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Bathroom Art With Ribbon

Ribbon in the bathroom?

Yes. It is true.  There is ribbon in the bathroom of my home.  In my daughter’s room, of course, ribbon decorates her pillows and curtains.  In the kitchen I have been known to tie a ribbon on a jar or add ribbon to a handmade recipe book. But in the bathroom? Yep, I  even have ribbon in the loo.  A sign that read “WASH” was the impetus to my artistic endeavor.   Unable to find any paintings that matched the sign, yet able to find the perfect May Arts ribbon…I decided to create a little bathroom art.  (And you can too!)




Art instructions:

  • Paint canvas with acrylic paint and gesso. Mix the colors and experiment.
  • Mod Podge decorative paper on top of canvas.  Sand the edges.
  • Create dots by using texture paint with a writer tip.
  • For writing-use an artist pen that works on canvas, I used a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen.
  • Lastly, adhere May Arts ribbon!  I used Fabri-Tac adhesive.


Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

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