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Ever wonder how The Ribbonistas organize all that ribbon?   I, for one, looking around my much less organized office would surely like to know!  (whew, happy this Ribbon Lady isn’t participating 😉 )  Well, now is your chance to find out!  This week, we are taking a peek in to The Ribbonista’s crafting areas to see how they store their ribbon!   Be sure to also check in this Wednesday and Friday for some more organizational inspiration!   And be sure to leave plenty of comments along the way.  Each comment enters you to win:

3 spools of May Arts Ribbon – your choice!

I will announce the winner right here on Friday April 19th!

Now, for today’s line up:

Ribbon Organization

Candy Rosenberg

Ribbon Organization
Charlene Driggs

Ribbon Organization

DeeDee Catron

Ribbon Organization
Emily Lanham

Ribbon Organization
Erika Taylor

  1. Larell

    LOVE the ideas; thanks

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  3. Carmen

    Great ideas everyone had!

  4. shuba suzan

    hello…nicw to see how organised…i wish i havw this tools here…mibe is like so messy…had some great tips…thanks

  5. Luanne

    wonderful storage ideas from the ladies

  6. TracyM #6773

    Great storage ideas – thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Tamiko McCurry

    Indeed all great tips for storing Ribbons.. I think I like the Wall O Ribbon the best.. then the drawer.. if you have space for drawers.. lol… then the hangers.. Can never have too much ribbon.. and thats one embellishment. that if you have enough of it.. you can make trims.. flowers.. borders.. and so much more.. 🙂   TFS all!!

  8. Regena

    Wonderful storage ideas.  Ribbon is my weakness so I have way more than I have storage space for.  Always looking for ways to better organize.  

  9. Chrissy

    Fabulous storage ideas!

  10. Kemi Forestieri

    Wonderful storage ideas. I so can't scrap without my ribbon.

  11. Nikki C

    Thanks for showing all the different ways to show your stash I always love new ideas to stay organized 🙂 hugs Nikki

  12. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

    How neat is this hop…. Loved today… These ladys are so very lucky having all that ribbon.  And they store it all so very well.  Awesome organization…  

  13. Patti T

    So many great ideas!

  14. Katherine L

    Great tips for storage.  Thanks!

  15. Natasha Poteraj

    What a great idea for a hop. We all need to be more organized.

  16. Miriam Prantner

    Fun hop!  Can't wait to see the rest!

  17. sharon gullikson

    I NEED ideas. THANK you!

  18. Toni Storie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the organizational inspiration!

  19. Claudia

    Loved the storage tips….ribbon is difficult to store!!!!

  20. Linda van Vliet

    Fabulous storage ideas along the blog-hop. The birdcage made me laugh and the wall of color had me gasping from excitment. Thank you all so much for sharing!

  21. ~Tammy~

    Oh wow! This is wonderful to share! I have a love for ribbon and I have a lot of it, and I am always looking for storage ideas! Thanks for the fun hop! 

  22. Mary Lou H

    Great tips for storing ribbon.   I started using dowl rods and putting them on the rods.  I wish I had a place that I could hang the rods but I dont – so I tape the ends so the ribbon doesn't come off and stand them up in an out-of-the-way place.

  23. Sue McRae

    Love that everyone has a different way of storing their ribbon!

  24. sandeeNC

    I wish I had the space or the fancy craft rooms in which to store my ribbon like these ladies do…it's fun to dream and wish though!

  25. Virginia Fynes

    Great ideas ladies!

  26. Teresa Igo

    Great ideas! I need to do something different with my ribbon stash.

  27. Laurie

    This is fun and just what I need! Looking forward to the rest.

  28. Christina

    OMG I can't wait to see this!!!

  29. Buffy Esser

    I am always looking for a new way to store my stash,since I have such a small space some of the options shown might not work right now…but all of the was shown have been awesome.I love emily's thrift store find…I can't wait to see how the others store thier ribbons!

  30. Jean Bullock

    Just finished day 1.  Lots of great ideas on the blogs. Thanks!

  31. Jennifer Scull

    can't wait to hop along! 🙂

  32. Deb Prewitt

    Lots of great ideas.

  33. Sue D

    Great ideas for storage on the blog hop.  Erika's isn't up yet.

  34. Barb Wagar

    Great storage Ideas!  I visited everyone today but there isn't a post for today over at Erika Taylor's yet.  So I didn't know where to leave a comment.  I'll be checking back in a few hours to see if it's been updated!


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