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Budget Friendly Centerpieces – Burlap Candle Holders

It’s the season for weddings and brides are always looking for easy budget friendly centerpieces or table décor.

These pretty candle holders (or fill them with candy!) can be created in minutes and the total cost is well below $10 for everything.

Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders

I was in my local craft supply shop when I spied some inexpensive glass candle holders. These come in a variety of sizes which would be perfect for clustering. The one I chose is about 6” tall and cost $2.99. You want to be sure to choose glass that is tempered to be able to withstand the heat of the candle.

 Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders

First, I wrapped the candle jar with May Arts 1/8” Burlap cord. Secure the cord to the base of the glass with a dab of E600 glue then let it sit for a few minutes to give it time to stick. Wrap the glass tightly until you reached your desired stopping point. Apply another dab of E6000 to secure the top. If you’re cording starts to slip at the top or bottom, add a few dabs of E6000 to the top and bottom rows to secure. The glue dries clear.

Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders

At this point, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to go nautical or romantic. I had some May Arts Shabby Flowers on my work desk so romantic won. 🙂

I grabbed my glue gun then folded and glued two rows of May Arts Burlap Natural Blend, overlapping the ribbons in the center… Fold the ends under for a neat presentation.

Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders

Then, hot glue May Arts Wired Burlap with Lace Edge over the Burlap Cotton blend ribbon. Then add your May Arts Leaves Ribbon and Shabby Wired flowers. I made two versions…one with pearls:

Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders

and one without:

Budget Friendly Centerpieces - Burlap Candle Holders 

This one is my favorite. Which one is yours?  Thanks for joining us on the May Arts Ribbon blog…we hope you’ve been inspired!

By Charlene Driggs



Other Supplies Used:

  • Candle Jar
  • E6000 glue
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Candle or candy
  • Stick on pearls (optional)


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  1. TracyM #6773

    LOVE your mix of burlap & lace and frayed flowers too, LOVE both versions!!! I personally prefer the one without the pearls … but if you asked me again tomorrow, I would probably say I prefer the one with the pearls 🙂


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