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ribbon centerpiece

This past week I was in charge of a luncheon and needed to quickly come up with a table centerpiece decoration.  As I was arranging the tables I realized that tea lights, greenery and ribbon could work for just about any occasion.  Tea Lights, greenery and ribbon = the little black dress of centerpieces.

1. Luncheon

Tea lights: were placed in American Fostoria dishes 3 per table (dessert plate, cup, sherbet glass).  Greenery: silk ivy vines torn apart. May Arts Ribbon: QT sheer/butterflies, TZ flowers pearl center wired and SK 1/4 silk ribbon.

ribbon centerpiece

2. Wedding

Tea lights: in round clear glass globe vases.  Greenery: fresh fern leaves.  May Arts Ribbon: G 1.5″ metallic gold ribbon.

ribbon centerpiece

3.  Graduation

Tea lights: in colored glass holders to coordinate with school colors. Greenery: any vine fresh or silk.  May Arts Ribbon: coordinate school colors.

ribbon centerpiece

4. Christmas

Tea lights: set on holiday dishes. Greenery: holly leaves or evergreen sprigs.  May Arts RibbonCE 2″ Sheer Reversible.

ribbon centerpiece

5. Summer cookout

Tea lights: placed in miniature clay posts. Greenery: hosta leaves.  May Arts Ribbon: WB grosgrain stripes.

ribbon centerpiece

6. Baby Shower

Tea lights: in the shape of baby bottles (easily found online). Greenery: fresh myrtle.  May Arts Ribbon: 346 fuzzy pom poms and RD satin 1″ baby ribbon “it’s a boy”.

ribbon centerpiece

7. Girls Night

Tea Lights: in martini glasses.  Greenery: bear grass.  May Arts RibbonFD sheer glitter dots.

ribbon centerpiece

8. High Tea

Tea Lights: in various different vintage tea cups.  Greenery: queen anne’s lace.  May Arts RibbonNP crocheted lace (watermelon is currently on sale).

ribbon centerpiece

9. Birthday

Tea lights: in square glass holders. Greenery:  curly willow.  May Arts Ribbon: all the colors of 349 sheer pinstripes.

ribbon centerpiece

10. Friday Night, or any night… just because!

Tea Lights: in anything you want!  Greenery: what you can easily use or find.  May Arts Ribbon: your current favorite May Arts ribbon!

ribbon centerpiece

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