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Welcome to the Hero Arts Blog Hop!  Hero Arts and May Arts Ribbon have paired up to bring you some exciting ideas for holiday crafting.

We all know how expensive quality wrapping paper and pre-formed bows are.  The worst part is they usually go right into the trash.  I have projects for you today that cost pennies to make thanks to Hero Arts Stamps and May Arts Ribbons and they’re so beautiful, that whoever is lucky enough to receive a gift from you won’t even care what’s inside because the wrappings are so spectacular.   With a change of Hero Arts Stamps, May Arts ribbon and ink you can customize all your gift wraps in a style that will rival any fancy department store wrap.


Here are the supplies I used to create my gift wraps and tags:

  • Freezer Paper
  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • White Craft Ink
  • Navy Dye-based Ink
  • Ruler, tape, hang tags, scrap cardstock (optional)


Here are the basic steps:

Cut freezer paper or brown wrapping paper to fit your gift plus 3 inches if you’re doing a plain wrap (navy package) or add 6 inches if you’re making the tuxedo pleats.

Using the reindeer and small star stamps, stamp the entire piece of your chosen paper.


Wrap, tie on some beautiful May Arts ribbon, craft your tag and you’re finished!

Here is the basic technique for creating the tuxedo pleats.  You can add more creases for more pleats, if desired; just make sure to cut your paper longer to accommodate the extra pleats.

After stamping your design, flip the wrapping paper so the stamped side is face down and the long length of the paper is facing away from you.   Fold up ½”, crease firmly.

Fold up 1-1/2” and crease firmly.

Fold up another 1-1/2” and crease firmly once again.

Turn the paper so the stamped side is facing up.  Unfold all the folds except for the first ½”.

Pull the first crease toward the ½” crease until you have a ½” pleat.  Crease firmly.  Pull the next creases forward and crease again.  Continue until you have the desired amount of pleats.  Turn the paper to the wrong side once again.  Tape the pleats into place.


Bring the straight edge up and over to the middle of the top of the box.  Bring the pleated side over the top of the straight edge and secure with double stick tape.   Secure the ends as usual.  Attach ribbons and tag.


Blog Posted By: Charlene Driggs


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  1. erin

    Love the folded idea.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Charlene
    WOW. Your gift wrapping is stunning!! I love the tuxedo pleats, I have never seen them before. I also absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and green ribbon bow.

    Michelle 🙂

  3. jen shears

    Those pleats look AMAZING!!! Your custom paper/tags are so fun & unique!!! Great job, Charlene!

  4. Bahb

    Well this sure ends my gift-wrap buying. Now all I need is rolls of kraft and a few great stamps. My Mays Arts addiction has been well underway for years…..they have no competition. I hope they soon get into silk ribbon. 🙂

  5. Andrea

    Wow, these turned out gorgeous!! I especially love the silver reindeer with the pink and green ribbon, and that non-tradition style bow gives it just the right touch.

  6. Kelly

    Awsome paper and what you have done with it isaincredible Charlene! Love how you added the lace to the tag!

  7. Lorrinda

    Charlene, these are gorgeous! Brown paper packages tied up with…ribbon! I am so gonna use the pleated paper this christmas, but my bows will need some practice if they want to look like yours:)

  8. Sue from Oregon

    Pure loveliness!!!!

  9. Message Keeper

    Wow! Great creation to make a special designed wrapper! You really give us an inspiration! Thanks!

  10. Donna

    Wow what a great wrapping job, I can’t wait to wrap xmas gifts this year!! Last year I used mostly gift bags, not this year, Thanks for the ideas Charlene!!
    And the bows, I was a dog groomer for over 20 years and made my share of bows, but never thuoght to apply them to my craft!!

  11. Becky G.

    Wonderful ideas – love the reindeer stamp!

  12. Agata

    Great packaging ideas! TFS!

  13. Sandra

    very nice! Love the ideas you have presented!

  14. Barb :)

    Oh my goodness! These packages are gorgeous! This is my first time visiting your blog and I know I will be back often! LOVE your ribbon! Such inspiration! Thank you! 🙂

  15. Do of

    Awesome, Charlene! Love the pleats!

  16. Dorothy Casas

    Up until today I had no idea May Arts had a blog. I came over from the Hero Arts blog. What a find! Used your ribbon for years – it’s the best. Love the wreath ideas.

  17. Karen G (BC)

    Lovely gift wrapping. I now need to get that stamp set, and make some wrapping paper… lovely work.

  18. Sue McRae

    Those tuxedo pleats add a touch of elegance to the gift.

  19. Kathy (krolski)

    Gorgeous wrapping paper! Love this!

  20. Sharon D. from Canada

    Wow – gorgeous wrapping! These packages look really classy! I especially love the white and pale blue one with the two tone ribbon – yummy!

  21. Pam Loris

    I just left a message over at Hero Arts blog saying how much I love using ribbon on my projects, then I came here and said Wow! Your gift packages are wonderful! I’ll be tuning in everyday for sure! What a great blog hop week!!


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