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Ask the Experts: Altered blue jeans

When you have some time, and the materials are handy, it can
be so frustrating when inspiration is nowhere to be found.  The other day I found myself in that
place…that place where my creativity was not flowing.  It was not even dripping.  It was FROZEN.

Time to call in the experts.
I know some pros whose creativity is limitless.  My panel consisted of Dow(4), Rowan(5) and

Kids ribbon

I put the kids in front of canisters of ribbons and asked,
“Do you have any ribbon ideas?”  I had
chosen the right panel for this brainstorming session because ideas flooded the room.  The kids immediately started explaining
everything that could be done with May Arts Ribbons!  Here is a list that I complied from these crafty

  1. Gift
  2. Headband

Kids ribbon

  1. Hang
    it up for decoration

Kid ribbon

  1. Wrap
    around a banister
  2. Tie it
    to something and climb it
  3. Wear
    it in your hair
  4. Tie it
    to a kite
  5. Belt
  6. Cut it
    up and make a collage
  7. Wrap
    it around a tree
  8. Make a

Kids ribbon

  1. Sew it
    on to a shirt
  2. Decorate
  3. Make a
    man’s tie

Kids ribbon

  1. Tie it
    into shapes
  2. Create
    a parachute

After our discussion I knew that jeans with a belt was the
way to go!  So with time, materials and now the idea I went to work and
altered up my daughter’s blue jeans!

Here is the final product!

Kids ribbon

By the way, I hope checking into this blog from time to time
helps keep your creative juices flowing.
What else do you do to get past a creative block?

Kids ribbon


Kids ribbon


Kids ribbon

(Headband: WH Grosgrain/Reversible, Trim on fold of jeans
and on loops: BD22 Grosgrain/Center dot, Belt: EM22 net, Trim on pockets: BA17
Satin/Center ruffle, Stitching on cuffs and flower: TS 22 and 47)

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. kimberlee P

    Wow! I’m blown away. They look awesome!

  2. Maria

    What cute kids! They came up with some fun ideas. I really like how you took a plain pair of jeans and dressed them up.

  3. Wendi R

    oh wow that is sooo fun and such a clever idea!!!! love that

  4. Laurie Brauer

    adorable!! and so creative!

  5. Alecia Castro

    FUN OH FUN, these are awesome!! Love all the ideas, so fun!!

  6. Nathalia

    OMG! What an amazingly creative group of kiddos! LOL I loved their suggestions and the resulting princess jeans. 🙂 Just lovely!

  7. Deanne

    LOVE THEM Leah!!! I need to try them for Isabella and TEssa!

  8. Kimberly Madrid

    The jeans are fabulous! I wish my daughter we young enough to let me do this to *her* jeans!

  9. pamelahuntington

    Looks like those children really Loved those
    ribbons and the jean embellishment is
    really Great!


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