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Bathtub Barbie Cake

Hey May Arts Ribbon lovers! Todays post was kind of an accident how it all came together. My niece asked for a Barbie cake with cherries on it. When I went to make the bowl type dress I couldn’t find the pan so in a pinch I decided to use a loaf pan. After a brainstorming session I thought Barbie having a bath would work just fine. It actually worked well because the ‘water’ in the tub is the cherry filling she loves.  For a caterer icing and I don’t get along all that well so the addition of May Arts Ribbon really brought this cake from blah to ta-dah!

I used purple grosgrain dots to hold her hair up out of the water and crush to keep things appropriate.

Bathtub Barbie Cake

To give the base of the cake a little sparkle I wrapped the cake with a strand of pink string beads and a bath mat to dry her cherry dipped toes from wired braided ribbon. The Happy Birthday sign is wrapped in blue grosgrain and with a cute blue bakers twine bow.

Bathtub Barbie Cake

The bath poof is made from pink wired pom poms and a small piece of paper cord.

Bathtub Barbie Cake

This cake was a super easy to create and is a great DIY project for the beginner baker.  Plus, it will save you about $30 from a traditional supermarket Barbie cake!

Blog post by: Virginia Fynes

May Arts Ribbon Used:

May Arts RibbonString Beads

May Arts Braided Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon Baker's Twine

May Arts Ribbon Paper Cord

May Arts Ribbon Grosgrain with Polka Dots

May Arts Ribbon Pom poms

May Arts Textured Ribbon

PR 1.5″ Textured Lines

Other Supplies Used:

  • Loaf Pan, Cake-baking supplies, Icing
  • Barbie (no clothes)
  • Drinking straw cut to resemble faucets
  • Stampin’ Up birthday stamp

  1. Toni Storie

    Soooo, soooo clever!


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