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‘All That Glitters!’ A Christmas Craft Challenge Participants!

First a big thank you to everyone who sent in emails!  We were just thrilled with incredible response we had to our Christmas Craft Challenge!   As always, this was such a difficult decision to make. 

This month's participants are:

  • Abby Henderson
  • Aileen Roberts
  • Charity Becker
  • Charlotte Zweigoron
  • Darlene Gabriel
  • Debby Lewis
  • Elsa Tolman
  • Holly Tolman
  • Jasmine Ford
  • Karen Hanson
  • Kerry Kocsis
  • Kristie Maynard
  • Lynn Ochs
  • May Sukyong Park
  • Penny Harrison
  • Sassy
  • Shannon Magee
  • Susan Brown
  • Tami Mayberry
  • Tammy Gilley


Congratulations, ladies!   You all will receive an email Monday with further details regarding the challenge!


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. May Sukyong Park

    Thanks so much! I'll do my best to create something with your glitter ribbons.:)

  2. May Sukyong Park

    Thanks so much! I'm do my best to creat something with your glitter ribbons.:)

  3. Penny H.

    YAY!  Thanks!

  4. Beverly Jordan

    Looking forward to seeing all there inspirations!

  5. Sue D

    Looking forward to your creations!

  6. Nikki C

    Congrats everyone look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

  7. Charity Becker

    THANKS BETHANY!!!! Super excited to participate.

  8. Holly Tolman

    I am so excited! The kids can't understand why mommy is doing the happy dance, but wahoo! I cannot wait for the ribbons to get here!

  9. Kristie Maynard

    How exciting!  I can't wait to get started on my challenge submission.  This will be my first challenge with May Arts and I'm so excited!  Thanks!

  10. Sandy Lewis

    Have fun ladies! I wish I had seen this – I would have played!

  11. Tami Mayberry

    eeeks!!! Thank you!!! Excited to play 🙂


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