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Candy Corn Pillow

Welcome to the May Arts blog today! I’ve got a fun fall project to share! Who wouldn’t love a candy corn pillow to celebrate the season? 🙂

Candy Corn Pillow

It’s pretty simple, and uses limited supplies. I’ve used craft store felt- I had some I’d bought by the yard, but I cut it down to the sheet size for this project. Simply draw a candy corn shape- don’t worry about being perfect!!

Candy Corn Pillow

Cut out 2 pieces the same size.

Candy Corn Pillow

Here’s where the fun starts! Pic out your white, orange & yellow ribbon! I’ve used LOTS of different ribbons, but you could easily use some wide grosgrain, silk, or satin if you want to speed the process up!

Candy Corn Pillow

I pinned my pieces into place in several areas.

Candy Corn Pillow

I sewed them to the felt with coordinating thread.

WHITE:  1” sheer tinsel edge  1.5” double faced satin  5/8” chevron stripe  1.5” sheer wrinkled edge  ORANGE:  ¾” twill chevron stripe  5/8” sheer/ruffle edge  1.5” grosgrain  ½” solid wrinkled  ½” woven burlap  YELLOW:  3/8” double faced satin  5/8” textured lines  ¾” twill chevron stripe  ½” woven burlap  1.25” silk (sk30)  1” grosgrain ric rac

I pinned the right sides together.

Candy Corn Pillow

I machine sewed them together, leaving room to stuff. I also trimmed the excess ribbon.

Candy Corn Pillow

After I stuffed the pillow with poly-fill I hand-sewed it closed. 🙂

Candy Corn Pillow

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve been inspired!

Blog post by: Jen Shears



Other Supplies Used:

  • Craft store felt (white)
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Poly-fil


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  1. Pam Hornschu

    What a wonderful creation! So clever!

  2. Yun Kelly

    This is one candy corn I like! Great idea and the result is adorable! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Courtney Lee

    SUPER cute idea Jen!!!

  4. Karen B.

    This is adorable!

  5. Donna Sue

    Candy corn is a favorite and I love designs with them. Love your pillow!

  6. Outside Inn

    What a fabulous festive pillow!

  7. Jackie Hedlund

    I love candy corn and the pillow using May Arts ribbon is adorable!


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