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I love to entertain, so I am always on the lookout for unique and inexpensive table décor.  The other day, I was walking through my local craft store and came across their bandana selection.  Boy was I surprised to see all the great colors, solids and patterns that bandanas now come in.

As I sorted through the bandanas, the idea of a Bandana Table Runner came to me. So today, I have a quick and easy table runner project for you, just in time for spring and summer entertaining.


Supplies you’ll need:

  • Bandanas—I am using a mix of patterned and solid colored bandanas.
  • Grommets (also called Eyelets)—make sure to use a size that will accommodate your ribbon widths.  I used 5/32” for this project.
  • Grommet Setting Tool—available at any craft store or Wal-Mart
  • Fabric Pen
  • Hammer
  • Scissors


The first step in creating your Bandana Runner is to determine your color/pattern layout.  I decided to alternate patterned and solid bandanas to break up the pattern impact a bit.



To create the full length of the runner, the bandanas will be connected with ribbon ties, laced through grommets (or eyelets) that are placed along each edge of the bandanas. So, your next step is to mark your grommet placement on each bandana.

Bandanas typically measure 22” x 22”, so you want at least three grommets along each side of each bandana.  The first and last bandana of your runner will only have grommets on the inside edge, leaving the outside edge clean.

Measure your grommet placement, (5 ½”, 11” and 16 ½”) and mark your bandana with a fabric pen.



To attach your grommets, you’ll need to snip a small cut in the bandana fabric where the grommet will go.

With your slit cut, insert the eyelet (piece with taller shaft) through the hole.  Place the washer (piece with shorter shaft) over the eyelet.  Your bandana is now sandwiched between the two grommet pieces. 



Now take your grommet setting tool and place the anvil (short piece) under the grommet.  Insert the eyelet setting tool (longer piece) on top of the grommet and hammer gently.  Hammer until the grommet is tight and secure around your bandana fabric.  Continue setting your grommet on all of  your bandanas.



With all your grommets in place, you’ll now want to attach your bandanas together with ribbon. 

Cut your ribbon into 6” lengths.  Using your previously determined color order, lace your ribbon through the first grommet on the first and second bandana.  Tie the ribbon in a knot and taper the ends.  Move to the second grommet and repeat. 



Continue tying the bandanas into place with ribbons until you’ve completed the full length of your runner.

Place you Bandana Table Runner on your table, and let the festivities begin.


I hope you enjoyed today’s quick and easy project.


Blog Post By: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Leanne

    Very creative. Like the idea of joining them with ribbons.

  2. Charlene

    I could so see these on a picnic table! Thanks for the creative idea, Shelly!

  3. Carol

    Great idea and versitle with all the different colors! TFS


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