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Virginia here, I’m so happy to share this project with you! 

Ever try to remember why you call it ‘kepitch’ rather that ‘ketchup’? Or the time your wee one told their teacher that mommy is most beautiful when she is in the shower? I’m sure you’re aware of all the cute, silly and sweet things that come from the mouth of babes. But do you have a specific place to record it? These little journals are the perfect place to put all those memories!  I have one and I really try hard to jot down a few things here and there. I know it will be cherished as my children grow (since I nearly bust a gut now at something that happened last week!) These little albums are a unique (not to mention cheap) gift for a baby shower!

I have been a long time user of Tombow products, but since this week May Arts have teamed up with the adhesive folks over there, I thought this project would be perfect to showcase a great use for their Hook and Loop tabs.

To create this project you will need some composition notebooks, such as these ones. Mine were 3 for $1!

I was really able to cram pack these tiny journals with tons of beautiful May Arts ribbons and details.  

1.Using Tombow Power Bond Runner adhere the twill ribbon to the book spine.

2. Cut patterned paper (cardstock weight) the size of front and back cover.

3. Cut an arm 3” long of either paper or ribbon. On the blue album I used 382-34-27 Yellow Chevron Twill. Using Power Bond, tape the wrap around arm to the edge of the raw cover (back side).  Create decal for end of arm. Punch 2 circles, put brad through one circle and arm, tape second circle on to cover brad ends.

4. Tape Pattern paper over back cover.

5.Using the most beautiful/fun May Arts ribbons decorate paper for front cover.

6. Again using Power Bond adhere front cover to book.

7. Using a Tombow Hook and Loop tab, peel paper backing from one side and apply to outer most edge of arm. Remove paper backing from other side, wrap arm around book and adhere to front cover.  

8. Get them kiddos talking and record fun memories, you’ll be sure to NEVER FORGET!


Blog post by: Virginia Fynes


Hop on over to the Tombow Blog for more inspiration!


  1. Ruth G

    Your books are great! I love all the different papers and ribbons you used and what a fantastic way to close them up!!! TFS!

  2. Emily H

    These are soo soo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barb Ghigliotty

    Gorgeous journals! I'm loving the closures, too…what a great idea!!!

  4. Gloria Westerman

    These are so clever….love it….and I love those hook and loop …never seen them…love it….

  5. steph d.

    love these!  those closures are perfect for my projects!  tfs!  *hugs* steph 🙂

  6. Monika/buzsy

    These are so cute! Love the colors and papers and the closure! I'd just picked up some yesterday! LOL!
    (PS: Is it just my computer that contort the pictures? They all look stretched out lenght-wise. It's not just this post, but sometimes others too… )

  7. LinhC

    These are darling!  I have to look into the Tombow Hook and Loop tabs!

  8. Krista Ritskes

    These journals are just gorgeous!  Thank you for explaining how you put them together.

  9. Diana Evensen

    Really adorable journals!  I love the hook & loop closure on these.  Thanks.

  10. Sue D

    Fabulous idea–I like the closure.

  11. Charlene

    Super idea for the closures!

  12. Connie

    I think they are all beautiful. I really liked how you made the closures.

  13. sharon gullikson

    I love to decorate journals and give them as gifts. These are so pretty. Nice job.

  14. mary s. - aka Big Mamma

    I love Tombow from their markers to their glue.  So great.

  15. Kim H

    what a great idea, thank you for the inspirations.

  16. Michele D

    Sweet little notebooks, and thanks for sharing all the details on how to make them!

  17. Kristie Maynard

    These are wonderful!  Fabulous job.  What a great idea for a shower gift, never thought of that, but it's a fab idea.

  18. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Very, very cool closure on these beautifully altered notebooks.  Thanks for the tip!

  19. Miriam Prantner

    These are so cute!  I love the ribbon along the spines!

  20. monica

    Great project Virginia love the journals

  21. Candice

    Very cute Virginia – They are so pretty and such a great idea!

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