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Cards – Ribbon Wrapped Wreaths

Hi all! Vera’s here from Ling’s Design Studio. I am here today to share a couple cards I made using May Arts & Helmar products.

Let’s get on to it, shall we?  Here’s a look at what the cards looks like.



The supplies I used for these cards:


You already know the basic for the card, so I won’t bore you with the how-to for that. Let’s go straight for the wreath. 🙂

You want to cut about 2-7/8” of a circle with the opening about 1-7/8”. You really can make whatever size you want to accommodate your project. This is just the measurement I used for my cards.

Then cut about 30” of ribbon. Add Quick Dry glue on the backside of the wreath and adhere one end of the ribbon and start going around and wrap the ribbon to cover the whole wreath. Don’t worry about positioning the ribbon perfectly. The reason why I use this ribbon for these cards is because the line on the edge of the ribbon and the sheerness of it ended up creating fun patterned around the wreath when you layer them and I think they look pretty with the random layer.

Once you finish wrapping the wreath, use it as guidance as to where to stamp the sentiment on the card panel.  After that, add several Helmar Zapdots on the back of the wreath and adhere the wreath to card.

Print the butterfly, fussy cut it, and adhere to the wreath. And… that’s it…you’re done and you have a fun, simple, but beautiful card.



Here’s a closer look of the card to show the dimension on it.

This would be a fun design to repeat using different ribbons as depends on which ribbon you use, you will get different look.

I really hope you like today’s quick and easy tutorial. I love these springy looking cards, that I think I’ll make a few more myself or maybe it’s time for me to do a big wreath for my wall. Hm… I think I’ll do that.  ðŸ™‚

Thank you all so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


Blog post by: Vera Yates

  1. Sue D

    the ribbon wrapped wreaths are a great idea.

  2. Donna O'Neil

    Wonderful idea!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Very pretty! Love this look.

  4. Ruth G

    Vera, these are really elegant! I love how you used the ribbon around the circle! Thanks for sharing the deets!

  5. Kathy P

    So simple, so lovely!

  6. Anita A

    What a cool way to frame the sentiment!

  7. Ange

    Those are super cute!

  8. Marie / Legojenta

    Such beautiful cards! TFS =)

  9. Melinda Wilson

    This is a awesome idea! I love how the ribbon overlaps at places to give it a darker color.

  10. Monika/buzsy

    Oh so pretty! The ribbon wreaths look fabulous and I just adore those butterflies. :o)

  11. Christine Dring

    I love this idea so much that I’m doing the Happy Dance! LOL! Fabulous cards! ☺

  12. Laura Cox

    Such a pretty technique….simple but a lot of impact!

  13. Tiffany Leola

    How fun! What a way to jazz up a regular circle! Thanks for inspiring us!

  14. Jennifer H.

    This looks so simple but oh…so…beautiful!! Love both cards and wouldn’t it look great with red for Valentine’s day? 🙂

  15. Jeyatha

    I just like both the colors.. Its so beautiful.. A simple design but so beautiful..

  16. Me-Ma Kim

    AWESOME Cards!! Love how your wrapped the ribbon around. I have something like that I could wrap! hmmmm……..LOVELY Inspiration..thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim
    kimnsammy at gmail dot com

  17. Holly Tolman

    These turned out amazing!

  18. KelliJo

    OK, this is AWESOME, and just a bit of glue to start it off, then wrap wrap wrap and then glue the last end? Gonna go play!!! Thanks SO much!!!

  19. Vanessa W

    These are very pretty! Love it’s simple and beautiful!

    ~Vanessa W

  20. Miriam Prantner

    These are really pretty, and what a simple, easy idea. Thanks!

  21. Tammy V

    These are the cutest! Love them.

  22. Amanda Coleman

    What a great idea! The cards turned out so pretty!

  23. jackie s

    What an amazing effect. I’ll be trying this very soon

  24. NinaN

    This would be a great way to use up some ribbon and make a good supply of cards!

  25. DeeDee Catron

    These are super cute and how super easy! you could crank out a ton to give away and not lose any time!


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