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Bow your Gift Tag

Adding a special bow to your gift tags can help make them as memorable as the present itself.  This pinwheel bow was a perfect match for the whimsical Lawn Fawn Gnome.

To begin, cut about 18” of ribbon, and fishtail the ends.  Make the first loop down, with the long tail hanging down in the front.

Keep pinching the first loop, and bring the tail up towards the back. (The ribbon will keep winding counterclockwise – not back and forth)

Bring the tail back down, to start making your second loop.

Bring the tail up and to the back.

Pinch the center together.

Tie embroidery floss (or wire) around the center of the bow.  Fluff and adjust  the bow as needed.

Take a second short length of ribbon and tie a single knot in the center (Leaving tails long enough to wrap to the back of the bow.

Glue the knot over the center of the bow with a quick drying adhesive.

Blog post by: Gini Williams Cagle

May Arts Ribbon Used:

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  • Pink Paislee Glitter Letters
  • Copic Markers
  1. Lee

    Thanks for the tutorial! Its a perfect bow!

  2. Cynthia B.

    Thanks for the detailed steps – the bow – and of course the ribbon – looks perfect!

  3. Pai

    so that's how you do it!!!

  4. Message Keeper

    Great! Thanks for the mini tutorial!

  5. Joy Hager

    Very cute stamps you used, love the ribbon and bow!

  6. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute!  Thanks for showing us the bow, very nice!

  7. Janet Sisk

    Thanks for the ribbon tying tutorial.  It will come in very handy with cards AND gifts.  😀

  8. Renee VanEpps

    Beautiful bow, thanks for the tutorial!!

  9. Kailash

    Gorgeous tag, thanks for the tutorial to make that striking bow too!!!

  10. katie brooks

    awesome, thank you for the how to session!

  11. NWFlamingo

    Great tutorial!  I love the gnome.  It is my second favorite Lawn Fawn stamp, after the flamingo!

  12. Ruth G

    That chevron ribbon is so awesome and what a fantastic bow (with all the instructions – thanks!) I love the gnome, too! Such a fun and cute tag!!!

  13. Grá O'Neill

    Love the tag & beautiful bow 🙂

  14. renee m

    Thanks so much–I am the worst at tying bows and will try this way–is very pretty 🙂

  15. Dorina D

    Great tag and I love the bow and the tutorial. Can't wait to try this.

  16. stephanie contreras

    clever clever clever – love this bow idea 🙂

  17. Mandie Wade

    LOVE your tag and what a great tutorial!!! I'm gonna pin it so I can create this bow later!!! Thanks!

  18. sharon gullikson

    The honeycomb background is so cute. And I LOVE the gnome–he's my favorite gnome (I have several gnome stamps). SO cute

  19. Lauren Taylor

    Super cute! I absolutely LOVE that ribbon.

  20. Lizzy

    Love the twill/stripes ribbon bow!  So pretty! 

  21. Margie Visnick

    Gorgeous bow, thanks for the tut! I will use it!

  22. Holly Tolman

    Great idea to spruce up something that could be a little bit blah!

  23. Jennifer S.

    Love that little gnome! And the striped twill ribbon looks like it is made of candy! Love it!

  24. Ruth M.

    I am not that good a making bows, so I appreciate the step by step and picture instructions.  This card is adorable with the little gnome and mushroom. 

  25. Jess S.

    Great tag.  Love the bow! 

  26. Barb Ghigliotty

    Perfect is right! I love this bow…thank you so much for the step-by-step tutorial!

  27. Mary Lou H

    I love the little gnomes.   Thanks for the tip on making the bow.    They are not  a project that I'm very good at doing.

  28. Chitra

    Cute tag and beautiful ribbon. Thanks for the tutorial will definately try this..

  29. Sue D

    What a fabulous bow!

  30. Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

    This is wonderful!  I love the how to I've always wanted to make bows like that but just couldn't figure it out, thanks so much!

  31. Jean Marmo

    So clever!!!

  32. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Thanks for the great tutorial.  I looooove your bright and festive tag!

  33. Miriam Prantner

    What a fun tag and great little bow tutorial!  I'm going to try it.  Thanks!


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