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Best of The Prima Ribbonistas Blog Week – Day 1 {and a giveaway}

It has been such a great year here on the May Arts Ribbon Blog and there has been so many inspirational projects by the very fabulous Prima Ribbonistas!  With the 2011-2012 team nearing it's end, I thought it would be nice to highlight each designer's work over the past year.  So, I went ahead and asked each Prima Ribbonista to select their favorite May Arts projects.  Every day this week, I am going to share those projects with you. 


Now…of course there's a giveaway to go along with this very special week!   On Friday, I will select one person to win 3 rolls of May Arts Ribbonyour choice!  All you have to do to enter to win is post plenty of comments every day this week!  


Without further delay here is our first group of Prima Ribbonistas…

I have enjoyed every moment of my time here as a May Arts Ribbonista this past year!  I have chosen these three projects to share with you as some of my favorites.  It was really hard to choose, however, as I found that I really put my all into my May Arts projects and there are so many that have turned into faves!  

I chose the shoelaces because, while super simple, I have kept these in and people love them!  It's just a fun project to do and a great way to show your personal style!  

I chose my Stampendous! frame because it just turned out so neat!  This is the first time I had tried using embossing powder on something like this and I just loved the results!  Definitely a cool technique!  And…how can you not just fall in love with those gorgeous ribbon flowers from May Arts?  Love those!!!  

Finally, I share one of my several dolls made with May Arts ribbon.  This one is Velencia.  I loved her creamsicle inspiration and her soft demeanor!  She was truly a joy to create!  Thank you for visiting my projects here on the May Arts blog over the past year!  You guys are such a fabulous audience!  Thank you!


Wow…this was harder than I thought it was going to be!  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to represent May Arts Ribbon, Ribbon Lady!  Going back brought so many memories.
I chose the Velvet Bookmarks because I love May Arts velvet and how easily this beautiful ribbon transformed into beautiful, elegant gifts with just a few beads and supplies.
The Halloween Sssssnakes were so much fun to create!  The kids loved them standing guard over the candy on Halloween night.
I chose the altered tin and baby shoes because I love to "upcycle" ordinary items into special "Thrifty Gifts".  The variety of May Arts Ribbons makes gift giving fun and inexpensive.
These cards are so me. The butterfly card CAS design make my heart flutter. I just love clean design.
The flower card cheerful colors is so refreshing and I love it even more when Lori Whitlock who designed the flower chose this card to be showcased on her blog.
And last but not least, the butterfly card reflecting my love of colors (this card use all my favorite colors) and butterflies. It just so springy & girly as well. 🙂
Now start posting some Prima Ribbonista love, please! 🙂


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. KimberlyMarie

    Those bookmarks are way too cool!!

  2. karenladd

    Wow, so creative! LOVE the way Jingle used ribbon on the shoes!

  3. rush

    so much talent!  especially love the book marks!  thank you for sharing.

  4. Beverly Jordan

    Love, Love, Love these projects!! My senses are overwhelmed with desire!!
    Would love to make the bookmarks!

  5. Kristen Row

    Everything is really pretty.. I love the tin n shoes.

  6. Emily h

    Oh my! Great projects! I just love the ribbon as shoe laces!

  7. Holly E

    Cute projects! I love the snakes and the frame!

  8. Karen L K

    Nice work ladies! There are some especially creative things on the post today.

  9. Jennifer Reynard

    Just love those ribbon shoelaces,  the velvet bookmarks are gorgeous and the little baby boy gift ensemble is a total hit with me. But really, they are all fabulous ideas that I would not have thought have! Well done!

  10. Cynthia

    Love it all! Fabulous ribbon work, ladies! I hadn't even seen Charlene's ribbon snakes before – ssssoo cute! 😉 And hers and Jingle's shoelaces just make me smile! Thank you too all these designers for such inspirational work!

  11. Lori Ritchie

    Love May Arts stuff.  Be my pleasure to be able to work with them.

  12. Julie Haedtke

    These are all fun projects….I think I will case the baby shoes with ribbon, we have two little ones on my side coming soon so I will have to get some red and pink and see if they are boys or girls!

  13. Maureen

    OMG, Ribbons as shoelaces, I am dying!! LOVED it.  All of these projects are fantastic, even the snakes, and I hate snakes!! LOL!

  14. B. Poteraj

    What a great variety of project she showed. Nice job.

  15. Barbara H

    My favorite here is Jingle's doll Valencia with the May Arts white and orange Ribbon.  Congratulations to all the creative designers.

  16. Lisa Rea

    Fabulous!  Amazing projects giving me some amazing ideas!

  17. Kathy P

    You gals gave us some awesome inspiration!  You are all truly Fashionistas!!!

  18. ava

    the ribbon laces with the running shoes are such a statement of WOW… all the projects posted today are wonderful!!!  great showcasing of quality ribbons

  19. Linda R

    Wow there are a bunch of great projects.  I esp. like the last butterfly card.

  20. SuZeQ

    What great projects … each one as pretty as the next.  Thanks for posting these.  LOVE your ribbons!

  21. Sandi Pressley

    Wow what incredible ideas….that's really thinking outside the box!  Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Jean Marmo

    Wow!! Amazing!

  23. saxonr

    love the projects but my fav is the blue ribbon used in the sneakers!!! too cute

  24. Sukyong Park

    I love all the creations with fabulous ribbons! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  25. sharon gullikson

    The shoelaces are really cute, and the bookmarks are really pretty. Nice jobs.

  26. Amy E.

    WOW!!  These projects are AMAZING!!  I'm relatively new to this blog, so I am seeing them for the first time.  LOVE love love the idea of using the ribbon for shoelaces!!!

  27. Liz Schaefer

    AMazing ideas as always…..
    Great Designers
    Beautiful Ribbon
    What else can you ask for

  28. Charlotte Zweigoron

    Jingles Stampendous Frame and Charlene's Bookmarks top my list of all these wonderful projects!  The Stampendous Frame remineded me of the old time needlework samplers ladies used to do.  And I just love anything with beads and sparkle that would make a great, little gift.  I was just on the May Arts site trying to figure out what I could afford this month!  Sorry, but I am going to wait to see if I win!  Three rolls !?!  I'd be in heaven!  Your silk ribbon used in my bows on  my cards always get applause at my website….

  29. Christina

    Fantastic!  Loving those bookmarks!  What a great gift idea.

  30. Dora

    I'm delighted with all these gorgeous ribbons! Can you tell me if I can find them in Portugal – any store, freferably in the Northof the country? Thank you

  31. Marília Lopes

    I love them all…But I loved the laces baby!
    When I sent application dt pro team from May Arts, I was mad with the tapes!
    I have a project in mind since that day I tried something similar in Brazil and to my sorrow I found!
    I would love to gain market share this giveaway!

  32. Diane Font

    What imaginations these ladies have…absolutely love the bookmarkers!!!

  33. Diane Font

    What imaginations these ladies have…absolutely love the bookmarkers!!!

  34. Diane

    What imaginations these ladies have…absolutely love the bookmarkers!!!!

  35. Cheryl Hutcherson

    These are all so great!

  36. Debbie Dunham

    Awesome projects! Can't wait to see more!

  37. scrappyrae10

    Love all the creative projects!!!!

  38. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! These are beautiful projects. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Krista Ritskes

    These are all beautiful projects!

  40. Monika/buzsy

    Oh, these are so pretty. I can see why these would be favorites! I especially love the velvet bookmarks. :o)

  41. monica edwards

    Awesome projects from an amazing group of women to boot.  Congrats ladies on having a fabulous year with MA!!

  42. {vicki}

    love the snakes!!!!!!!!

  43. LucyA

    The gorgeous book marks are on the top of my list!

  44. tina

    So incredibly creative! LOVE the shoelaces! And now, so many new ideas on what to do with all these ribbons!

  45. Tammy Hall

    i  love that you are showcasing these fabulous ribbonistas again.  I, and Im sure many other people, missed several of the projects the first time around and I for one love seeing them again.  The creativeness is just overflowing.  And the addition of the beautiful ribbon just seems to always add just the right touch!!!

  46. Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Such gorgeous work!
    [email protected]

  47. NWFlamingo

    Wonderful stuff ladies.  Love them all, but especially those Velvet ribbon bookmarks.  They really caught my eye before and brought back memories of my blue velvet dress from when I was five years old!

  48. Indy

    Amazing projects!

  49. Christina Sedor

    All of these projects are beautiful in their own way, but my absolute favorite is the shoe laces…they are soooo COOL and funky! Great job ladies!

  50. Bethany Becker

    Amazing projects.  I love them all!

  51. Bonnie Heggemann

    The ribbons are beautiful and so are the projects made with them.  They're all so great how can  you pic just one.

  52. Sue McRae

    Such a great mix of creative and fun projects!

  53. Patricia Molnar

    All of the projects are wonderful! It would be so hard to chose a few favorite projects with such beautiful ribbon to use in them! Such lovely colors and fantastic textures! Thanks for sharing your awesome projects!

  54. kathy/NorthCarolina

    All are fantastic…but I have to confess a special fondness for the darling baby shoes gift set.  Red!  Wonderful!

  55. Angie Hall

    These projects show how versatile May Arts Ribbons are. Each one is a true artist. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. 

  56. Christine Dring

    Fabulous projects from these mondo talented ladies! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

  57. Sallie Hayes

    How can you choose with such a wealth of creativity?

  58. Solveig

    Gorgeous projects! Love them all, but especially the shoe laces and the halloween snakes! So cool! 

  59. Sue D

    FAbulous projects and such a great variety.

  60. angelaB

    Fabulous projects!!!  I really just started following here recently but I love all the wonderful inspiration!!!  Everyone here is so talented!!!

  61. MaryLouH

    swapping out the shoe laces for ribbon is a great idea.   The ssssnakes are really cute.  Have to try that one at Halloween.   Making a dress out of the ribbon for the doll was great also.    So many good ideas and so little time.

  62. Kristie Maynard

    The Ribbonistas must all have a hard time choosing favorites!  They have all given us such wonderful inspiration!  Beautiful projects, one and all!

  63. Annette Allen

    wow these are all so fabulous…love all the inspiration…

  64. Karen Letchworth

    I'm especially loving the beautiful bookmarks.  The ribbon on the far right (pink velvet with lace trim) is divine.

  65. luanne

    gorgeous gorgeous projects from everyone. truly inspiring

  66. Rea

    Nice recap of fun and creative projects.    Beautiful ribbons and lace.

  67. Barbara Pitts

    From super-simple shoelaces to uber-elegant frames and much more… how AM I supposed to be able to pick a favourite?? Maybe a top three?

  68. Jaq

    Wow , Awesome projects cannot wait to use all the insperation thanx

  69. Nicole Martel

    These are so creative!!! Love the shoe laces though 🙂

  70. Sharon in Chicago

    Shoelaces (both the adult and baby versions) are a shoe-in for my favs! Interesting that they both showcased a plaid/check ribbon.

  71. erin

    Wow, such a talented crew.

  72. Lynn

    Shoelaces and bookmarks! Amazingly clever and easy for all of us to replicate!  Thanks for the past year of inspiration to all!

  73. Miriam Prantner

    Love! Especially ribbon plus footwear!

  74. April W

    What amazing projects!!

  75. Charlene

    Thanks ribbon Lady!!!  It's been an awesome year!

  76. Cait

    I love the bookmarks…what a fabulous and economical idea for stocking stuffers this Christmas!

  77. Dorina D

    Wow Beautiful ribbons.Love the butterfly card

  78. Flo

    I remember the baby shoe laces. too cute.

  79. Penny H.

    I love them all… especially the bookmarks!  I see a project in my future (and winning the ribbon would make it that much easier! 🙂 )

  80. jenifer cowles

    Everything you ladies have made has been wonderful and inspiring.  I have been honored to work with you this past year.  Thank you for the inspiration and best of luck on your future endevors.

  81. Cynthia Jacobs

    Love seeing all these awesome creations again!!! I must replace my shoelaces!!!!

  82. Sara Nell Langland

    Wow!  Such beautful projects with beautiful ribbon.

  83. Emily Keaton

    Oh, wow!! These are totally fabulous. I love how the Ribbonistas used pretty May Arts ribbons as shoelaces!! Cool. 🙂

  84. Ashley N Newell

    Beautiful projects from these lovely ladies!  

  85. Dee

    How do you choose a favourite? They are all amazing in their own way! I love all these projects!


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