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All In A Knot?


All thumbs when it comes to
tying a bow? That’s perfect! Knots can add some catchy dimensions in your gift
wrapping or other creative obsessions.  Don’t throw away your end-cuts or over-cuts. Bits of May
Arts ribbons, ranging from 3″ to 6″ are rescued to be knotted to the
handle of this paint can. Shorter strips of ribbon are stapled to a band of
paper, punched with holes.

Store scraps in color-themed zip top bags. When making bows,
cluster a few color-coordinating strands in the center for a pom-pom effect.

Intentional Knots


Using 3/8″-wide Reversible Satin, knot ribbon at
1″ intervals, to show off the reverse color. Wrap around box 3-times,
securing in a knot in the back.

(Shown here are SB17 Pink Red
and BM04 Brown Blue).

Chef’s Knot

As a child, I learned this valuable knotting technique from
a Chef in one of my dad’s restaurants in LA. Trussing poultry cavities, with
slippery hands coated in stuffing and butter, the chef explained this knot will
not come apart or require another set of hands for assistance.


Picture 10


Picture 11

Instructions: As
when tying shoes, loop one tail through the other (left over right, per picture 10 ), and
once again
(per picture 11). That’s the secret for not coming apart!  Pull ends tightly, and then tug ends in
opposite directions to lock this loop.


Want to test if it holds? Shake the bow vigorously. Your
knot should remain, amazingly secure.

Complete the knot looping right tail, over left.

Personally, I use the
Chef’s Knot on my bowling shoes, my turkey, and of course my bows!


Blog Post by: En-May Mangels

  1. Cheryl

    Always fun to get some new ideas for using your wonderful products…. fun ribbon makes
    gift giving extra special !

  2. The Preppy Princess

    Hello May Arts, we are just tickled to see the blog! Yippee!

    Smiles to all of you,

  3. Robin Armstrong Seeber

    hey the blog looks great!!

  4. Elaine

    What fun ideas, En-May! I love that there’s a blog now! Welcome and Congrats!! hugs,
    Elaine 🙂

  5. Leah

    En-May. love the chef bow idea! I will be trying that!!!

  6. Sherry

    Great idea. Loved the photos. Sure wish I could do something like that.

  7. wendi r

    love all these fun ideas with ribbons and knots!!!

  8. Angele

    Great info and photos. Thanks.


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