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Back to the Beach – Day 3!

Welcome to Day 3 of Back to the Beach Week!

Here are the next batch of entries:

1. Tifany of Ink Blots by TRD:


2. Patty Beckle:


3. Denise Bryant:


4. Mandy Stowers:

5. Elsa Tolman:


More entries to our Back to the Beach Challenge will be posted tomorrow…

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  1. Crafty Math Chick

    I like how Denise used that blue web-like ribbon in her beachy projects.

  2. DeniseB

    This was a fun challenge! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my projects! Such a variety of creations, I think we all did a fantastic job!
    Denise Bryant

  3. Charlene

    I’m just catching up after vacation and have to say WOW! Great use of that glorious ribbon by everyone!!

  4. Melinda Wilson

    Very creative projects. Thanks for sharing.

  5. kelly

    what cool projects…love that altered shirt and skirt

  6. Jennifer H.

    I love the basket Elsa made!! And to think I just threw out two of these baskets from putting up two bushels of sweet pickles! Shame on me. I would hade some inspiration to make one myself!! 🙂

  7. ellen s

    oh i love that card by denise with the ribbon as the water! gorgeous!

  8. Marie / Legojenta

    Such great projects! Love Tifany’s cards =)

  9. f lynn rush

    Denise Bryant’s card is my vote for today. i love the stair steps. everyones projects are wonderful, too.

  10. Kathy P

    Very unique items today for our inspiration! I never would have thought to use that scallop blue ribbon as waves, but it looks really cool!

  11. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I love the cards that Tiffany made they are so serene and peaceful yet simple.

  12. Becky Dunham

    Wow! Some fabulous projects today! I don’t envy you having to judge these entries! And each lady has a different category so I really can’t pick a favorite. i love Denise’s cards with all the embellishments but I also love Tifany’s CAS cards! The little dress, the album, the boxes – all amazing! Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

  13. {vicki}

    Mandy’s mini is my fave today

  14. jenifer cowles

    These are all fantastic way to go ladies. Well done

  15. Roxy Furlong

    Great projects, I love the simplicity of Tifany’s cards.

  16. charity

    I think I know denise as well. What a wonderful card. Good job 🙂

  17. charity

    I love elsa tolman’s beach box. She always does a wonderful job at all she does.

  18. Lucy

    Tiffany’s simple but elegant cards got me! Of course, wouldn’t have looked that good without the ribbon 🙂

  19. Helen LeBrett

    I know that the other projects took alot more time to make, but I LOVE Tiffany’s cards. They are so clean and simple, and the big, wide ribbon just makes such a statement on the card!

  20. Aki

    I like Denise Bryant’s project best. Awesome! xD

  21. marie

    i love, love, LOVE Denise’s card!!!

  22. Shartl

    Denise’s card and that super cute mini album are my favorites! Just adorable!

  23. Annette

    WOW…another wonderful day of awesome projects…can’t wait until tomorrow..

  24. Veronica Fiorina

    I absolutely love the box by Elsa…it is so creative!!!!

  25. Emily

    LOVE these! Especially Tiffany’s summertime cards 🙂

  26. Angelica

    Tifany’s cards are simply STUNNING!

  27. Tifany DeGough

    Thanks for sharing my cards! I loved working on this challenge!

    Great job, everyone!

  28. sue w.

    Elsa’s box is great!
    stamping sue

  29. Anita Y.

    Love Tiffany’s summertime cards!!!! 🙂

  30. Rose C

    Whew! This is amazing work! ~ Rose

  31. Chris Dring

    Love Tiffany of Ink Blots cards! Very simple but really elegant! Great job!

  32. Natasha G.P.

    Tiffany of Ink Blots made some great cards. I like that they aren’t too busy.

  33. Sharon Gullikson

    The set of cards by Tiffany are nice and simple, yet cute.

  34. B. Poteraj

    I think that I like Tiffany’s best.

  35. Joy Hager

    These are all so creative!

  36. jengd

    Fabulous projects! What wonderful variety!

  37. Larissa Heskett

    WOW!! What a FABULOUS COLLECTION of projects!! I LOVE the simplicity of the cards by Tifany and that Basket by Elsa Tolman is so neat!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  38. Kelly Sas

    Wow! There are a lot of crafty creative people out there!

  39. Carol

    WOW Fantastic projects, very creative! TFS

  40. Holly Tolman

    such creative uses for ribbons, and such great ribbons too!

  41. Samantha T

    Beautiful projects again today! Love the basket laced with ribbon!

  42. Elsa Tolman

    Denise Bryant’s SunnyDays cards are fun. Good job!

  43. Carol B

    Amazing, diverse projects! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Carol B


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