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Bella Blooms Headband Holder

Welcome to Day 5 of May Arts / Bella Blvd Blog Week!

Bella Blooms Headband Holder



Ruffled ribbons adorned with beautiful blossoms make a perfect gift for a sweet baby girl! I created a tin to hold a set of headbands using May Arts elastic /plaid ruffle ribbon in a rainbow of colors along with some pretty papers and blooms from the Lovey dovey collection by Bella Blvd. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for this colorful and fun project.




  • Tin Lunch Pail {Available at craft stores}
  • Sparkly buttons & Paper flowers for centers
  • 2” White felt circles
  • Needle & white thread
  • Child’s board book that will fit inside your tin






{1} Cover the outside of a tin lunch pail with the striped side of the Bella Blvd Circle of Love paper.  {Cut the paper so that it fits just beneath the latch.}

{2} Add two pieces of ruffle ribbon along the top portion of the tin starting at one side of the latch and ending at the other. I used a combination of Scor-Tape and Fabri-Tac to secure the ribbon.

{3} Line the inside of the lid with a piece of the Sweetheart paper. {Use a corner rounder to make the paper fit better.}

{4} Cut 12” lengths of each color of ruffle ribbon and tie 3 on each side of the lunch tin handle.

{5} Measure around the outside of the tin and cut the remaining colors of ribbon about an inch smaller than the resulting measurement. Sew the ends together so that the bands fit snugly on the tin.

{6} Add a flower with a hair clip on the back to one of the ruffle ribbon bands.



For baby/toddler sized headbands, cut each color of the ruffle ribbon in lengths of 16” and sew the ends together. Embellish with flowers and display on a child’s board book that can be tucked inside the tin.

I used a variety of techniques for the blooms:

Yellow Bloom: Create two leaves by cutting 2 pieces of green ruffle ribbon to 6” each. Pinch each ribbon together at the bottom and secure with white thread. Arrange the leaves as desired on a 2” felt circle then layer the Bianca bloom on top, using Fabri-Tac to secure. Sew the finished bloom onto the yellow ruffle ribbon headband.

 White Bloom:  Cut a 24” length of white crochet/lace. Using a needle and white thread, tie a knot in one end of the lace on the bottom edge then do a running stitch through the bottom row of loops, going in and out every 3 loops. Gather the stitched lace by pulling the thread and tying it in a knot when a rosette has been formed. Sew a sparkly button to a paper flower then sew both to the lace rosette. Secure to the lavender headband with needle and thread.

Blue Bloom:  Use Fabri-Tac to glue a piece of blue ruffle ribbon to the edge of a 2” felt circle.  Do this two more times with a smaller piece each time to create a 3 layer flower. Sew a sparkly button to the center then use needle and thread to secure the flower to the blue ruffle ribbon headband.



Place the headband-wrapped book in the decorated tin and you have a lovely gift for a baby shower or a new mom! Many thanks to May Arts and Bella Blvd for the gorgeous products included in this tutorial. For more ideas and inspiration, be sure to visit my blog Serendipity Vintage Studio. Until then, happy crafting!


Blog Post By: Kimberly Jones


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  1. Michelle Mathey

    Once again I bewail my lack of a girl child – Kim, do you think one of my boys would wear these adorable headbands? sigh. . .

  2. Lindy

    Absolutely beautiful!

  3. jen shears

    what a fun project & sweet gift idea!!

  4. Pam

    Another adorable project! Wish they would never end.

  5. sue w.

    Headbands are wonderful and the covered tin is just great!
    stamping sue

  6. sue w.

    great idea! and really like the way you decorated the tin.
    stamping sue

  7. Marie / Legojenta

    What a great project! TFS =)

  8. Cynthia B.

    This tin with all the ribbon goodies is truly drool-worthy!!

  9. Janet Zeppa

    This project is just amazing!

  10. ava g

    now just when you think you have seen it all, another great creation with the lunch tin. Beautiful beautiful projects……

  11. Kristie Maynard

    How darn cute is that project?!?! My baby girl is now 21, but maybe someday she or my son will have a little girl I could make something like this for. Would have loved this when my baby was little.

  12. Kelly Massman

    What a great idea! Don’t have any little girls, but if I did, I’d sure use this fun idea!

  13. Pam Loris

    What a sweet gift! Love the plaid ribbon!!

  14. Sue D

    This is a fabulous idea and perfect for my granddaughter.

  15. Jennifer Hansen

    Love it!! I need to try and make some of those ribbon flowers!

  16. erin

    Never would’ve thought of something like that…

  17. Annette A.

    So pretty with all the ribbon. Love all the bright summery colors.

  18. jengd

    Or a little girl’s bday gift! Great project!

  19. Samantha T

    Beautiful! Such a pretty way to store something!

  20. Rebecca

    So very, very cute!!!! Thank you!


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