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A Sentimental Journey Vintage Valentine Challenge – Entries & a Giveaway!

All of the entries from our Vintage Valentine Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!


First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

That is one full roll each of the Vintage Valentine ribbon used in this challenge!

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

…and remember one of the goals was for each ribbon to be used in the project!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please note these are simply being posted in the order in which they were received.**


Leanora Ortiz


Jasmine Ford


Betty Pillsbury


Cindy Crawford


Holly Young


Holly Brown


Cindy Holshouser


Dana Tatar


Marie Otake


Laura Cox


KimberlyRae Forde


Susan Wanat


Debb Rosemarino


Tanya Hulbert


Emily Lanham


Lynn Ochs


Jennifer Hadder


Joy Hager


Lisa Dawson


Tifany DeGough


Cresta Woodruff


DeeDee Catron


Sandy Huntress



Whew!  That is a whole lot of inspiration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on February 14th, 2012!

Now start posting your favorites!    ;)


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Barbara H

    Leanora Ortiz is my choice.  Her use of the May Arts ribbon is just beautiful and love her whole design concept.

  2. [email protected]

    Leanora Ortiz is my choice.  Her stitiching using the May Arts ribbon is remarkable – she's an amazing seamstress, just love her whole design.

  3. Indy

    Loving Holly's tag!

  4. Lillian Child

    Okay … these are ALL so fabulous but Kimberlyrea Forde's project is my fav! Stunning creativity!

  5. Karen McAlpine

    All the entries are soo fablous!!!  But, I always love dress dummies and sewing themed things.  So, my fav is KimberlyRae's Dress dummy.  I love it!!!

  6. Jennifer H.

    It was an honor to be included in this challenge! There are so many beautiful projects but my favorites are Betty's postcard and Holly Brown's tag.

  7. jen shears

    SO MANY amazing submissions!! Great job to all! Yay to Cindy & Tanya!!!

  8. Christina

    They are all amazing, but my favorite is Sandy Huntress's pillow.

  9. Emily

    I love all of the entries! This was so much fun to participate in! Thanks so much for letting me play along! 🙂

  10. Lindsey

    Amazing enteries…Jasmine Ford got my vote 🙂

  11. Deanna Green

    All these projects are beautiful!  Great ideas from all.  Thank you for sharing!

  12. Nancy M

    Holy smokes–how do you expect us to choose just one??!! Well, OK-if you insist! After scrolling back and forth quite a few times, I chose Holly Young's project as my favorite. It was that one which captured my attention and intrigue. Nice job, everyone!!

  13. Gwen Windham

    I vote for Cindy Holshouser's Valentine– just the perfect amount of vintage– and simplicity… 🙂  There are so many pretty entries! 

  14. Kerry

    I vote for Sandy's pillow

  15. Shar B

    All the pieces are stunning!  So much wonderful talent and creativity!  I really love Holly Brown's tag!  It has that lovely romantic feel!

  16. Riza

    There are all amazing and very creative, but my vote goes to Marie Otake, love the heart the way she put words together plus the added video . It’s lovely….

  17. Monika/buzsy

    Oh, these are all fabulous! So many neat idea! I had a hard time pikcing only one… but it is KimberlyRae Forde's dress form! :o)

  18. Sandy W

    Everyone made such beautiful projects!  I fell in love with the box, cards and tags that Laura Cox made so she gets my vote.

  19. Sharon Roselli

    wow all of the projects are inspiring. I had a hard time choosing just one. To me I chose Cindy Holshouser and Lisa Dawson. The other ideas we great too but vintage valentines means a paper craft to me. I am a paper crafter at heart.

  20. Denise Bryant

    Fabulous projects! I have to pick Sandy's pillow as my favorite though…. outstanding!

  21. {vicki}

    holly brown's valentine was my fave

  22. Rebecca Ednie

    I loved the projects by Holly, Dana, Deb and Crista. So pretty!

  23. Lexi

    Wow, it's raining creativity here! All entries are equally beautiful, but my vote goes to JASMINE FORD.

    Great job, ladies!

  24. Joan

    Everything is so beautiful. I love the different ways the ribbon was used, even in sewing projects.  However, I have to vote for Jennifer Hadder's ATC collection.  I know that she stepped WAY out of her comfort zone doing vintage, but she did a grand job of making them both romantic and vintage.

  25. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Everything is very original but my favorite is the pillow by: 
    Sandy Huntress
    It is a Valentine you can show off and keep.

  26. robin

    Sandy Huntress' pillow gets my vote!

  27. Tanya Hulbert

    This was a really fun challenge and I really appreciate the chance to play with some beautiful ribbon!  Every project reflects time, love and thought!  What creativeness from all!

  28. Joy Hager

     Thanks for letting me play with the lovely ribbons! My Friends have informed me that their comments are not showing up that was posted on the 11th and post form the 12 are now showing. So hopefully the others without any love are having the same problem 🙂 Each and every one is lovely.

  29. Kathy

    Lots of beautiful work,really enjoyed seeing the
    creative and beautiful ideas.My vote goes to  Sandy
    Huntress for the beautiful workmanship on
    the ribbon pillow,well done!!

  30. Carol B

    I love Holly Brown's tag, so pretty!
    Carol B

  31. Jannett Silva

    What fun to look at all these beautifully created items!   Such imagination!   All are wonderful – but my vote goes to the pillow made by Sandy Huntress ~ I'd love that for myself!   🙂

  32. Paula

    Oh wow, really love the one from DeeDee Catron with the stocking & the chickenwire in the frame!  I'm gonna have to try something similar at home… so cool!

  33. Bonita Taylor

    Love the pillow Sandy H. made!  Very sweet!!

  34. Jeannie (blue)

    After giving it some more thought, I think of the four I'd mentioned the other day, I like Deedee's the best.

  35. tal

    i especially like sandy huntress' sweet pillow with the ribbon flowers.

  36. sandysewin

    Thank you for all the kind votes!
    I quite enjoyed working with May Arts ribbon and I'm really happy with my sweet little pillow.  🙂

  37. Terri M

    Wow what an awesome amount of talent these ladies have..but my vote is for Laura Cox :)))

  38. Mynette Jackson

    All of the projects are great.  My vote is for Laura Cox.

  39. Shelly

    I vote for miss Holly Brown's tag!! GREAT set of entries ….

  40. Jasmine Ford

    Thanks for all the love ladies, I really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun working on this project. It's an altered tin can to hold all the love notes and letters from my hubby. There were so many great projects this go around, so many different styles and so much inspiration…love them all!

  41. Jennifer Wasson

    They are all beautiful & creative.  I love Holly Brown's tag! 

  42. Joyce McIntosh

    All the projects are great. I especially like the Holly Brown tag. Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win some of your great ribbon!

  43. maple_kiwi

    Wow! So many amazing projects, you have some very talented fans! My vote goes to the second entry, Jasmine Ford 🙂

  44. Maia H

    Love DeeDee’s frame. She gets my vote.

  45. Kylie

    I love the corset and the dress form, but my vote is for Dee Dee Catron – something about that chicken wire background with the vintage buttons and flower just speaks to me 😉

  46. Bill Smith

    Wow- All are very well done, however, Betty Pillsbury does rise above the crowd! Excellent and tastefully done, congrats!

  47. Cathy

    They are all beautiful. I love Lisa Dawson's vintage cards. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  48. Leah Snyder

    Love the vintage challenge.  Joy H's vintage necklaces are my favorites!  All of the work was so amazing! 

  49. Laura

    a lot of great stuff here!  Holly Brown's tag is my favorite!

  50. Tiffany

    I love DeeDee Catron's!  It's so different and pretty!  🙂

  51. DawnL

    Wonderful entries… Holly Brown's tag is beautiful!!

  52. Marrigje Barnard

    I love Holly Browns tag best. Thank you.

  53. Christine Delgadillo

    So many beautiful entries!  I'm loving Joy Hager's use of ribbon on the hearts and birds on the bird cage!

  54. Pendra

    Wow, these were all so amazing… hard to pick just one!  I have to say it was Debb Rosemarino's project, I just love the old vintage feel!  The old romantic look of doilies and lace, ribbons and buttons… it was just so lovely!  Thanks for a chance to win!

  55. Ashley N Newell

    I love Tifany's awesome paint can!

  56. Broni

    I love Holly Brown's tag.  Thanks for a chance to win!

  57. Mitzi Manthey

    Being a papercrafter whose taste is more toward clean and simple I must say I like Holly Brown's tag.  But I must admit it was difficult to choose just one item.

  58. LBAB

    I love the Love Notes by Jasmine Ford..

  59. Holly Elliott

    All the projects were beautiful but I have to say Jasmine Fords is my fav. I love the colors, the bling and the 'xoxo' flower just made the card for me!

  60. Jennifer

    The projects are beautiful and creative. The one which catches my eye is the one of joy Hager :-). They are awesome. 100x likes.

  61. Kathy Richardson

    All are beautiful…but Holly Brown's is simple, elegant, gorgeous color coordination.

  62. Kathy Richardson

    My vote is for HOLLY BROWN's….beautiful!!

  63. Tera

    Alot of amazing projects here!!! I like the Valentine tag by Holly Brown best though – sweet and soft vintage look!!!

  64. Jenny Jean aka Wifey Cookie

    Holly Browns' tag and Cresta Woodruff''s card are my faves! 🙂

  65. Joan Ervin

    I love all the beautiful creations but my favorite is Holly Brown's gorgeous Valentine tag….she used the perfect colors and I love the texture and how she ruffled the ribbon at the bottom!!!

  66. NWFlamingo

    I love Cresta Woodruff's, Laura Cox's but I think my very favorite is Jasmine Ford's entry.  It is hard to decide!

  67. Cheryl G.

    I love Dee Dee's entry- sweet and vintage!

  68. Melanie Widmer

    So many beautiful things!  I vote for Dee Dee Catron!  Great details and very romantic!

  69. DawnC

    This is very hard to pick.  I am voting for Dee Dee Catron because I love the muted and romantic feeling.  The pink flower is beautiful.

  70. Bernadette

    I vote for the postcard by Betty Pillsbury.  It is beautiful.  Many talented artists, with great ideas.

  71. Ashley Dawn

    i vote for dee dee

  72. Barbara Washington

    These are very impressive projects. I vote for Holly Brown. Her gorgeous tag really shows off the ribbon well.

  73. Gloria Westerman

    I love Lynn Ochs …..Love…love…the frame….everyone was awesome….love em' all…..

  74. bjkissler

    I vote for Holly Brown.

  75. Diana Queen

    I am loving all of these beautiful creations… Holly Brown's Valentine tag is the one that I'm voting for.  ;D

  76. Donna

    Beth, they are all wonderful entries, all the work is fantastic, my fav's are Emily's Birdhouse, and then second or even maybe is Sandy's beautiful pillow, that is a work of art!! They both are both items I would want in my; home!!
    Thanks for a chance at some of your lovely ribbon.

  77. Theresa E

    They are all great but my vote is for Laura Cox.

  78. Debby

    My vote is for Holly Brown, everyone did a wonderful job.  You all should be very proud of your work.
    angel hugs

  79. karenladd

    How we can ;pick a favorite is beyond me! They are all so exceptional and so very beautiful. I know that Jasmine's project is getting tons of votes, so I will also pick Holly Young's romantic and vintage project as my favorite!

  80. Shartl

    INCREDIBLE! I can't believe the fabulous projects and the array of styles and media. So hard to pick a favorite but have to say that Jasmine Ford's is so creative and gorgeous! 

  81. Vicki Romaine

    Oh my!  These are all awesome.  The ribbons are gorgeous.  I pick Holly Brown's tag.. Beautiful tag Holly..

  82. Jayanna Corbin

    I am voting for Holly Brown's tag. It could be put on a gift for the man in your life!!

  83. Bev Gerard

    So many beautiful creations!
    My #1 vote is for Holly Brown!

  84. Phyllis Segan

    My favorite is Betty Pillsbury!

  85. debbie

    I love them all but I think my fav is Holly Young

  86. Chrissy Dickinson

    WOW! GORGEOUS creations from each of the ladies! I vote for Holly Brown! FANTASTIC work from everyone though!

  87. Jeannie (blue)

    they're all so good.  i have 4 favorites – Jasmine Ford, Laura Cox, Deedee Catron and Kimberly Rae.

  88. Tracy Jenkins

    my favorite is by Holly Brown…. so beautiful!!!!! simple and elegant!  <3

  89. Young nancy

    I lone the simplicity of Holly Brown's, not too busy and very vintage looking.
    thanks for the opportunity to win some ribbon of my own!

  90. tina phillips

    They are all beautiful but marie gets my vote!!!!

  91. Sharon Aitchison

    Betty Pillsbury …. beautiful as always.  To all, very creative!

  92. Angelnorth

    Some beautiful and unusual entries! My favourite is Holly Brown's tag as I think she's used the ribbons to make balanced embellishments that genuinely enhance rather than dominate and she's introduced textures aside from the ribbons, too.

  93. Amanda H

    I love them all but I vote for Holly Browns!!! 🙂

  94. Chris

    I love Betty Pillsbury's creation.

  95. Jean Keefe

    My 1st choice is Sandy's pillow – tasteful integration of all the ribbons; clean design lines; overall aesthetically pleasing!  My 2nd choice is Emily's birdhouse – very clever!  Thanks to all for sharing. 

  96. Kathryn Hughes

    I love Leanora's bustier.. it's so pretty!  My second choice would be Sandy's pillow.  The details on it are beautiful.  

  97. Charlene

    Wow…gorgeous projects one and all!  I think I love Sandy's pillow the very best!

  98. Stacy T.

    All of the projects are beautiful, but my favorite was Jasmine Ford's card.  I loved the ribbon flower and the pearls.

  99. Lisa Rodriguez

    I love the project submitted by Jasmine Ford….its beautiful!

  100. Stacy Caddy

    Oh my, they are all beautiful in their own way….. My choice would have to go to Jasmine Ford's project…. Stunning….

  101. Carmen

    I love several of the projects, but I think my favorite is the one by Jasmine Ford

  102. Naomi A. of CO

    Love the postcard.  All of these are great!

  103. Linda S.

    These ladies have ALL done fabulous creations! It is hard to narrow it down to whose I like the best; I am torn between Leonara Ortiz's beautiful camisole, Jasmine Ford's love notes and Jennifer Hadder's Valentine's Day Frame…but if I have to pick my favorite then it has to go to Jasmine Ford.  Her work is just beautiful and is something I would only hope to be able to re-create something similar one day!

  104. Laura Sanchez

    Wow! Such beautiful work from all, but I chose Jasmine Ford.

  105. Jessica Pollock

    Oh wow, great entries! The LOVE sign by Cresta Woodruff is my favorite I think! 

  106. Ann

    They are all lovely, but jennifer Hadder's card speaks to me. Just love it.

  107. by belle

    Great and beautiful projects, all!  I can't possibly choose just one.

  108. Sassy

    Fantastic, beautiful, stunning projects submitted by all.  I have gone up and down and watched all the videos and looked at all the amazing work and detail in each submission for the last 30+ minutes.  So hard to choose one as each one is so gorgeous but I am going to go with the one that brought me back to the day of making a Valentine Box -something I could relate to – Laura Cox.  Your video shows all the detail and love that you put into this project.  I would love for this Valentine box to be proudly displayed in my home!  Great job, all!  

  109. Marlene Aulenbacher

    Jasmine Ford's Love Notes is my top pick but Marie Otake's heart album is thisclose! Beautiufl work, love all the details.

  110. Carol E Brooker

    I just loved Dana Tatar's bag, all the projects are just beautiful so it was hard to pick, but I love ribbon and bags so a bag made of ribbon is just beautiful.

  111. Goat Girl

    I'm blown away by this post and all the amazing projects! So many projects, so little time! LOVE the vintage ribbon in this giveaway!

  112. Ronda A.

    I love how Jasmine Ford incorporated all 4 beautiful May Arts ribbons and trims…though I almost missed the pink ruffled trim on the outer edge. Her's was well thought out and so romantic!

  113. Carol Ann

    The Love Notes followed by the silk embroidery (which I do too) and the Valentine bird house – such a delight and what talent!!  Happy Heart Day

  114. Melinda Wilson

    Awesome job girls! My favorite is Jennifer Hadder.

  115. Caroline D.

    So many gorgeous projects that I had to go through the list a few times!!  My vote goes to Laura Cox and the vintage valentine box with cards and tags!!   The photo did not do it justice and the video featured it so much better and showed the love that went into this project!!

  116. Dana Tatar

    This challenge was so fun!  Thanks so much for featuring my project!
    I love Betty Pillsbury's fabric postcard, so I'd like to vote for her.
    Good luck to everyone who entered this contest!  The projects are all amazing!

  117. alice hancock

    My favorite is Betty Pillsbury's postcard.  Understated elegance – beautifully composed!

  118. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Jasmine Ford!  Gorgeous!

  119. Cathy M.

    I love Marie Otake's Heart Shaped Book.  My vote goes to her!

  120. Barabara Tait Persaud

    LOVE THIS…..Need some love notes to go in it too 🙂 Flowers are gorgeous.

    1. Barabara Tait Persaud

      I  am of course voting for Jasmine Ford's Love Notes Tin.

  121. sue wisniewski

    Terrific!!!  had to pick just one so here are my top three picks:
    1.  Betty Pilsbury – her fabric postcard with the ribbon flowers is great.
    2.  Marie Otake – her heart book is just lovely with all the details and little embellishments.
    3.  Laura Cox – she took the vintage to the limit with her altered box filled with cards and tags.
    good luck to everyone!
    stamping sue

  122. Sue D

    Fabulous creations!  My vote is for Leanora Ortiz.

  123. Barb king

    Beautiful and so creative.  I vote for Cindy Holhouser.

  124. Mara Adkins

    They are all stunning! But I think my favorite is the camisole by Leanora Ortiz. How different and creative!

  125. Tory Anders

    Wow! These are all great! My favorite project is the card by Jasmine Ford. It is so beautiful! Also, the sewing project by Leanora Ortiz was pretty.

  126. Jennifer Maier

    ALL were great but I <3<3<3 what Jamie Ford did!!!

  127. Wanda Sangster

    Jasmine Ford,s Love Notes is my favorite!

  128. Jennasa

    My vote is for Marie  Ortake. Love the heart flip book.

  129. Lucy

    What great projects! I hope I win so I can copy some 🙂 Lisa Dawson's sure stands out.

  130. Louise

    All the projects are amazing, but I think if I have to choose just one, I would go with the valentine box from Laura Cox.

  131. stampersuzz

    Wow! these are all over the top gorgeous!  I think Deb or Dana project showcases the ribbon the best!

  132. Michele

    My vote is for Marie Otake.  Her mini album is just beautiful!!!

  133. Rochelle Spears

    Wow… such great Crafters!  I really love Laura Cox's valentine Box.  She did such a great job with the ribbon!!!

  134. Rochelle Spears

    Wow.. what great crafters! I really love Laura Cox's Valentine box!! Great project and love how she used the ribbon in different ways!!! 🙂

  135. Julie Shearer

    I really love the Love Notes card. But they are all so beautiful .

  136. Beth W

    They are all beyond words-but I think my favorite is Laura Cox's box and card set.Incredible beautiful and such a great gift.

  137. CallyAnn

    Ok I LOVE all of them but Kimberlyrea Forde is my fav! Too cute! Shared on FB too! Thanks Callyann

  138. Suzanne Pipitone

    Wow  so many amazing projects.  I vote for Marie Otake.  Love the mini.  

  139. Lori Brown

    they are all so pretty, but my favorite would have to be Laura Cox's cards & box.  Such beautiful details!

  140. Vannessa Miller

    I love the hanky(?) with the doilies. They are all so great it was hard to decide!

  141. Christine VanDeWege

    Loved Laura Cox’s beautiful vintage cards. They are treasures to keep in Laura’s lovely keepsake box

  142. Michelle R

    Marie Otake 🙂 They are all beautiful

  143. Lynn G

    There are some great and imaginative projects here!  Lynn Ochs gets my vote. 

  144. Lynda

    I like Lisa Dawson's.  I think she used each of the ribbons.  I love the vintage pictures.

  145. Denise Pustelniak

    I absolutely LOVE all the entries but my vote is for Marie Otake! Love this vintage heart!

  146. Susan

    I love Laura Cox's Vintage box. Beautiful work from everyone.

  147. Rona

    Beautiful creations. I like Marie Otake’s heart album the best !!!

  148. Jean Marmo

    All are gorgeous but I love Laura's!! 

  149. Patricia F.

    Beautiful projects from everyone! My favorite would be Laura Cox's projects! Loved the video!

  150. Mandie W

    WOW!!! Everyone made AMAZING creations for this challenge! I'm totally blown away! Since I have to vote for just one I will say I loved all of the details in Laura Cox's projects. Her video really showed all of the details so well! Good luck to you all!!!

  151. Kelly

    My vote is for Jasmine…it is beautiful!!!

  152. Kristy

    Cresta Woodruff
    They are all lovely though!

  153. Heather Procacci

    I vote for Laura Cox!!  Love the vintage box she created and all the different valentines to go inside it!  BEAUTIFUL!!

  154. Karenajo

    Cresta's card with the silhouette is my very favorite, however all the entries were super!

  155. Debbie Truyman

    They are all beautiful, but my vote goes to Laura Cox.

  156. Bethany Becker

    Everyone did an amazing job.  My vote is for Marie Otake.

  157. Debbie G

    My vote is for Laura Cox's lovely cards and tags….

  158. Kimberly

    wow… beautiful!!!!
    my vote is for Marie Otake

  159. Dyanna Arnstein

    I vote for Laura Cox. I loved the valentine box.

  160. B. Poteraj

    Debb's is really pretty. I'm not sure if it's a shoe holder for traveling, but it's very pretty.

  161. Natasha G.P.

    I really love the white purse made of ribbon. She made a masterpiece!

  162. Michelle Weddle

    My vote is for Marie Otake.  The little heart book is adorable.

  163. Elizabeth Campau

    Wow! Everything is just awesome. I especially love the Valentine Album by Marie Otake. What a beautiful Valentine gift!

  164. lori miller

    KimberlyRae Ford's dress form! So pretty! All of the entries were just amazing!

  165. Debbie Travers

    Although all are just beautiful my vote goes to Laura Cox.  That vintage valentine box, cards and tags are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  166. Micah G.

    Dana Tatar made a really nice purse and used a bunch of your gorgeous ribbons.  I hope that she wins.

  167. sharon gullikson

    Dana's purse has won my heart…

  168. H. Barkalow

    I love the Valentine box that has the cards and tags that Laura Cox made.  It was nice that there was also a video too describing the materials needed to make it.   

  169. Amanda Coleman

    I really liked Lenora Ortiz's bustier.  So pretty and different!

  170. Tammy V

    Oh my gosh, what a hard choice. My vote would be for Betty Pillsbury's Post Card 🙂

  171. Kim Bush

    My favorite project was made by Laura Cox.  The photo did not do this justice and I am so glad I took the time to view the video.  The box, cards, & tags were all so fab and you can see how much time and love that went into all of these, if you view the video.

  172. Vee

    Wow, so many wonderful entries. Laura Cox, your video put it over the edge for me. This is such an awesome and complete vintage Valentine ensemble. Fantastic job on those tags. Those are a treasure in and of themselves.

  173. Patty F

    Everyone did a beautiful job but I like Laura Cox's the best!  Very creative and really lovely!

  174. Cheryl C.

    All well done, but my favorite is by Laura Cox.  Beautiful altered box and Valentines to go with.   I would certainly love to receive that as a gift.

  175. Angela

    My vote is for Laura Cox. Wow – what creativity! Lots of wonderful ideas from all the ladies.

  176. Glenda Hart

    I love KimberlyRae Forde’s dress form. It’s fabulous!!!

  177. Deanna Mulder

    Wow they are all so beautiful. My vote is for Laura Cox

  178. Bev

    fabulous and beautiful creations.. but my vote is Laura Cox.. amazing and very vintage creations.

  179. Lynda Taylor

    All the projects are great, however in keeping with the Sentimental Journey theme, I would have to vote for Laura Cox's project.  The idea of a Valentine box takes me back to when as children we always made a box for the collection of our Valentines.  And of course we cannot forget a box of chocolates!  Love her use of the ribbons and laces on both the box and the cards and tags.  Great job!!!

  180. Joni Parker

    OH..these are all totally fabby!!!  I love Laura Cox's..!!

  181. Ruth Ann Lewyckyj

    Laura's designs are absolutely beautiful. 

  182. Heather - housesbuiltofcards

    Amazing projects – but I think my favorite is from Jasmine Ford!!! Simply beautiful!!!

  183. Kathy Roy

     Wow alot to choose from.. I liked best, was the box of Valentines from Laura Cox. Very pretty Vintage Valentines and I did notice the May Arts Ribbon..Thanks for a chance to win..Kathy.

  184. marie sierra

    wowwwww! i love each and every one! what a beautiful job each designer did on their very fave project: the bingo card!
    thank you

  185. Melissa Robins

    Some nice works, but I like the shadow box of Lynn Ochs!  Very unique and beautiful way to think outside the box with the ribbon!

  186. anne

    love them all, but Iike Holly Young's the best!  thanks to everyone for sharing!

  187. Rosemary D

    fantastic projects… my vote is for cindy holshouser!! love her sweet little valentine bag!

  188. Mary Jo Hendrickson

    So many pretty entries, but my vote is going to Lynn Ochs.  Love the use of the ribbon with the memory box.

  189. Christine Dring

    All of these projects are beautiful, but my favorite hands down is from Leanora Ortiz. Seriously, she made CLOTHING from ribbon!! How cool is that?!!!

  190. Rhonda Gibbs

    What die did you use to make that paper flower? I love it.

  191. Jessica Toulmin

    Wow there are some fantastic entries there. What a great challenge. My favourite (a hard choice to choose only one) is Laura Cox and her Vintage Valentines box with three cards and three tags.

  192. Rebecca W

    I love them all but the top by Lenora Ortiz is my favorite.

  193. Kristie Maynard

    These are some pretty amazing projects.  Just beautiful, but I have to say my favorite is Laura Cox with her altered box and set of cards, just gorgeous!

  194. Rhonda Gibbs

    Jasmine Ford's project is my fav but there are all gorgeous and creative, ladies I wish I had your talent.

  195. Ann Merkins

    Oh my goodness!!! Such talented ladies and gorgeous projects!!! It is so hard to choose a favorite!!!!! Maybe Holly Young's or Lenora Oritz's or……

  196. Kelly Sas

    I really like Leanora Ortiz top.  So nice to see someone sew and something completely different!  Beautiful Leanora!

  197. Miriam Prantner

    What a great variety of projects!  My fave was Debb's.

  198. Sandy Bayles

    I like Lisa Dawson's cards…Fit right in with the vintage look………They are all great and good luck to all.

  199. Anita A

    They all are amazing! My favorite is Emily's.

  200. Rania K.

    All of them are really terrific! Difficult to choose my favorites…but I think I like most Jasmine Ford  and Marie Otake! Thanks for the chance!!

  201. Rashell Choo

    Jasmine Ford <3

  202. Sar Tann

    I vote for Jasmine Ford. So many beautiful projects created by everyone but hers is my favorite. 🙂

  203. Jill McDonald

    I love Cresta Woodruff's card and project! Is that a sewing pattern background? How clever! The ribbons are so beautiful, they really make the projects! They are all fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to post these!

  204. Jeyatha

    good job.. thanks for sharing..

  205. NinaN

    Holy variety batman! I can't believe the range of projects! They are ALL so beautiful but my vote is for:
    Jasmine Ford!!!

  206. Linda Harris

    My favorite is Jasmine Fords card!!! I love it!!! They are all spectacular!!!

  207. Annette A.

    wow you were right…these are all amazing…love all this creativity..thanks for sharing..


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