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Campground Cookbook

Day 2 of May Arts / Creative Imaginations Blog Week!

Campground Cookbook

{Inspired by Creative Imaginations Great Outdoors products & May Arts Ribbon}

While I’m a city girl at heart, I do love a great camping adventure.  Roughing it a little by sleeping in a tent or doing without a curling iron for a few days is something I can easily do, but when it comes to campground cooking, I do like to keep things a bit more “city-like”.

So, on my next camping adventure I’ll be taking along my handcrafted CAMPGROUND COOKBOOK, filled with quick and easy gourmet recipes.

Creating my cookbook was really easy, especially with the Creative Imaginations Art Warehouse Great Outdoors themed papers and embellishments.  The wilderness images, leaf cut-outs and rustic themed stickers gave my cookbook the perfect touch of nature it needed. Thanks Creative Imaginations for making such wonderful scrapbooking and craft products.



Here’s how I created my Campground Cookbook…


Supplies needed:

  • Chipboard Book with ring clip—available at all craft stores
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fiskars Paper Edgers
  • Twig branches from your yard
  • Recipe cards—printed on your computer.  A great selection of campground recipes are available from



Step 1:  Cover each of your chipboard pages with your CI Great Outdoors decorative paper.  Since my chipboard pages had a scalloped edge, I traced the outline onto my paper and then cut it out.  Use your Glue Art adhesive tape to adhere the paper to your page.



Step 2:  Attach your recipes to each page of your cookbook.  You can create decorative edges on your recipe cards by using deco edge scissors like I did.



Step 3:  Next, decorate each of your pages with your May Arts ribbon and CI embellishments.



Step 4:  To make it easy to turn the pages of my cookbook, I created unique page turners with pieces of twig branches and my corded burlap ribbon (SP16 & SP10).

  • Cut twig pieces to fit vertically along the edge of each cookbook page
  • Cut 3” pieces of your burlap ribbon
  • Loop one or two pieces of your ribbon around your twig—the ribbon will serve as the handle of your page turner



Step 5:  Once your ribbon is looped around each twig, hot glue the twig onto the outside edge of each of your cookbook pages.  You’ll need to hold the sticks in place until the glue hardens a bit.  Slide your ribbon up and down so that it is in a different spot on each page.



Step 6:  Complete the cover of your cookbook by spelling out Campground Cookbook with stickers and adding ribbon loops to the right side of the cover.

Finally, gather the pages of your cookbook together, starting with breakfast recipes, followed by lunch and ending with dinner and dessert recipes.  Loop the pages onto your ring clip and you’re ready to go camping, gourmet style! 

Happy Travels!



  1. DeniseB

    Beautiful project! I love that paper you used for the cover, and excellent choice of trims to use to complement the look of the rustic styled cookbook.

  2. Becky Dunham

    I absolutely love this! In fact i need this! We don’t go camping as much as we used to but i am planning to change that and I think this would be so much fun. Maybe if we come up with some fun campfire recipes my teenagers will be more excited 🙂

  3. Kristie Maynard

    What a unique and great idea. Love it!

  4. Janet L.

    The rustic look of this mini book is terrific!

  5. Sue D

    Great idea and thanks for the camp recipe site.

  6. Aki

    OMG! I absolutely love this project. It’s just too GREAT

  7. Karen K

    Very clever and very cute.

  8. Larissa Heskett

    LOVE IT!! I LOVE all of the outdoor touches!! So cute!! THANKS for the inspiration!!
    Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  9. sharon gullikson

    I love this idea. And I love how you made it. NICE

  10. Natasha G.P.

    what a great idea. and it’s so perfect for camping.

  11. B. Poteraj

    I love camping even if I don’t get to eat!

  12. {vicki}

    love this

  13. jean marmo

    What a cute project! Love the papers!

  14. Melinda Wilson

    Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  15. f lynn rush

    such a unique idea. thank you for sharing.

  16. sue w.

    what a fantastic idea for a book of any kind but your recipe book is wonderful. I like the twig embellishment.
    stamping sue

  17. Charlene

    Great idea for camping families!

  18. ellen s

    so cool! love that burlap on the twig!

  19. Jingle

    This is fantastic!

  20. jengd

    Fabulous book! I love the whole look of it- those papers are gorgeous!

  21. Natalie Elphinstone

    Ummm….. AWESOME! What a great idea, and such lovely papers to complete this fantastic project 🙂

  22. Renee J.

    This is such a delightful mini! I love it! Thank you for the chance to win these goodies!

  23. Dorothy Casas

    Great project! I like how the twigs were used.
    Thanks for sharing


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