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Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

With a new year started, it seems everyone has something that they are going to try and improve on in 2015. For years I have said I am going to try harder to remember the birthdays and anniversaries of the people in my life. But it turns out, having those names and dates on my digital calendar and written in a date book, has yet to help me get cards and wishes out on time.

 Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

So I have created something that I THINK will help me get on top of things. This is my Birthday and Anniversary Organizer. It started as a simple wooden pencil holder I picked up at my local dollar store. But I could see it has the potential of being super cute!


Project Recipe:

 Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

I started by covering most of the wooden surfaces with pretty patterned papers from Echo Park. I then created the cards for inside my organizer. That all depends on the size of your container. I added tabs to the tops of the cards for easy organization and letter stickers to identify each month in order.

 Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

I used the burlap string looped and tied in a knot in the middle as leaves for my flower. I used my hot glue gun from this point on, to attach any of my pretty goodies.

 Birthday and Anniversary Organizer

I added the white pom pom ribbon to the top edge of my organizer. I really cannot get enough of this adorable pom pom ribbon. I think I need it in every color!

There you have it….hopefully my solution to getting organized in 2015! Check back in a few months, and maybe I’ll let you know how it’s worked for me!

By Tracy McLennon


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  1. TracyM #6773

    THANK YOU for sharing this Tracy – I have already shared that making & sending handmade cards is one of my goals for this year, so I appreciate your help!!! I started looking through our calendar and I’m already feeling overwhelmed with a couple of 21st, a 13th, two 50th and lots of other birthdays to plan for!!!

    1. Tracy McLennon

      Glad to see someone else feels the pressure to be organized when it comes to keeping up with special occasions! I now have all of my birthdays written in, now it’s to keep on top of it! 🙂

  2. Amante del Papel

    so beautiful with amazing details!

  3. Jackie S

    Very cute idea. Where could I find a box like that?

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Hi Jackie,
      This box was a wooden pencil holder purchased at the dollar store. But you may also be able to find similar boxes at your local Michaels or JoAnn’s.
      Hope this helps!


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