you have a pretty piece of home decor for the holidays.

  4. Marcia D.

    Wow! This is just gorgeous.

  5. Sue D

    Great canvas–I like how you made the tree.

  6. Kim H

    wow very creative, I have not ever tried somehtign like that either, but you made it sound fun to try. thank you.

  7. Janet L.

    Your canvas looks great! Merry, Merry!!

  8. Regina aka Mrs. Ham

    I’m loving your canvas.

  9. Donna

    That is a great card!

  10. Sue McRae

    Very creative project!

  11. Kathy P

    All I can say is WOW!

  12. Tammy V

    Great project! Love the results!

  13. Barbara Moore

    Oh wow, now I can really get into this project! I just love it! I really prefer mixed media but that way you can do anything and use anything.

  14. Denise Bryant

    Wow… this turned out great! I haven’t tried any mixed media projects yet, but this looks fun!
    Nice mix of May Arts, Core’dinations and Petaloo!

  15. Holly Tolman

    Wow, this looks like you had a lot of fun!


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