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A Happy Accident Challenge Entries & A Giveaway!


All of the entries from our Happy Accident Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some Accident Ribbon of your own!


First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:


All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

…and remember one of the goals was for each ribbon to be used in the project!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**


Now for the entries:

**Please note these are simply being posted in the order in which they were received.**


Chris Dring


Kimberly Halowell

Annette Allen

Marie Otake


Corinne McAuley


Sue Wisniewski


Marilyn Marquard


Jessica Preaseau


Kara Craig


Sandy Allnock



Melinda Wilson

Maria Soto


Darlene Gabriel


Samantha Taylor


DeeDee Catron


Lynn Ochs

Joy Hager

Shannon Magee


Denise Bryant

Emily Lanham

Jennifer Hadder


Jason Miller


Tammy Gilley


Whew!  That is a whole lot of insipration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on October 21st! 

Now start posting your favorites!    πŸ˜‰


-The Ribbon Lady!

  1. Sharon P

    I love Sandy Allnock’s cards.

  2. Debbi McKelvy

    I want to vote for Sandy Allnock. ALL of the cards are wonderful!

  3. Kathy T

    I like Sandy Allnock’s snowman card.

  4. Abby

    I like Sandy Allnock’s snowman card the best!

  5. Joan

    I love Jennifer’s layout. I watched her design it and chose the papers to complement the ribbons, and the picture of her and her 2 youngest daughters all in pigtails. I also love the birdhouse so much…wonderful use of the ribbons.

  6. Tini

    WOw … so many nice works! But the best is the bird house; i love it!!! Great idea!

  7. Katie

    Casting a vote for Sandy A. Love the bright pink ribbon flower.
    This challenge tells me I need more ribbon!

  8. Nancy F.

    They’re all really nice, but I have to pick Sandy Allnock. I love her cards!

  9. Linda Grady

    Hard to vote for just one; so many gorgeous projects. Think I have to go with Marie. Love the sewing project and the booklet, too. Great work everyone that entered.

  10. Dawn V

    I will keep coming back to Darlene Gabriel’s flower card as inspiration, with all the different ways she used the ribbon. But my FAVORITE is Jennifer Hadder’s “Braids of a feather” layout with the perfectly adorable picture on her beautifully designed page. πŸ™‚

  11. Cheryl

    I love the Sandy Allnock card, the darling snowman and ribbons won my heart.

  12. Caroline D.

    Wow… they are all fantabulous projects!! My top pick is Darlene Gabriel’s card with flowers all made from ribbon…. perfect for a ribbon contest!

  13. Jean Sundquist

    Sandy Allnock!! Love, love, love her cards!

  14. Kim H

    All are wonderful, but a lot didnt use all the ribbons on one project. I would have to say Corinne’s Birdhouse is my favorite. Beautifully done, and used all the ribbons.

  15. virginia ogg

    I chose Lynn Ochs. I especially like Remember when. They all were nice, hard to choose.

  16. Pam Tetreault

    My favorite is Sandy Allnock’s “Love Much” card with the horses… so pretty. That video is awesome too by the way.

  17. Holly Iossa

    Sandy Allnock wow a video. They are all so nice. But if I had to pick only one it would be Sandy Allnock.

  18. Reta

    So many beautiful projects, but I love Sandy Allnock’s video and her gorgeous butterfly card.

  19. BobbisTreasure

    I like how Sandy used similar layouts, but came up with a completely different look for each card and ribbon.

  20. Beth

    Love Sandy’s cards and the video. It really helps to see it demonstrated. I like the other projects but Sandy’s are the best!

  21. Leigh

    Sandy Allnock; the video is great.

  22. Raeanna Smith

    Sandy Allnock’s cards are just darling! Love Love love the video!

  23. Maggie J

    Everyone did a great job with each project and with such variety of projects. I am a card person yet I enjoyed the other items as well.

    I am voting for Sandy Allnock.

    I love her cards. I am a softie for a good video becasue I learn so many techniques.

  24. Jan Hunnicutt

    I cast my vote for Sandy Allnock, love her cards!

  25. Helen

    I really like Sandy Allnock’s Snowman card!!

  26. Rufus

    I like Sandy’s cards and the video was a great idea!

  27. paula

    Sandy Allnock gets my vote….Her coloring and her use of the ribbon was awesome!!! All of these entries are to be commended…they are all wonderful!

  28. Dixie

    Sandy Allnock!!!!

  29. Carol S

    I love all of the projects but Sandy Allnock’s snowman card is my favorite.

  30. Ann C

    I vote for Sandy Allnock’s cards. I love the butterfly card.

  31. sherry

    I love Sandy Allnock’s snowman card. So cute as well as all of her cards.

  32. Glenda

    Sandy Allnock’s Snowman is my favorite. Her coloring is awesome, and her use of the wonderful ribbons in all her cards is beautifully done.

  33. Kathryn

    My vote goes to Sandy Allnock for that great video!

  34. Barb Housner

    I vote for SANDY ALLNOCK – I know her cards will bring smiles to so many faces through Operation Write HOme.

    Barb HOusner

  35. Lee Mae

    I vote for Sandy Allnock – her cards are awesome, especially her snowman and horse cards!

  36. Sandy

    I love for Annette Allen, great card

  37. Frances Tawson

    Love all of Sandy’s cards and the video was a super idea! I do love her Butterfly the best.,tho!

  38. Lori Welter

    I vote for SANDY ALLNOCK – she’s awesome!

  39. Linda L

    Sandy Allnock’s card!

  40. Margaret Gilmer

    Great cards. My vote goes to Sandy Allnock. Loved her video.

  41. LynnR

    I am voting for Sandy Allnock, her cards are all varied and inspiring! I love the snowman and the butterfly cards the most!

  42. Kathy V.

    Great inspiration all around, but Sandy Allnock’s Santa is fabulous and beautifully executed.

  43. Kathy V.

    Wonderful inspiration all around, but Sandy Allnock’s Santa is amazing! Beautifully executed.

  44. Khushboo

    I vote for Annette Allen.. I love the way she colors her images… πŸ™‚

  45. Annette A.

    Everyone did such a great job.. Thanks for letting me be a part of this fun challenge…

  46. Dotti Harris

    Love the cards by Sandy Allnock – especially the way she matches the colors of the ribbons to the cards!

  47. Bunnyfreak

    So hard to pick. They are all wonderful. My favorite will have to be the mini album by Emily Lanham

  48. BevE

    I vote for Sandy Allnock. That butterfly card is just beautiful & love how she matched her colors to the ribbon. All the projects are good but hers are the best.

  49. Ronni Unger

    I vote for Sandy Allnock- each of her cards is a new and exciting experience. Her graphic balane is right on! I enjoyed her video – right to the point.

  50. Katlyn

    I vote for Sandy Allnock’s cards! If I had to choose a favorite, I think I would choose her horse card! Love it!! πŸ™‚

  51. Cherie

    I love Sandy’s cards and how she colored her images to match the ribbon!

  52. Kelly

    I’m voting for Sandy Allnock’s cards, especially the one with the yoyo on it!

  53. Charlotte H.

    Sandy Allnock gets my vote. I love her snowman card and the video is a true inspiration.

  54. Sheila

    I’m loving me some Sandy Allnock!! Her work is great!!

  55. Tammy V

    All these projects are wonderful! What a hard decision to make! I would have to say Corinne McAuley’ bird house.

  56. Cheryl (Shestamps)

    I love them all but Annette Allen’s is my fav. It was so hard to pick!

  57. Paulette

    i love them all, but the Christmas pop up box is perfect for the holiday season!

  58. Jennifer H.

    First, I like Kara’s card. I love the movement of the butterflies up the card. Second, I like Darlene’s card. I love all those little flowers and that little picket fence is adorable!

  59. Brandon

    My vote is for Emily Lanham, she does awesome work!

  60. Joy Hager

    So hard to just pick one I am going with Annette Allen’s card, love the butterfly on the hat πŸ™‚

  61. PCStamper

    Really hard to vote, as they are all inspiring and wonderful. I especially liked Sandy Allnock’s projects and Sue Wisniewski’s message box.

  62. Jared

    I vote for Marie’s Christmas Box!

  63. Kathy P

    So difficult to choose, because there are so many amazing entries, but I kept going back to Corinne’s birdhouse! Just too cute! And i never pick anything except cards or pages, so this is a first for me! Wonderful entries, everyone!

  64. erin

    What fabulous projects, I love Denise’s card b/c I’ve got a great baby dresser in my craft room that houses all my dies, embossing folders and some of my card stock, so her project speaks to me!

  65. Janet L.

    Gads! They’re all so great. I love the Just Saying Hello card!

  66. mamichelle

    Hard choice but I’ll go with Emily Lanham’s mini book! The projects are beautiful and I’m drooling over that pink lace!!

  67. maria soto

    so I had to take another look and try to pick one favorite – I really like all of them but I would have to vote for Shannon – loved the way she used the ribbons – all the designs and colors just blend perfectly – great job Shannon and everyone else.

  68. Dennis

    I vote for my wife’s card, Annette Allen

  69. Juanita H.

    I am voting for Annette Allen’s card, she did a great job using all the ribbons

  70. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I would say Darlene Elliot with all those beautiful ribbon flowers and stitching.

  71. betty

    All are fantastic! Hard to choose one but Annette Allen is my first pick for No. 1.

  72. anne

    I like Corinne McAuley’s birdhouse the best. πŸ™‚

    But they are all fab!


  73. Archana

    I loved all the projects but if i have to choose only one then its Tammy GilleyΒ΄s project.I loved all the flowers and the way she added butterfly.

  74. Dawn Carson

    So many beautiful choices! My vote is for Sandy Allnook’s cards….they are beautiful!

  75. Becky D

    Wow! So many fabulous projects! Hard to choose just one. I have kept scrolling thru and it is hard! I think Annette Allen did a fabulous job using all the ribbons on one adorable card. And I also love Melinda Wilson’s layout! Thanks for sharing all these fun projects!

  76. Rebecca Ednie

    I lOve Sandy’s snowman card the best. The needle book is cute too.

  77. Liz hagag

    everything is just beautiful my vote os for Emily Lanham’s album. i love her work!!!!

  78. Emily Lanham

    Wow! Everyone did such a great job! I had a lot of fun with this challenge! It’s also great to see all of the variety of projects that everyone came up with by using these 4 little ribbons! I’m so inspired by them all! Great job everyone! πŸ™‚

  79. Elsa

    HI…oh my they are all wonderful project but the one which stood out ot me is the one designed by Emily Lanham…wow! Love the colors in that mini…GREAT JOB!!

  80. indy

    So much amazing cards! I in love with Sandy’s little snowman card!.

  81. Gloria Westerman

    I love Darlene Elliot card…’s so cute and adorable…my second favorite is DeeDee Catron…but all of them are so sweet….love this ribbon collection…..

  82. Vicky Schmidt

    Wow what great projects. All were very good.
    But I have to pick Marie Otake’s box with the christmas tree as my favorite.

  83. Sharon S.

    All the participants did an outstanding job but my favorite is Tammy Gilley’s. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  84. Cheryl Arnold

    All of these are absolutely amazing; great job to all the crafters out there that were in this challenge. If I have to pick one then I pick Annette Allen, I love the way she has the flowers going up her card and love the girl image as well.

  85. Jeanette

    I am voting for annette allen

  86. NanaConnie

    Really tough decision because all the projects are great, but Sandy Allnock gets my vote for her cards, especially the one with the butterfly as the focus image! WOWSER!

  87. Jennifer

    Darlene Elliot is definitely my favorite!! Those flowers…! Wow!!

  88. Theresa in Kitimat

    Every last one of these projects is amazing. If I have to pick one, it would be the needle holder.
    Great job, ladies.

  89. Denise Coulter

    Wow, so many fabulous ideas to use ribbon!!! It was though to pick but my favorite was Darlene’s flowers she made with the ribbon. They are so beautiful!

  90. Mary P

    AMAZING!!! the box with the tree,the many creative uses of Your beauiful ribbon.Love them all.

  91. Barbara A.

    All you entries done a BEAUTIFUL job!!!! To pick one…I would have to say Darlene Elliot! I really love the way she use the ribbons and made flowers out of them!

  92. Carol E Brooker

    Wow! There are so many to choose from it’s hard because everyone did a beautiful job, I love the Christmas tree in the box the color is great and well it’s my favorite, but I really liked them all. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  93. alice hancock

    Emily Lanham’s creation is my favorite.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!!! They are all beautiful and make me want to start working with more ribbon!

  94. Vicki Wilson

    All the projects are gorgeous. My very favorite is Emily Lanham’s mini album. It’s just stunning.

  95. Marcia Scantlin

    Lynn Ochs – so beautiful

  96. SuZeQ

    Hands Down. My fave is Chris Dring’s beautiful creation.

  97. Leanne S

    All made such fabulous projects with the beautiful ribbons.Lynn Ochs cards box was most appealing to me.

  98. Sue D

    Lots of great projects! My favorite is Darlene Elliot’s card–I like all the flowers and butterflies.

  99. sue wisniewski

    I agree everyone did a great job with happy accident challenge!
    stamping sue

  100. Lucy

    Mary Otake! Absolutely goregous although I have to say there were alot of great projects πŸ™‚

  101. F LYNN RUSH

    i like Darlene Elliot’s project. look at all of those flowers!

  102. Pam

    Love them all, but if I have to choose…my fave is Melinda Wilson’s layout. Stunning!

  103. KimberlyRae

    Oh Wow!! Love all the entries but
    the ONE that stood out to me and
    Used ALL the Gorgeous Ribbons
    D a r l e n e Elliot’s Flower Card!!
    E X C E L L E N T Work here!!
    Hugssss and Blessings,

  104. Debbie Painter

    They All did an Amazing job!! I like Lynn Ochs
    project the best!!!

  105. Kelley

    I kept going top to bottom and back up again trying to decide which ONE I liked the best. They are all great projects. I’m going with Tammy Gilley’s needlekeep. She did a wonderful job with the ribbon.

  106. alexandra sirugue-mac leod

    Love Annette’s card <3

  107. Donna Magee

    Liked how Darlene Elliot made her flowers … nice job Darlene …

  108. Jocelyn

    There are some fabulous projects!! Wow! My favorites are Annette Allen’s, Corrine McAuley’s, and Tammy Gilley’s…that was hard to choose!

  109. Virginia L.

    I am voting for Anette Allen’s card!! The use of ribbons are darling with the image!

  110. Jen

    Love Annettes card!!! Super cute!

  111. Larissa Heskett

    I REALLY LIKE all of the INSPIRATION!! =D You are all very TALENTED and it is hard to pick but I REALLY like the mini book by Tammy Gilley. The video by Sandy Allnock and the cards that she shared!! Also the mini book by Emily Lanham I LOVE the way she added the lace to the end of the pages!! THANKS for sharing LADIES and WAY to use the AWESOME MAY ARTS RIBBONS in such BEAUTIFUL WAYS!! =D

  112. hussena

    i loved Annette’ allen’s card the way she has used the ribbon is just fantastic,the whole card looks so beautiful to me!!

  113. alison

    wow.. how fun! what amazing creations.. I would vote for Annette Allens card! πŸ™‚ hugs

  114. Kelly Overcast

    There are so many great entrie. My favorite is Tammy Gilley’s needle book…so adorable!

  115. Shirl

    I’m casting my vote for ANNETTE!
    Love the card she made with that image…
    GO ANNETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Shril

    Hi there I’m casting my vote for Annette.
    I love the image she did on her card and it is super super cute…..
    Go Annette!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. natasha g.p.

    I vote for Tammy Gilley. I love her little book. SO CUTE.

  118. B. Poteraj

    I love Tammy Gilley’s project. It is professional looking, yet handmade looking at the same time.

  119. Sharon Gullikson

    Tami Gilley’s needle holder is my favorite by far.

  120. Nicole

    The birdhouse is definitely my favorite!

  121. mallika

    emilys work is breathhtaking !

  122. DeeDee Catron

    oh wow. such amazing work — it never occurred to me to show the lights OFF.. haha.

    I’m voting Jason Miller!!!

  123. vanessa b

    oh wow! look at all those wonderful cards and projects! beautiful! i’m voting for Annette Allen. I love the bunched colorful flowers intwined with the lacey ribbon trim and adorable image. πŸ™‚

  124. Sweet

    I love Annette’s card. Super adorable!!!

  125. terriavidreader

    I love Annette Allen’s – maybe because I love that image she used too! these are all very lovely projects – it’s hard to choose really!

  126. Barb

    I vote for Annette Allen πŸ™‚

  127. Kelly Sas

    I personally enjoy cards so I pick Samantha Taylor’s card. Then I am lovin Tammy Gilley project.

  128. Donna

    I have to say I think I like Shannon Maggee’s Brag Book first and then the Birdhouse, by Corinne McAuley. But I want to add it was a very hard call, all the projects and cards Were all wonderful, so much talent, my hats off to all you superbly creative people!!!

    Thanks for sharing your works of creation!!


  129. Kate P

    Oh my how can one choose! I love many of them but I think Tammy Gilley did an especially fab job! Well done to everyone who participated x

  130. Kelly

    The birdhouse is my first choice. What a cute way to integrate all the ribbons into one theme that will surely please the occupants of the house as well as onlookers!

  131. Nancy Peterson

    I love, love, love all of these projects! What talented people! Great ideas! The baby brag book and christmas pop box were two of my favorites!

  132. Anita A

    I love them all. My favorite is Darlene Elliot. What a great group of ribbon.

  133. Kristie Maynard

    What a lot of great inspiration! Fabulous project, one and all. I have a hard time choosing just one and I sure want to “vote” for a lot of them. But I’d have to say my favorite is the layout done by Malinda Wilson! I am so going to have to scraplift this layout! Just love everything about it. I think the ribbons are used beautifully and blend well with the layout and don’t over power it. LOVE it!

  134. Kelley Eubanks

    I vote for Annette Allen! πŸ™‚

  135. Ann Merkins

    Wow! What a great bunch of projects! You are right , that is a whole lot of inspiration! I think that the gift box with the Christmas tree in is my fave though.

  136. Samantha T

    Okay, it’s probably weird voting for someone else, but Tammy Gilley’s project is amazing! Love it!

  137. Holly Tolman

    Wow, these are all great! I like the pop open box with the tree inside, and the lights in the jars and the sewing book and all those cards, it’s just great!

  138. maria soto

    WOW – to choose one – honestly I can’t – I loved every single project – all show very creative ways to use these beautiful ribbons – congrats to everyone who took part on this challenge! great job everyone


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