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Art Canvas Turned Spooky

Hi everyone!  Are you ready for some ric rac fun?

Art canvas is a wonderful treasure that you can use for more than your traditional paintings.  But, you already knew that right?  If not, here we go.


Supplies needed include:

  • Art canvas
  • Craft paint and brushes
  • Mod podge
  • Vinyl cut outs
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Upholstery tacks or some kind of button type embellishment
  • Ribbon: ARR27 – 1/8" yellow, ARR28 – 1/8" orange, KBB10 – 1/4" black.




 First, you will paint your canvas with the color of your choice.


 Second, add some fun splatter touches.  Use a brush that is all worn out at the bottom, dab it in some paint and gently dab it on your canvas.


Third, you will add your vinyl embellishments or whatever you choose.


Fourth, you will paint over the canvas completely with 2 layers of mod podge.  I used the glitter kind.  Lovin' the sparkle!


Fifth, when it's dry glue on your ribbons of choice


 There you go, a piece of cake and so fun!!


For more fun, visit me at  See you soon!!


Blog Posted By: Andrea Miller

  1. Pam Loris

    What a fast and easy project! Love the glitter too!

  2. Charlene

    Love the sparkle! Fun project.


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