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Best of The Ribbonistas Week – Day 4!


Welcome to Day 4 of The Best of the Ribbonistas Week!    If you are just joining us, we are highlighting the work of the May Arts Ribbonistas over the past year.  This is a great chance to review some of the best projects we've had from this team and maybe even find a few you missed the first time around.  So, let's be sure to show these ladies some love as the 2012-2013 design team winds down to an end. 

If you missed any of the days this week, be sure to check them out too!


We have another 2 very fabulous ladies to celebrate today, so let's get started!

Jenifer Cowles

Berry Basket Pin Cushion
The berry basket pincushion because it sits next to my sewing machine and it makes me smile every time I use it.

Spring Flowers Wreath
I love this wreath because it matches my Daughters room perfectly.

Hot Air Balloons
Last but not least these Hot Air Balloons, they are the most hit DIY on my blog 🙂

Lalo IK
Embossed Ribbon Bookmark
Embossing Ribbon:  Love how you can customize your ribbon so that is takes on a whole new look and texture.

Crochet Burlap Basket
Crochet Basket:  May Arts Burlap fibers has got to be my all time favorite.  Using it to make a basket means I get to admire it all day long.

Winter Ribbon Wreath
Feathered Wreath:  I love all the texture and the neutral look of this wreath.  The accents can be easily switched out for any occasion.

Fringe Flower Embellishment
Fringe Flower:  You can do so much with ribbon, even wear it.  May Arts has such lovely ribbon you just want to put them on.  A hairpiece makes for the perfect accessory.

Now…of course there's a giveaway to go along with this very special week!   On Friday, I will select one person to win 3 rolls of May Arts Ribbonyour choice!  All you have to do to enter to win is post plenty of comments every day this week! 

Now start posting some love for these amazing ladies and please stop on by tomorrow for even more highlights from this year!
The Ribbon Lady
  1. veronica johnson

    Jenifer's creations were ALL so creative and pretty

  2. Chrissy

    Wonderful!  It has been awesome to work with all of you.

  3. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Gorgeous projects by two very talented Ribbonistas.  I remember those hot air balloons and the first time I saw them…my jaw dropped!  Fabulous!

  4. Lisa Posthumus

    I absolutely love the neutral wreath. Any chance you could do a tutorial for it???

  5. Andrea Amu

    Love ALL your projects, Jenifer and Lalo! 
    That berry basket pin cushion is so sweet Jenifer and I really love your idea of embossing ribbon, Lalo!   So inspirational you too.  🙂

  6. Beverly Jordan

    You're killing me with all these gorgeous projects and such talented designers!! Just so much fun to enjoy!

  7. Iris Soscia

    such fun projects

  8. Cathi O'Neill

    More amazing inspiration!


  9. Mary Lou H

    I went on my first balloon ride last summer.    Love the balloon in this post.    Will have to make this one  –  to remind me of a great experience.

  10. Carla Hundley

    I really like the pincussion and the

    hot air baloons!

    Carla from Utah

  11. Carmen

    I love the berry basket pincushion (although all the projects are great!)

  12. by belle

    All great projects!!  I especially love the crocheted basket!

  13. Aunt Dee

    Wonderful  projects . Love the wreaths, so clever  and the pin holder is darling. Great job.

  14. Lucy E.

    Jenifer's pincushion and wreath are so pretty! I love Lalo's wreath-so versatile! And her embossed bookmark is so pretty 🙂

  15. Mickie

    So many beautiful creations!

  16. Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B

    Another round of wonderful projects!  Lots of talented ladies!

  17. erin



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