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Day 1 of May Arts / Echo Park Paper Blog Week!


I was completely smitten when I saw the Victoria Gardens Paper Pack from Echo Park. The colors and patterns are so sweet and very, very girly, which I love. When a new baby arrives, you get a lot of visitors, but sometimes they ring the doorbell at the wrong time. I have a lot of friends who have taped a handwritten “baby sleeping” sign to their front door which lets you know to enter quietly. With this project, I am pairing May Arts ribbon with some beautiful paper to take this idea to the next level. One side reads “Awake” and one side reads “Asleep” – perfect to make for your own baby or to give as a baby shower gift!




• May Arts Ribbon

– 1 yd – 1.5" pink wrinkled ribbon (EA17)
– 1 ft – 1/8" green silk (SK16)
– 1 yd – 1/4" cream silk (SK09)

• Echo Park
Victoria Gardens Paper Pack

• 2 – 7.5×5 Wooden Plaques

• Pale Pink Spray Paint

• Spray Glue

• Tacky Glue

• Scissors

• Glue Gun

• Ruler

• Thin Black Marker

• 8 Pale Pink Sequins




Step 1 –Spray paint the wooden plaques.

Step 2 –Choose background paper and cut out 2 – 6.75" x 4" ovals.

Step 3 –Using the letter stickers contained in your paper pack, spell out "awake" and "asleep" onto a contrasting sheet of paper. Place the letters as close as possible without overlapping. Trim out paper rectangles 3/8" all the way around the words. Carefully, outline each letter sticker with black marker.



Step 4 –Spray glue the word rectangles onto the center of each of your oval backgrounds. Then, spray glue the oval backgrounds onto the front side of each of the wooden plaques.

Step 5 –Glue your green silk ribbon all the way around the outside of your word rectangles using tacky glue at each of the 4 corners. Then glue a sequin onto each of the 4 corners of silk ribbon. Repeat with remaining plaque. Let dry.



Step 6 –Using your cream silk and a glue gun, make loops with your ribbon on the backside of one plaque as illustrated below. Next, overlap the ends of your pink ribbon and secure with glue in the middle of the plaque so the ribbon is oriented to come out the top of the plaque.



Step 7 –With ribbon securely in place, coat the back side of the plaque with extra strength glue and squeeze the 2 plaques together to form a secure bond. Then, hang on your door!


Download the pdf to this tutorial here!


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. b. poteraj

    Very nice job—it will come in handy. You could make them as gifts for new moms…

  2. natasha g.p.

    This is such a great idea, and so pretty, too!

  3. Greta H

    Wow–what a gorgeous project!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    How very sweet!

  5. Janet Lebeau

    That is such a cute project!!!

  6. Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    This is beautiful. Love your work!!


  7. Debbie C.

    What a great baby idea any mom would love to receive.

  8. Danielle

    Such a cute door hanger, thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Michele D

    Brilliant idea, this would make a great baby shower gift!

  10. Laura Cox

    This is a super sweet project….truly a great gift idea!!

  11. Ruth G

    Sweet! What a thoughtful gift this would make! I love how cute the papers are and how you used the ribbon to add a little extra pretty!

  12. Disneylisa

    Love it. Very bright and noticable.

  13. Maggy Tronche

    So cute project!!! Love it! TFS! Hugs.. Maggy

  14. Kathy P

    Oh, I have my first grandniece due on Nov. 20th…..I need to get cracking on THIS wonderful project!

  15. Sue D

    Very cute idea!

  16. Becky D

    This is so adorable! I wish I still had a baby to make this for…. I wonder if I made one for my door if my kids would let me sleep 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial – I do know some families with babies I need to make gifts for!

  17. Neha

    very nice n lovely…thnx for tutorial

  18. indy


  19. sandra m

    love the ribbon ruffle!

  20. Charlene

    Wonderful idea!

  21. Marcia D.

    What a great idea! I need one for my husband who works nights and sleeps during the day!

  22. sharon gullikson

    My sister made one of these for me when I had my son. She (she’s the artistic one!) painted a scene from the wallpaper on the nursery walls. Thanks for the memories…

  23. Lynn

    really cute…will have people reading instead of knocking! oh..and I love the doorknobs!

  24. Kelly massman

    oh, how sweet!

  25. Cynthia B.

    These plaques are SO pretty – and functional too! Love how you did the ribbon behind the plaque – such a lovely effect!

  26. Kelly Sas

    Beautiful – especially love the effect by looping the silk ribbon on the back of the sign!!!

  27. Kim H

    wonderful project, very clever to make seperate plaques and bond them together. thank you.

  28. Melissa H.

    How very pretty!

  29. debb

    Shhh! So cute!

  30. Ashley N Newell

    Ohhh, that’s gorgeous!

  31. Holly Tolman

    This is a great idea!

  32. Hilarie C

    Very cute!

  33. Amanda Coleman

    We had something similar to this when my son was little and it was priceless! I would even hang it on the garage door so my husband would know to park outside. This, however, is way more adorable!

  34. Sue McRae

    What a darling project!

  35. Jingle

    This is totally adorable!

  36. Miriam Prantner

    What a great project! I need one for the front door so that random people don’t knock during naptime!


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