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Beautiful Baskets


With holidays just around the corner, it means family gatherings, parties and time spent together.

I don’t know about you, but I know when I’m having guests it means cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I like everything to look presentable.  Yes, even the bathrooms.  So, for this blog post I have made some Beautiful Baskets.


What do Bathrooms and Beautiful Baskets have in common?  Well, these beautiful baskets were made specifically for the bathroom.  Although I always put a brand new roll of toilet paper on the roll, when you have enough guests you may run out.  My bathroom may be clean but I still prefer that no one is reaching in the cabinets to find another roll of toilet paper, so here is my solution.


Find some really cute baskets, preferably on sale.  Mine were 50% off and oh so cute.  I love baskets.  Next, find some attractive scrapbook paper that will coordinate with the colors of your bathroom and some candles.  Finally, and most importantly, pick out some 'oh so beautiful' May Arts ribbon.


A few more supplies and we’ll be set:

1. Mod podge, yes I told you I love this stuff.

2. Paint brush or paint sponge

3. Craft paint

4. Hot glue and gun

5. Embellishments of your choice

6. Ribbons: FR35 – 1” plum, 370-14-47 – ¼” purple, WA32 – 1” antique gold, 360-38-32 – 3/8” antique gold, 360-38-03 – 3/8” navy, 363-33 – brown twisted burlap


Now let the fun begin!!


First, completely paint the basket.  Yes, even the inside.  You never want it to look unfinished and you may be able to see part of the inside at times.


Second, measure your baskets to determine widths of slats.  Decide where you want your scrapbook paper and where you want your ribbon.  Measure and cut the paper and ribbon.  Always, always remember to seal the ends of your ribbons with a hot knife, lighter or fray check.


Third, start painting the mod-podge on and placing your paper and ribbons where you would like them.  Because these will be used in the bathroom make sure to mod-podge over everything, including the painted wood so the moisture will not damage it.


Last, glue any embellishments you may have.  Voila – beautiful baskets!


For other fun projects and ideas, visit me at or


Have fun!!


Blog Posted By:  Andrea Miller

  1. Charlene

    I love Modge Podge, too…cute ideas!

  2. Shelly

    Beautiful Baskets Andrea. After reading your post, I have come up with several places in my home to use decorative baskets like these. One more fun project to add to the “to-do” list.

  3. Pam Loris

    What a great way to dress up those baskets! Modge Podge is a great tool in my room too!


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