January 21, 2015

Floral patterns, fun colors, and staple items all floral, craft, and apparel business need 

(Riverside, Connecticut) – May Arts Ribbon announces the addition of twenty-two new spring and summer families of ribbon to its extensive collection, providing customers with staple items and on-trend designs to meet market needs. 

The first release of the new product includes new must-have colors in the popular double-faced satin families, an open-weave burlap that can be used in numerous types of floral designs, and adhesive rosettes. New families will continue rolling out throughout January, February, and early March. 

“Our design team constantly is looking for inspiration. Like the fashion and home decor world, we do research to find new patterns and designs that will excite and inspire our customers,” said Chief Financial Officer, Richard Jenkins. “Our main focus is, and always will be, providing superior quality ribbon to the market. Part of that is delivering on-trend ribbons to our customers so they know they can meet market demand, whether they are using our ribbon in floral designs or reselling by the yard.” 

Elyse Duffey, the creative director at May Arts, found inspiration in nature to create many of the designs featured this year. The goal with the line was to make everything old, new again. This meant featuring floral patterns, but giving them a twist by using larger designs and vibrant colors. Patterns like gingham were given a fun twist by featuring them on a shape, like the hearts in our new adhesive mini hearts. Not to be left out, stripes are also made new by making them bolder and a stark standout against white. Materials like burlap, which mimic neutrals found in nature, are now simply a project staple. 

“The goal was to take the patterns and materials our customers were asking for, and give them exciting twists. We introduced burlap, but now you get burlaps with bright colors like mint and yellow. We know we needed to introduce a new gingham to our already large collection, so we decided it would work best as one of our signature adhesives,” said Creative Director Elyse Duffey. 

Consumers can find suppliers who carry the new ribbons by visiting the retail locator or online supplier page on the May Arts brand website.


About May Arts Ribbon 
Riverside, Connecticut based May Arts Ribbon is a wholesale supplier of superior quality ribbon serving a wide variety of merchants across the world. Since its founding, May Arts has been committed to delivering high-quality, classic ribbon design for any need and any industry, from Craft & Hobby, to Floral, to Confectionery, and more. May Arts’ ribbons are unique in that their high quality construction, classic design, and color vibrancy are unmatched by other ribbons on the market. For more information visit May Arts brand lovers can find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. 


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