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Altered Sweater

Altered Sweater

I recently was cleaning out my closets and found this plain gray sweater, and decided it was time for a makeover.  May Arts new eyelet ribbon is 100% cotton, so I knew it would be a great choice not only for style, but also for comfort.

Altered Sweater

Leave the ribbon uncut, and pin a small section in place, to the inside of the sweater, starting on the lower right hand side.  Make small stitches , with a thread that coordinates with the sweater color.  As you get a section finished, move your pin up and secure the next section. Continue in this manner until you have added eyelet around the entire front opening.  Cut the lace and tie off.

Altered Sweater

Cut a length of eyelet  about  1.5 – 2 yards long.   Thread another length of thread, and knot the end.  Make running stitches along the entire length of the ribbon and gather as you go.

Altered Sweater

Tie off with a knot after the gathering is complete.  Swirl around to form a flower.  Tack into place on the pocket.

Altered Sweater

Altered Sweater

Blog post by: Gini Williams Cagle

May Arts Ribbons Used:

May Arts Ribbon Eyelet Trim

Other Supplies Used:

  • Needle and thread
  • Cardigan Sweater to alter

  1. Jennifer Scull

    this is gorgeous! what a wonderful idea…. now if only I could sew. 😉

  2. Sue D

    Great way to dress up a plain sweater.

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Great way to take something and make it brand new and totally different.  TFS!

  4. kathy/NorthCarolina

    What a transformation!  I love the flower!

  5. Ava Gavloski

    now gini, you get a bravo award for truly off the page project!!! perfecto


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