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Braided Ribbon Bracelet

I like to do more then just use May Arts ribbon, I like to wear them.  Today I’m sharing this cute and easy braided bracelet so you can wear your May Arts too.

Braided Ribbon Bracelet

First you want to cut three strings of velvet and then knot them at the top.  Start braiding then knot at the other end.  I got these round metal fastenings with big openings so adding the ribbon is easy.  All you need to do is fold the braid over and add epoxy to the inside of the fastening hole.

Braided Ribbon Bracelet

Then slip the folded braid into the hole.  Make sure that the knot is on the outside of the fastening.  When epoxy dries snip the knot off.  The last thing to do is to embellish and add a closure.

Braided Ribbon Bracelet

Blog post by: Lalo IK

May Arts Ribbon Used:

May Arts Velvet Ribbon

May Arts Woven Burlap Ribbon

May Arts Burlap String

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  1. melin

    Great idea! I am going to give this a try with my niece. I think she will really like this!

  2. Virginia Fynes

    So sweet! I love the card you put it on!

  3. Toni Storie

    Beautiful work!

  4. annette allen

    very cute..

  5. Kara

    This is a simple but beautiful idea!


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