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Burlap Bookmark with Simple Embroidery Silk Flowers

Hello! From the first time I saw May Art’s Wired Burlap with Lace Edge Ribbon, I thought it would be fun to stitch on – just like counted cross stitch fabric. What I didn’t think about at the time, is how easy the wires make stitching. The burlap is held tight without an embroidery hoop, so stitching is a snap.

Burlap Bookmark with Simple Embroidery Silk Flowers

I made a simple bookmark – which would be perfect for a small teacher’s gift. The embroidery is easy – so your kids could even help make these.

  • Cut a length of the burlap ribbon, and cut one end with fishtails.
  • Use a tapestry needle and stitch flowers down the center using lazy daisy stitch and french knots (or any other embroidery stitch you prefer).
  • Turn the upper edge down about ¼”
  • Sew a wide silk ribbon down through the top, and then from the back to the front again, leaving a tail on the right and left side and tie a bow. This will also hold the folded edge in place.
  • Glue a piece of faux linen on the back and trim to fit. This will cover the backside of the stitching.

By Gini William Cagle



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  1. TracyM #6773

    WOW – this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS – LOVE the embroidery on the burlap and ALWAYS love the lace edging!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing Gini … it is so long since I have embroidered and now I feel INSPIRED to do some!!!

  2. Martie Rollin

    I can just see this bookmark re-sized for the front of a card. LOVE silk ribbon embroidery flowers!

  3. Heather Thompson

    That is really neat. what a great project. I wish I read more. lol

  4. Laura S

    Love the flowers! Gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!!


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