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A Keepsake Corsage


Making your guest of honor feel extraordinary on her special day usually involves a corsage. Unfortunately, corsages made from real flowers are usually pricey and last only a day or two. I’m going to show you today that you can create a beautiful, modern corsage that can become a keepsake for a long while with products from Core’dinations and May Arts, a perfect match!

Let’s get started. Core’dinations has a really lovely, textured deep red cardstock in their Retro Mod Squad 12×12 paper pad that reminded me of the color of a fresh, red rose. I found an easy tutorial online (found here at for a paper rose and set out constructing it.

I printed the pdf from the tutorial onto plain typing paper, cut out all the elements except the leaves, traced the pieces onto the Core’dinations card stock (texture side up) and trimmed those pieces. A bamboo skewer and hot glue gun helped the process. Since Core’dinations card stock is sturdy, yet flexible, I had no problems with construction or tearing of paper.

To dress up the rose and turn it from a regular paper rose into a corsage, I added a textured variety of May Arts ribbon: there are so many different kinds of ribbons available that you can really go in any direction that you want! I first looped about eight inches of the ever trendy chevron 5/8” wide Twill Stripes in Black (382-34-10) onto itself and glued it to the back of the paper rose. Next, I added a shorter length of the 3/8” black grosgrain (SX03), also looping and gluing. Finally, a ~5” long piece of 5/8” black lace (361-58-08) was glued.

To cover the glue, I cut a circle of black felt and glued that over the back center of the rose and ribbon. I attached a safety pin to the top half of the felt so it functions as a corsage.

The final corsage is pretty and lightweight. The rose looks so real and the ribbon adds just the right amount of fun and trendy to the piece.

I also made a card to go along with the corsage; using the same May Arts twill ribbon and lace as in the corsage for a cohesive look. I absolutely love the texture that ribbon adds to a card. An image of a rose was stamped onto the red Core’dinations card stock twice, and fussy cut. I sanded some of the pieces to give it fresh highlights, adding a touch of realism.

Try out different colors of card stock and trims depending on why you are making the corsage for your guest of honor- you could do a yellow rose and pink and blue ribbons for a baby shower, or match the rose to the bridesmaids’ dresses and use white ribbons for a bridal shower! So many options! I hope you will be inspired to make a paper corsage, and I’d love to see how they end up!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

Hop on over to Core’dinations for more inspiration!

There are two chances to win: right here on the blog & on Facebook!



  1. Jenny M

    Wow so beautiful Karen love the deep red colour mixed with the black and white :0)

  2. jen shears

    So genius! I love the idea of a corsage that lasts more than a day too!!!

  3. Janice

    So, so beautiful! 

  4. Vera W. Yates

    Wow, Karen,  this is gorgeous! Love your card and the corsage is beautiful!! 

  5. Amanda Coleman

    Wow!  The corsage is so pretty!  The color you chose is just perfect! 

  6. barb murphy

    Karen, you are a genius. Your tutorials are so clear and concise…and the finished product is gorgeous. These papers and ribbons are so lush!!! Stunning!

  7. Janet K

    SO lovely….would like to see more…thanks for the chance to win!!

  8. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Wonderful idea — think I will make one for the retirement party I am going to.

  9. ava

    great tute' on this corsage.  Love the striking look of the project with the ribbon

  10. AliceW.

    beatufiul corsage! fabulous project, Karen! thanks for sharing!

  11. Kristie Maynard

    Beautiful!  Love the corsage and the card.  Very pretty indeed!

  12. LucyA

    Thanks for the great idea!

  13. rush

    this rose looks really nice.  thank you for sharing.

  14. Holly Elliott

    Wow! I love the corsage its beautiful and the card matches perfectly!

  15. Cynthia B.

    Wow, what an amazing flower! Hard to believe that this is paper – so gorgeous!

  16. Sue D

    Gorgeous corsage and matching card!

  17. Smokie

    That is truly one of the greatest things I've ever seen!  It's beautiful and gorgeous. The ribbons give it make you want to touch the card even more, like you can actually puck the flower from it.  You both work so well together. Thank you for this week!

  18. Emily h

    Wow! This is amazing! Core really is awesome. May arts is too of course!

  19. Trudi Wilbur

    What a gorgeous corsage!  I think if I would have been getting married now instead of 7 years ago when I wasn't quite as much into the paper crafting I would consider paper flower bouquets just to be different.

  20. Jaq

    classic and awesome truely looks real, great job.

  21. Linda R

    Beautiful rose!  Love the deep, rich color.

  22. Becky D

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this flower – what a great idea! I think I will do this for my daughter and niece and their friend for graduation – we are having one big celebration party for them 🙂

  23. Bethany Becker

    This is beautiful!

  24. Annette Allen

    WOW this is amazing and so beatufiul…totally love it…

  25. DebbieC.

    Beautiful card and matching corsage. This maybe just what I need for a colleague who is retiring.  thanks for sharing

  26. Charlene

    Wow…that rose is gorgous, Karen!  Love the coordinating card, too.  Red/black/ white is so striking!

  27. Natasha Poteraj

    Ohh, very classy. I like the black, white, and red. The red really stands out. What a pretty card and coursage.

  28. Dorina D

    What a gorgeous flower and creative use of the paper and ribbons!  How fun and it looks so real.  Loved your tutorial.

  29. Sharon Gullikson

    The flower looks like it was made from fabric. I LOVE their paper!

  30. Sue McRae

    Wow, that is one gorgeous flower!

  31. Lisa P

    Absolutely gorgeous flower!

  32. Angie Hall

    What a grand idea. Artificial flowers are so trendy these days. The paper is perfect and the ribbons finish the look beautifully. Thanks

  33. Dee

    Absolutely beautifull!! What a great idea to make a corsage like that, so cute!

  34. erin

    Wow, this is fabulous!  Love these colors and now you've got me thinking I could have a garden that never wilts…

  35. Miriam Prantner

    Love how graphic this card is!  That chevron twill is my favorite!!!  Great job with the piecing and that corsage is amazing!

  36. Elizabeth Parham

    This is so perfect and light and I can see these on skewers in a bunch. Thanks so much for sharing this !

  37. Caro

    really beautiful!


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