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Candy Colored Craft Challenge Entries {giveaway}

All of the entries from our Candy Colored Craft Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!

First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

That is one full roll each of the candy colored ribbon used in this challenge!

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

…and remember one of the goals was for each ribbon to be used in the project!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please note these are simply being posted in the order in which they were received.**

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by The Ribbon Lady**


Michelle Edmonds:

Julie Fernandes:

Sandy Huntress:

Fonda Rush:

Jasmine Ford:

Barbara Johnson:

Sharon Gullikson:

Barb Mazur:

Roxy Furlong:

Megan Aaron:

Marie Otake:


Lynn Ochs:


Denise Bryant:

Emily Lanham:

Laura Cox:

Monika Davis:

DeeDee Catron:

Barb King:

Lucero Arechiga:

Susan Brown:

Shannon @ Purple Lion Paper:


Miriam Prantner:

Ashley N Newell:

Jeannie DeGruccio:

Whew!  That is a whole lot of inspiration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on April 20th, 2012!

Now start posting your favorites!   ๐Ÿ™‚


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Larissa Heskett =)

    I LOVE ALL of these creations!!  =)  THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  2. Laura H

    Great job!  My vote is for Barb King! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Michelle Edmonds

    Ok…I did NOT see Shannon's video till JUST now…WOW!!! I think had she not posted a video, but instead posted actual photos that she would have stolen the vote!!! I LOVE her page, it is AWESOME! Shannon, you can come teach a scrapbook class at my shop any day!

  4. Michelle Edmonds

    WOW! Thanks to everyone who commented on my 3D Maypole card…everyone's projects are so imaginative and beautiful. I don't envy the Ribbon Lady's job…it would be so hard for me to choose the winner(s). Of course I am partial to my own project as I know how much work went into it (cutting around the butterfly's antena was a real chore, let me tell you! I think I was holding my breath the whole time and praying the paper didn't rip as I ONLY have the one sheet so it was a one-shot deal!…the antena are litterally hair thin, so I didn't expect to end up with them in tact :o)  and getting the Ballarina to actually stand up on her tiny toe without having to add some kind of clunky looking stand was no easy feat either, let me tell you!…LOL…but getting her to ACTUALLY HOLD the ribbon in her tiny hand (that is her thumb you can see wrapped over the ribbon) was by far, the most frustrating…and again without the addition of anything extra to take away from the look of the finished card…but…all this being said…even knowing what went into this card, I find it difficult to choose the "best" project. I LOVE the picture frame with the ribbon rainbow and I really like the egg hunt page too…but I love ALL the projects!!!  GOOD LUCK picking winners Ribbon Lady, you do have your work cut out for you…AWESOME work EVERYONE!!! Such talent and imagination!!!

  5. Kristie M

    Lots and lots of talented designers here! So hard to choose a favorite, but I love the ribbon cupcake by Monika Davis. So beautiful and full of detail.

  6. robin

    Wow! Those are amazing! If I had to choose ONE winner, that would have to be Sandy Huntress. It's hard to top cute babies.

  7. MelodyJ

    I like Michelle Edmounds project.  Very fun card.

  8. Heaven

    Michelle Edmonds' is by far the best! It is beautiful and you can see how much time, effort and creativity went into it. Wow!

  9. Lacey Bisson

    I really liked the card by Michelle Edmonds. its uses alot of color, shows off spring time,it was really different from all the rest.
    everyone had a great style,but Michelle Edmonds really stood out more.

  10. Barbara Heston

    I really love the card by Michelle Edmonds. It uses all the ribbons and shows wonderful creativity.  The May Pole is such a different look.  I can't take my eyes off of it. So many great ideas from everyone!

  11. Christy Moore

    OMG, the first entry by Michelle Edmons, is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such an elegent card in all my life.  Definately a 1st place winner in my book and several others too…PLEASE TELL HER HOW MUCH IT WAS ENJOYED…THANK YOU MICHELLE.

  12. Rebecca Krutsch

    So many beautiful and cute projects!  My favorite would have to be the May pole project by Michelle Edmonds.  Tons of detail and great copic marker work to show off the bright ribbons.  Also love the cupcake and frame.  Good luck choosing a winner, lots of talent here:)

  13. AngieB

    I am SERIOUSLY glad that I don't have to pick a winner!!!  It's so hard to choose from such amazingly creative projects.   There is just something about the first one that I love but they are all TRULY AMAZING!

  14. Dawn Dalrymple

    I love the project that Roxy Furlong created. Just  Darling! 

  15. Gwen Windham

    My favorite is the Scrapbook Layout for Cady's First Year by Sandy Huntress!  So cute!!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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  17. Ange

    Wow, there is a lot of cute stuff there! Good luck picking a winner!!!
    I'm going to go with the "On the Hunt" layout, but only because I'm more of a layout girl.
    Fabulous projects!!

  18. Rosann

    Wow, so many creative candy colored projects, those ribbons are so pretty, I want them and the candy! Hard to pick just one  … loved Barbara's Island House…great use of ribbon with the Graphic 45 papers!
    Monika's cupcake was yummy… BUT Emile Lanham stole my heart with the flower and butterfly banner !

  19. Nancy N

    I love Jasmines watercolour cards  ๐Ÿ™‚  the ribbons are so pretty with the colours she used.

  20. Grammycher

    All so creative and beautiful… love the ribbons!!!…… difficult to pick..but Jasmine's cards are a fav. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Awesome job ladies!! My favorite is the camera strap!

  22. Stephanie O

    Wow, I think I love them all, but I really love the woven box by Barb King!

  23. JennyLilac

    Wow!  Those projects are all amazing!!!  I am so impressed by the creative ways people used those ribbons.  Since I have to just pick one, I would say Barb King's woven box really caught my eye!

  24. Jasmine Ford

    Great work everyone! I really do love my cards they took a lot of time to make, but I gotta say that banner by Emily is gorgeous!

  25. Andrea L - EnchantINK

    My fav is Monika Davis! Love the cupcake! There are so many gorgeous projects here! Don't think I will ever enter … how could I compete!? Hugs xxx

  26. Samantha Grey

    Roxy Furlong ALL the way!!! How cute!!!!

  27. Laura Sanchez

    I love the bird cards by Jasmine, the layout by Laura Cox and the nest by Dee Dee. All the projects were beautiful.

  28. Kristie Maynard

    I wouldn't want to have your job, Ribbon Lady!  Those are some wonderful projects!  I have a few favorites and they would be Michelle Edmonds card,  Megan Aaron's camera strap, Barb Kings project and Ashley Newell's framed layout.  That's as narrowed down as I could get, there are so many wonderful inspirational projects that I don't know how you can pick a winner.  Wonderful projects!!!!

  29. Kim Howard

    Love, Love, Love the frame from Ashley Nguyen Newell.  So many stunning submissions.

  30. Lorrayne Ingram

    Roxy furlong. Cute  

  31. Ellen G.

    Barb King’s ribbon keepsake box is so pretty, I love the weaving with the ribbons!

  32. Ruza Rebel

    What an awesome collection of submissions!  I'm more of a CAS girl, so I love Miriam Pratner's heart cards!

  33. Susan Jensen

    _ Megan's Camera strap is first
    Jeannens Bags is second
    Bird House I believe is 3rd.

  34. Susan Weatherford

    I just love Ashely Newell's project.  I love those flowers.

  35. Julia B.

    My fave is Ashley N. Newell.

  36. Brenda Woods

    I love Barb King's entry.  That looks like more work than I would EVER do!!  That must have taken a lot of patience and skill!

  37. Susan Tapply

    Love the decorated box by Barb King!

  38. Laura

    Laura Cox's page is awesome

  39. sandeeNC

    wow, so many beautiful creations, the sock monkey was darling and the camera strap very useful, but my favorite was Barb Kings woven box, that one really shows off the beautiful May Arts ribbon in all it's candy-lisious colors!

  40. Jeannie DeGruccio

    Well of course I love my tree but really, I amazed at all the wonderful ideas here on the blog.  Everyone did a fabulous job on their projects and there is no way I could choose one since everyone covered a special niche that no one duplicated!  I am so glad I got a chance to be part of this challenge..goodness I love RIBBONS!!

  41. Christina

    So many great projects..I see alot of pinning is going to happen!Love the may pole and the house and the sock money and the…..well you get the picture.

  42. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    I love Michelle Edmonds May Pole Card and the Camera Strap.

  43. sue wisniewski

    I have two favorites Barbara Johnson: birdhouses and Miriam Prantner: heart cards.  fabulous job!
    stamping sue

  44. Kathy

    I love the purse tree by Jeannie DeGruccio

  45. Maddy M

    Nicely done everybody! My vote is for Ashley Newell. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Rebecca Ednie

    I like the tutu and the frame by Ashley the best. Both happy fun projects!

  47. Ryann Salamon

    I love the camera strap the best!  How very cute and useful as well!!

  48. NWFlamingo

    Barbara Johnson's house is awesome, but Sock Monkey made me laugh and I love the functionality of the camera strap.

  49. ArdellaK

    Wow, great job by all! I really like Denise Bryant's monochromic card variety!

  50. Donna Woods

    Jeannie from the Polka Cabana sent me over.  I have never seen such talent or an explosion of color  on one blog post before.  That adorable gift bag tree is just precious, with that tutu coming in at 2nd place.

  51. Sandy

    Beautiful designs by everyone. I really love the little bags that Jeannie DeGruccio made. Cute idea with the pot and hanging bags.

  52. Natasha G.P.

    The sassy sock monkey is so darned cute. I like how even her tail has a kick to it.

  53. Cynthia B.

    Can I please vote for three??
    OK – Megan's camera strap is pretty cool! (And Sharon's baske plus, Ashley's rainbow flower frame are awesome too.) Who am I kidding – these are all awesome!! Fabulous job, ladies!!

  54. Susan Jensen

    Well its woking/ There all good but to pick 1 the bird house. 2nd is flowers by Emily A. , monkey. Give each 1 2 rolls of ribbon. Im silly. Cant wait for the WENNER !!

  55. Anita Braddock

    My favorite is the flower Banner. by Emily Lanhan
    its Beautiful love the all the eliments . thanks for the chance to win

  56. Linda Lee

    LOVE the little bags on the wire tree…so cute, great idea for party favors!

  57. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    Wow you all are so talented.  Loved it all!

  58. Jamie Cripps

    So many wonderful projects…way to go ladies!!

    I am voting for Jeannie's little bags and display!  I think this could be used for so many occassions and I just LOVE the colors!  Way to rock it Jeannie!

  59. Jennyfer L

    Oh my, these are amazing! My fave project would be Emily Lanham's colorful banner. It's so vibrant and cheerful!

  60. Heather Flaherty

    Love the projects! The ribbon is soo delicious, I am off to find where I can buy some.. Winning would be FABULOUS though.>! My Favorite project is Jeannie DeGruccio's

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  62. Jennifer

    I absolutely LOVE the ballerina project by Michelle Edmonds!!!  My daughter is all things ballerina and I got a little giddy when I saw her project!

  63. Pansie

    Love all the projects. My favorite is Monika's Cupcake. I can use this idea in so many ways to brighten people's lives. I first project is to make some to take to the nursing home to visit my grandmother and her friends as bouquets on the 1st of May. 

  64. Allison M.

    Stunning projects!! Everyone did an amazing job, but I really love Jasmine Ford's sweet cards.

  65. Kevin Alford

    This sock monkey has attitude – I'm going to have to vote for the sock monkey!

  66. Eva Dobilas

    Oh….I love the yummy colors on the ribbons you are showing and the entries are so very creative!  Good luck to everyone!

  67. Suzanne

    The sock monkey is the cutest by far!!!!!

  68. Lmaisch

    I love, love, love Jasmine's cards – so pretty and springlike.  Beautiful!

  69. Kimberly Russell

    I really like the Maypole and the camera strap was very neat!

  70. Tory Anders

    Lots of nice things, but my favorite by far is Michelle Edmonds' project. Very pretty, lots of hard work and great use of all of the ribbons!

  71. Conniecrafter

    These are all fabulous creations, great cupcake Monika ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Cheryl Bullock

    I vote for Jasmine Ford's cards.  The Chickadee with the wood grain is BEAUTIFUL! 

  73. {vicki}

    I'm really lovin the necklace!

  74. Queen Mary

    OK, I truly admire those commenters who can remember the name of the artist!  I LOVE the cupcake because I think I can make that one — and one for my stamping retreat buddies!  Then I like the house – I'm sure I could only do one for myself – and the flower pot — cute for party favors!

  75. Kathy P

    Whoa….there are WAY too many amazing creations for this challenge.  I I really love so many of them….and I am amazed at all the hard work and long hours that obviously were spent creating these beautiful entries.  It was a very tough decision, but in the end, I had to vote for the creation that, if it were mine, would be used daily and be a reminder of how fabulous May Arts ribbons are: Megan Aaron's awesome camera strap!!!.

  76. Diane Payne

    I love the camera strap by Megan Aaron!

  77. Cheryl W

    I love Susan Brown's berry basket.  It showcases the ribbon so beautifully and makes them the star of the show! It also gave me some great ideas for the berry baskets that will end up in my house this summer when I purchase berries at my local farmer's market.

  78. by belle

    WOW! Each and every one of these porjects is my favorite!!  Great job EVERYONE!!

  79. Christina

    Emily's banner is AWESOME!  She get's my vote! 

  80. DeannaM

    What great projects! I especially love that camera strap cover! WOW!

  81. ellen s

    LOVE that camera strap from Meg Aaron!

  82. Kelly

    Great job ladies…I really like the watercolored bird cards by Jasmine…they are perfect for spring!!

  83. Kim Schofield

    All of the creations are fabulous but the cupcake by Monika Davis really stands out as being over the top creative and delightful!!

  84. Tracy S

    Hi everyone, there are some great crafts here but my favourite are the 2 spring inspired cards by Jasmine Ford. so very cute.

  85. Ivanka

    Oh my!!  These are all so creative and I'm glad I don't have to choose the winner.  The tutu and the cupcake made me smile, but I loved them all.  Good luck to all!

  86. Karen McAlpine

    Jasmine Fords cards are my favs!  Gorgeous creations!!

  87. Rea

    My faorite is by I believe, Barbara Johnson.  The Graphic 45 house using the Tropical paper.  Your ribbons  add to the paper and the whole thing really pops and is great eye candy.  Beautiful job.  

  88. Playful Pandora

    I adore the lil birdie cards! (by Jasmine Ford)

    they are so tweet ^_^
    I couldn't help myself!

  89. Sue D

    On my–so many creative ideas.  My favorite is Michelle Edmonds maypole.

  90. Barbara johnson

    Amazing projects from everyone!! The ribbons were such inspiring colors. Good luck to all!! Thanks May Arts for a fun contest!!

  91. Celeste B.

    So many clever ideas. I think my favorite is the woven camera strap.

  92. Lisa L.

    Wow!  I sure am glad I don't have to pick the real winner there are some really amazing projects!!!  With that said I would say my favorite are between the very first card ( I just love the little maypole dancer! ) and the cupcake!  Best of luck to all of them!

  93. Zarah

    Tons of FAB projects – but the one that made me go "OH! I want that!" was Megan Aaron's project. SO clever and SO cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Kim Humbert

    they all came out so noce-but my fav is Monika's cupcake!

  95. Marie / Legojenta

    I love Monika Davis' cupcake!! TFS =)

  96. shannon white

    Wow! Everyone made such Lovely creations! Goodness I am so glad I dont have to choose! I do Really LOVE the Wonderful Cupcake created by Monika Davis! What a Gorgeous vibrant creation! It' just Screams Celebrate! Love it! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  97. Michelle Mendoza

    I love the jewelry sets of marie otake!what an artistic design…

  98. Jessy Christopher

    I love the camera strap by Megan!! Pretty!!

  99. Mika Mendoza

    Amazing projects!!! But I love the most the jewelry set of ate Marie Otake. They are trendy and fashionable. :)))) I'm sure they look good on me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. Pendra

    Wow, simply amazing projects… glad I don't have to pick just one!  I think my absolute favorite was Barbara Johnson's!  But followed closely by the camera strap and the rainbow picture framed!  Very creative and talented ladies… thanks for sharing and good luck!

  101. Mary Cardini-Anderson

    Monika, you rock! I love the cupcake that you made. What a wonderful and very creative  gift this makes.

  102. Gina Lideros

    I vote for Ashley Newell's photo frame project.  Great job everyone!

  103. JessicaL

    Love the heart card Ashley N. Newell made!

  104. Mina974

    I love Asheyl's project!!

  105. Patricia

    My fav is the camera strap by Megan 

  106. Patricia

    Wow, these are all so clever and adorable!

  107. C arol B

    Love them all, but the camera strap is so fab!
    Carol B

  108. michelle l.

    so, so many awesome projects! I think the one that sticks out for me the most is Megan's camera strap. What a great way to use all of the ribbons!

  109. Sherri

    Wow, what an incredible response you've had.  These are all such fabulous creations. I'm a big fan of ribbon, and practicle, so I vote for Meg's camera strap.  Bright, cheery, and would be a very welcome addition to my boring black Canon strap.

  110. Gela C.

    My favorite was Ashley Newell's frame – it really grabbed my attention!

  111. Nancy M

    They are all nice, of course. My first place, if you will, is Michelle Edmonds. My second place is Barbara Johnson. I thank you for sharing these–lots of inspiration to be had from these!!

  112. Belinda Brown

    They are all beautiful but love Ashley Newells and Emily Lanham

  113. Allison

    I vote for the cute sock monkey!

  114. Carmen

    I love Susan Brown’s idea to recycle strawberry boxes. So pretty!

  115. Beth W

    This is impossible-wht amazing creations-these ladies are so talented.I'm going to pick Barbara Johnson-her attention to detail blew me away.

  116. Denise Bryant

    So many great projects! I love the diversity!

  117. JenMarie Taylor

    OMGoodness, these are just amazing! WOW! LOVE Emily Lanham's!

  118. kathy Roy

     I love a good layout, so I vote for Laura Cox.. That cute little Ballerina was a close second..

  119. Jessica Toulmin

    Wow, I like so many this time round! My favourites are: the cards by Jasmine Ford, the camera strap by Megan Aaron, the jewellery by Marie Otake, the card set by Denise Bryant, and the banner by Emily Lanham. Great work ladies!!!

  120. Bethany Becker

    There are so many great projects.  I had a tough time choosing just one.  But I think that Roxy Fulong's is my favorite!

  121. Donna H

    Puffy heart the puffy heart by Ashley Newell!

  122. Sharon McLain

    I love all of them. But I really like Barb Mazur's

  123. Emily h

    Oh my! So cool! I like them all! Michelle E's is probably my favorite.

  124. Barb Mazur

    LOVE the whimsical, yet detailed work of Emily Lanham. 
    All entrants out-did themselves.  Talent is running rampant in America.

  125. Dustin N

    I vote Ashley N Newell

  126. Maria Levine

    Great submissions!  Everyone did a fantastic job. I pick Ashley Newell and her fantastic frame!

  127. Maria Levine

    Great submissions!!  THey are all wonderful but I pick Ashley Newell!

  128. Cheryl Ciocca

    All entries were amazing.  Kudos to everyone.  The  entry that caught my eye was done by Laura Cox.  It was her color choices and attention to detail.

  129. Jackie H

    I love Barbara Johnson's Island House the best! All entries are great and they finished them!!

  130. Amy Serbaroli

    They are all wonderful, but if I had to pick, I'd choose MEGAN AARON'Sgorgeous camera strap. It is an awesome use of the ribbons and so pretty!

  131. luanne pang

    super love the one made by Ashley Newell. SO pretty and really blooms.

  132. Rebekah

    Ashley Newell's is my favorite. Wonderful projects and great inspiration from everyone!

  133. Jessica Bashaw

    I love the layout that Laura Cox did. Those colors remind me so much of Spring and Laura's layout really captured the essence of Spring!

  134. Mynette Jackson

    I vote for Laura Cox.  Love your layout…it makes me smile!

  135. Lynda Taylor

    My vote goes to Laura Cox.  I love the layout and can tell that a lot of thought went into it.  Everything comes together in this layout.

  136. Jessica B.

    LOVE Ashley N Newell's project, it's gorgeous!!! Love the pretty ribbon roses! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Cassie

    I love Ashley Newell's Ribbon rainbow!!!  So adorable!! =)

  138. JJ

    putting in a vote for Ashley Newell.   Lovely work from everyone!

  139. Kim Muhl

    They are all wonderful, but Ashley N Newell's frame gets my vote! 

  140. Susan M. Jost

    I really tried "not" to be partial to my dear friend in Southern California, Sharon Gullikson – and, all the entries were very clever indeed and "neato"- but come on, the "Fancy Schmancy Sock Monkey" won my heart!

  141. Leah the Orange

    ooh, these are SO lovely!  i am a big fan of Ashley's project at the end!  those flowers (and the orange) are gorgeous!

  142. Debbie Travers

    All the projects are truly amazing!  My vote goes to Laura Cox for that beautiful layout!

  143. Bee

    The last one, Ashley's beautiful Family frame is my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€

  144. carrie taylor

    The projects on here are just so gorgeous and fabulous.  so much talent.  I guess if i have to pic one i would say the frame at the end by ashley N. newell.  Good luck everyone. beautiful work

  145. Jen R

    I'm voting for Ashley's gorgeous frame!

  146. jan farnworth

    i love ashley n. newell wonderful family portrait project just to wonderful.

  147. Anita

    I vote for Ashley Newell.

  148. Isie Villarreal

    My 2 favorites were #1:Susan Brown's woven basket and #2: Megan Aaron's camera strap. You could really see the craftsmanship and wonderful detail that went into both of these projects.

  149. Kendra

    I love Ashley Newell's picture frame!!  How fun!!  Beautiful picture as well. Great work all together ladies!!

  150. DebbieC.

    Wow what great projects. It is hard to pick just one.
    My paper project would be Laura C's layout and my
    non paper project would be Megan's camera strap.

  151. Tracy Borba

    You will have a hard job ahead of you.  Everyone did such an awesome job.  I totally love the pop up made by Michelle Edmonds.  Love all the colors. I love all the dimensions and how new beautiufl ribbon was used.  Awesome job.  Thank you in advance for the chance to win your new ribbons they are beautiful.

  152. Martha

    I vote for Ashley's Newell Frame! Gorgeous

  153. Amy Jones

    Oh my all these projects are wonderful….It is hard to choose for sure.  I have a top 3 in my fav's.  The 1st the caught my eye the most was Ashley N. Newell.  Greatjob.  The 2nd is Michelle Edmonds Love the wand, so cute.  And of course Barbara Johnson's is beautiful.  Alot of detail went into this.  All entries are great.  Good luck to all the ladies.  You all did a wonderful job.

  154. Savannah O'Gwynn

    OHHH! These are super cute projects and AMAZING ribbon! LOVE Ashley N's frame—those flowers into the rainbow are soooooo cute! Good luck to all:)

  155. Ashley N Newell

    Sigh…waving the white flag.  I vote for Lynn Ochs!  

  156. Rachel B

    So much fabulous inspiration in one place! I love them all! I think my favorite would have to be Ashley N Newell with that fabulous rainbow of flowers!

  157. KelliJo

    Wow!  ALL are WONDERFUL but I gotta say… Ashley Newell STOLE MY HEART with her picture frame!!!!

  158. Ann Merkins

    Wow! What a fantastic bunch of creativity! DeeDee Cantron's nest is adorable!!

  159. wendiwinn

    lovin' the colors!  voting for ashley n newell's picture frame!  yay!

  160. Carole Ebel

    I've always had a weakness for sock monkeys…….therefore, I have no other choice but to declare that the Sock Monkey is my favorite!!!!

  161. Julie Ranae

    I absolutely AdOrE Monika Davis' cupcake project!  All the entries are fab!

  162. Cait

    they are all fabulous projects, but my favorites are the bird cards by Jasmine Ford and the absolutely adorable camera strap by Megan Aaron.  I have to make one of those!!!

  163. ManhattanMandie

    WOW!!! Amazing entries!!! I'd like to give my vote to Laura Cox! She created a beautiful layout!

  164. Gary Gullikson

    I love that sock monkey by Sharon Gullikson,and  not just because it's my daughter's entry

  165. Melissa Robins

    Loving the flowers and tutu created by Lynn Ochs!  Such a fun and creative way to think outside the box for something sweet!

  166. Joanne F.

    I LOVE Ashley Newell's Picture Frame!  

    1. Ashley N Newell

      THANK YOU!!!!  ๐Ÿ˜€

  167. Tonya Roach

    I am just thinking what I would love to receive from a friend…and obviously I would love THEM ALL!! The one I would use the most is the camera strap made by Megan Aaron..absolutely love it and could have used it this past weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job everyone!

  168. Beverly Jordan

    Barbara Johnson did a fabulous job! As did all the entrants but I had to choose just one! Great work ladies!!

  169. Sue McRae

    Love Megan Aaron's camera strap, it's a practical and fun project!

  170. DeeDee Catron

    holy wowza.. I vote Monika Davis!

  171. Stephanie U

    I really like Emily's banner and MOnika's cupcake.  I can't pick just one…

  172. Julie Shearer

    They are all so beautiful. I keep going back and forth. I'm sorry I can't pick just one. Great job everyone !!!

  173. Holly Elliott

    Wow! Lots of great projects!! I think my fave is by Barbara Johnson.

  174. Marsha F

    They're all great, but my favorite is the camera strap cover!

  175. Jean Marmo

    Wow – amazing!! How to choose?? I love the Camera strap! Thank you for a chance to win!

  176. leslierahye

    They are all wonderful but I LOVE that little basket that Susan did!

  177. LBAB

    Wow!!! What entries.  I vote for Jasmine and the awesome flowers.

  178. Annette Allen

    wow these are all amazing…very creative and fun..

  179. NinaN

    Holy Wowsers!!!!! EVeryone has really outdone themselves this time!!!! I really, honestly can not pick a favorite. So I'm not going to! Congrats everyone!

  180. Nancy Y

    Wow! These are all such beautiful and creative projects!!! My two favorites are the house and the cupcake!!! Good Luck to everyone!!!

  181. Brian Poteraj

    I'm impressed at how creative everyone is.  My favorite is the cute little sock monkey.

  182. Susan M. Brown

    I am partial to my own entry – but ALL of the entries are fantastic. I have to say my favorite it the woven camera strap by Megan Aaron : )

  183. Jeyatha

    I love the work of Megan Aaron.. I have always wanted something more comfortable on my camara strap and i just love her idea.. Thank you Megan Aaron and thank you may arts for sharing all these wonderful projects.. all the best for everyone.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. Rebecca W

    Amazing projects- they ones that stood out the most for me were the ballerina and May pole as well as the sock monkey.

  185. Susie

    I'm glad I don't have to pick the winner, everything is awesome.  If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be the cupcake and the album cover.

  186. Jenifer Cowles

    love them all fantastic job!!! Best of luck to everyone:)

  187. Sharon Gullikson

    There are SO many great ones. But I think that I truly like the SOCK MONKEY best.


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