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Burlap Pockets

Packaging should never be understated. Especially if you’re giving a fun gift. Today I’m sharing an easy and super cool burlap pocket tutorial.

Burlap Pockets

These are fun little, customizable and super textured pockets. The bonus is that it closes and you don’t even have to manually add that feature.

To start, you will have to pick your wired burlap size. May Arts makes them in 4”, 2.5” and also the faux burlap in 1.5”. They all work for this project. Next cut the length of your ribbon. Remember to allow for trim (top and bottom) and also closer flap.

Burlap Pockets

Now you want to sew the edges so they will not unravel. Just fold over each edge twice and zigzag stitch across.

Burlap Pockets

All that is left to do is to fold your pocket and straight stitch down each side. Remember again to leave a flap for the closer.

Burlap Pockets

That is it. Below you can see I did one in the 4” with the top close and the other in the 2.5” top open and exploding with fun.

Burlap Pockets

 By Lalo IK


Other Supplies Used:

  • sewing machine


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  1. Laura Strack

    Oh Lalo, What a darling idea! I can see them embellished according to the holiday or a Birthday and holding a gift card! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary Mac

    Just love this idea.

  3. {vicki}

    LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Georgia Cressman

    Great idea….can also be hand sewn….make ahead and can use for gifts all year round!

  5. TracyM #6773

    Fun gift pockets 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your tutorial and inspiration Lalo!!!


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