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Artful Transfers

Artful Transfers

I fell in love with this curvy French chair the moment I saw it on the Graphics Fairy website! I decided I wanted to create a unique piece of wall art using the image, and try out a fun transfer technique at the same time. Creating artful transfers on sticky back canvas is a great way to turn your favorite clip art or patterned cardstock into a versatile piece of fabric. If you want to create your own artful transfer, just check out this quick and easy tutorial from Serendipity Vintage Studio!


  • Vintage Glass Glitter
  • Sticky Back Canvas from Claudine Hellmuth
  • Claudine Hellmuth Multi Medium Matte
  • Clip art printed on white cardstock or a piece of patterned cardstock
  • Misting bottle
  • Bone folder, Popsicle stick or other burnishing tool
  • 5×7 Frame



Simply print out the images you wish to transfer, or choose a piece of your favorite printed cardstock. I printed out several sheets of 3 ½ X 5 images onto white 8 ½ X 11 cardstock. I found all these images on the Graphics Fairy website:

Cut the images or the patterned cardstock and the sticky back canvas to the same size.

**Quick Tip: If you are using patterned cardstock avoid papers with text because any words will be reversed when you transfer them to the sticky back canvas. Be sure to print out mirror images of any clip art that you choose.**

Peel the backing off the sticky back canvas and lay the clip art or patterned paper face down on the sticky surface. Burnish thoroughly by rubbing the back with a bone folder or Popsicle stick. I’m demonstrating this portion of the technique with the colorful Rose Bouquet Sewing Ad image so you can more easily see the process.

Generously spritz the paper side with water and rub gently to remove the paper layer. You’ll need to spritz and rub several times to remove all the paper and leave just the ink behind. To remove the last of the white fuzzy bits, rub a generous amount of Matte Multi Medium into the canvas. Allow to dry completely for several hours, or use a heat tool to speed up the drying process.

Voila! You’ve magically created your own printed fabric!

To add a touch of sparkle to the project, simply lay down strips of GlueArts Ribbon Adhesive on all four sides of the canvas edges. Make sure to thoroughly burnish down the adhesive and then peel away the lining to reveal a sticky line.

Sprinkle the vintage glass glitter generously on the sticky edges, then shake off the excess. You may need to use a soft paint brush to remove all of the glitter. Don’t fret if some of the glitter refuses to budge! It just adds to the vintage patina!

Mat the glittered canvas with a coordinating piece of 5 X 7 patterned paper. Use a strong adhesive like GlueArts ProGlider Perma Tac to create a secure bond.

To add even more texture and dimension, use GlueArts Ribbon Adhesive to attach a border of May Arts metallic chain cord around the edges of the glitter.

Insert the finished canvas into a 5 X 7 frame and you’ve created your own unique artful transfer wall art!

Wondering what Glue Arts is up to today?  Head on over & find out!


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Blog Posted By: Kimberly Jones

  1. Su C.

    Awesome project! Thank you for sharing this technique and easy to follow tutorial!

  2. Jenny McGee

    WOW What a creative project. I love it. Thanks.

  3. Rosemary D

    what a cool decor project!!

  4. nitasha

    This frame is gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial- will have to try it soon!!!

  5. Sharon Mobley

    That turned out beautiful. Love the colors and super cool with the adheasive on the edges for the glitter. Im going to have to try that.


  6. KellyG

    Great project, thanks for the tutoria!

  7. Beth W

    This is amazing. I have so many beautiful images on my computer I could use. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial!

  8. Janet Sisk

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us today. 😀

  9. Tina Mayo

    love this project..a classic

  10. Pam Spradlin

    Thank you for the detailed instuctions. This looks like a neat project for a craft room wall.

  11. Barb King

    I almost bought some of that sticky back canvas today- now I wish I had. Love the technique with the ribbon adhesive and the glitter, I am going to try that tonight.

  12. Pam Loris

    I love this technique! It always comes out! haven’t used the ribbon adhesive though. Would like to win me some!!

  13. DeniseB

    Very clever project! I love the look of the canvas. Thanks for the tutorial, Kimberly!

  14. Veronica

    such a cool process! looks like a fun project.

  15. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    WOW!! This is such a good idea – THANKS for all the steps to make a beautiful piece of wall art!

  16. Charlene

    What an awesome idea! Love it.

  17. conniemelancon

    love the frame! thanks for the tutorial!

  18. HollyMira

    Never though to do will, will have to try this.

  19. Jeqn Benson

    You make the transfer process look so easy I’m gonna have to try it! THANKS!

  20. Patty B

    Love how you added the glitter border…cute idea.

  21. Jennifer H.

    Truly beautiful Kimberly!! TFS!!

  22. Kelly massman

    Awesome! TFS the tutorial!

  23. Kathy Eddy

    Wow I’ve never seen this done before Great project TFS !!!

  24. {vicki}

    very unusual

  25. Lynn

    This is sooooo cool!!! I love following your blog – you so some of the coolest techniques!!!!

  26. Karen K

    What a great idea and not to difficult. I like the embellishments you added around the chair.

  27. Ujjwal

    I love that chair too!! Thanks for sharing a great technique and step step tutorial. I hope I can try it sometime!!

  28. Courtney Lee

    Fabulous! Really gorgeous!

  29. jen shears

    ALWAYS love your projects- but this one may be my FAVE!!!!! Stunning!

  30. Froggietalks ( Karen G)

    I love that technique!! I need to find somewhere to buy sticky back canvas to try this out. I love trying transfer techniques.

  31. Beverly

    Loved this! Thank you so much for sharing the details so that I can do this. So easy with the Glue Arts!!!


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