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Breast Cancer Awareness Cards

Please help us welcome our next Guest Blogger, Marie / Legojenta!  She will be doing a series of posts with us here at the May Arts Blog, so we hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.  Don't forget to post your comments at the end!

Breast cancer Awareness Cards

Hi everyone!  It’s me, Legojenta (or Marie, my real name, if you prefer) giving you todays blogpost =)  I was so fortunate that May Arts allowed me to be a guest blogger on their blog! I love working with May Arts ribbon, and I love their HUGE selection of ribbon. If you haven’t checked out what ribbons they sell, just click on the ‘home’ or ‘store’ buttons at the top. I’m sure you’ll find something you like =)

Today I have two variations on a card I made to show you. As many of you probably know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wanted to create a clean and simple card, that would be great for giving to someone affected by breast cancer. My immediate idea was to recreate the pink ribbon that is the logo and icon for the fight against breast cancer on a card. I browsed the May Arts ribbons, and decided on a pink satin ribbon, in the 3/8” width. I also wanted to create two variations of the card. I used two different sentiments to make the cards suitable for two kinds of recipients. The one sentiment I used was ‘stay strong’, which I thought would be nice to give to someone battling breast cancer. The other sentiment I used was ‘with sympathy’, which I thought could be suitable to give to someone who has either lost a loved one to breast cancer, or someone who’s loved one is currently battling breast cancer.

I started the cards by typing out my two sentiments in my word-processing program. I printed out the two sentiments on a piece of smooth cardstock. I then cut out a panel around each sentiment. I wanted to add a little special touch to the panel, so I used my Martha Stewart score board to emboss some lines to create a frame around the frame and where the ribbon was to be placed. To do that I turned the panel over, marked with some lines where I wanted to emboss, and scored on all the lines as I would do for scoring a cardbase.

I then turned the panel over, and I had my scored lines. I cut down the panel, to make the length between the scored lines and the edge the same on all four sides.

I then cut a piece of the pink satin ribbon, at about 5”, and folded it to create the awareness-ribbon shape.

I used a tiny bit of doublesided tape to hold the two sides together where the one side lies over the other. I cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle, and slightly melted/burned the cut edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. If you don’t know how to do that, check out Andrea Miller’s previous blog post about embellishing flip flops, she has a picture showing the burning/melting technique there =) 

I added the pink ribbon to the panel, above the sentiment, using another tiny bit of doublesided tape on the back of the ribbon.

For the cardbase, I used the same kind of white, smooth cardstock I had printed the sentiments on. I used a sponge and some Distress Ink, in the color Vintage Photo, to color the front of the card. I didn’t bother with coloring the very middle, as I knew the panel with the sentiment and ribbon would cover that up.

The last thing I did for these cards was that I added the panel with the ribbon and sentiment onto the cardbase using foam adhesive. And here’s pictures of the two cards I made:


I’m sorry about the embossed lines not showing on this picture. Here’s a picture of one of the panels where, hopefully, you can see them a bit better =)

That’s it for my blog post today. I hope you found this idea inspirational! I think this idea could easily be transformed into something similar for other causes, as long as they have a specific color of ribbon, like pink is for breast cancer.

Thank you, May Arts, for having me as a guest blogger today! And thank you to everyone for stopping by and reading this blog post =) I hope to be back again soon, showing you some more fun things to do with ribbon. Come back another time and see what’s new on the May Arts blog, there’s always something interesting and wonderful to be found here =)

Legojenta / Marie



  • May Arts ribbon: 3/8” Pink Satin ribbon, HA17
  • Smooth white cardstock
  • Font: Century Gothic
  • Distress Ink: Vintage Photo
  • Doublesided tape: Super Adhesive Tape, 1/4" wide, from Rubber Stamp Concepts
  • Foam adhesive
  1. Lexi

    simple & effective! Good job 🙂

  2. jen shears

    This is wonderful, Marie- simple & strong!

  3. Charlene

    Simple and beautiful.


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