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A Disney Birthday Giveaway – Winner!

My little dude turns 7 today.  *sigh*   They grow way too fast, don’t they?  Well, for months I have been promising to take him to Disney World for his birthday.  And we are doing just that!  But, fear not, I have lots of fun & inspiration planned for you while I’m gone!  Including this giveaway.  🙂

I will give you two ways to win:

  • Post a comment wishing my little dude a happy birthday!  And enter to win:

DCWV‘s Creamy Cardstock Stack


2 spools of May Arts Ribbon, your choice!


For a second chance to win:

  • For each day we will be gone (Sunday – Wednesday), I will post a picture from Disney World on our Facebook Page.   Post a comment under that picture.  Each day, we will select one winner to receive 1 spool of ribbon. 


The Facebook picture winners will be announced on Facebook only, but the blog portion of the giveaway will be posted here on Thursday, May 10th!


Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Happy Birthday!   Enjoy the magic – (Disney Fireworks)

Wendi, we loved the fireworks link on this one!  🙂  Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**


  1. Karen W

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time at the happiest place in the world!

  2. Cathy Derouche

    Happy birthday liuttle dude:)

  3. Stacey

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope all his birthday wishes come true and that he has a fantastic trip! thanks so much for the chance!

  4. karenladd

    Oh, what a wonderful birthday trip your little guy is having!! Happy happy birthday to you!

  5. Lynda

    Happy birthday to your son!  I'm sure it was a fantastic trip – it was when I took my children!

  6. Gloria Westerman

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!!!! Have fun at Disney…..I know you will…..I myself love….love….Disney World…..

  7. Sharon Roselli

    Happy Birthday! what a special treat to go to Disney. have a blast.

  8. Marcia Scantlin

    Happy birthday, little dude.  Have an extreme special fun time at Disney.

  9. Carol Ann

    A very special Happy Hppy birthday to you.

  10. alice hancock

    Happy birthday Litle Dude!!

  11. Savannah O'Gwynn

    What a great place to celebrate a birthday! I hope you have a magical birthday:) Celerbate YOU! Psalm 118:24
    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  12. NWFlamingo

    Have a super, dooper birthday!  What a fun place to celebrate!

  13. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Happy Birthday and hope he has fun at the Happiest place in the world.

  14. Kimberly Russell

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!! Can't wait to take my girls to Disney World!

  15. Adrienne

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!  Be sure to find the Crush talks attraction so that the Finding Nemo Crush can wish you the happiest of birthdays at the happiest place on earth!  Birthday Blessings!

  16. Laura Cox

    Awww….hope your little dude has a happy HAPPY birthday!!  Enjoy Disney!!

  17. luanne

    Happy Birthday to your Lil' Dude. May he and your family enjoy your trip to the Disney Land. Enjoy!

  18. Melinda Wilson

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday little dude!!! What an awesome birthday present! Have fun on your awesome trip!

  19. Amy

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!!

  20. Jenny Jean aka Wifey Cookie

    Happy birthday to your little guy! Enjoy Disney! 🙂

  21. Kristie Maynard

    Happy 7th Birthday little Dude!  We spent my daughters 15th birthday there and had a wonderful time and then I went back to celebrate my 50th birthday along with my sisters in law who also were turning 50!  Great place for birthday celebrations. Have a wonderful time!

  22. Rebecca Ednie

    Have an awesome time at Disney little dude!

  23. Goat Girl

    Happy Birthday Lil Dude! Have a wonderful time at Disney World!

  24. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday, little dude!!  Going to Disney for your birthday is the BEST!!  We took my little girl when she turned five and she's still talking about it!  Make sure your mom takes you on the Toy Story Mania ride — it ROCKS!  I know you will have a favorite everything when you get there and you'll have a blast!  Tell Mickey hi for me!

  25. Kelly

    Happy, Happy Birthday!  May all your dreams come true!  Hope your Mom takes lots of pictures of you with Mickey Mouse and all the Disney characters you love.  Have the most fun birthday ever!

  26. Kelly Massman

    Happy Birthday little dude!

  27. Carol Ann

    A great big disney Happy Birthday, you lucky boy.  

  28. Char Dobson

    Happy birthday little man! What a better way to celebrate than with a trip to Disney! Hope you have a great time! (and thanks for the chance to win)
    craftychick99 at yahoo dot com

  29. Ruza Rebel

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!  Hope "All your wishes come true!" as you celebrate in the world of Disney!

  30. Cheryl Winget

    Seven is a magical age because seven is a very lucky number!  Enjoy your Disney adventure and every day of this magical year.

  31. Amanda Coleman

    Happy birthday little man!  Have fun at Disney!

  32. Sue McRae

    Happy happy birthday, hope you have lots of fun at Disney!

  33. Kathy P

    A BIG Happy 7th Birthday to the Little Dude!!!  Your are SOOOO going to LOVE Disney World….my fave place to visit!

  34. Marie / Legojenta

    Happy, happy, happy birthday! I hope you will have fun at Disney World =)

  35. Sue D

    Happy Birthday Little Dude and have an amazing trip to Disney!

  36. Barbara Johnson

    Happy happy birthday!!! Disney is waiting for you!!! Wooohoooo!!!

  37. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!  Have an awesome time at Disney!!

  38. Cynthia

    What an AWEsome birthday present! Happy happy birthday, little man. You're the perfect age for Disney, and you're going to have a BLAST!

  39. Yvonne Williams

    Great age to have a Birthday at Disney World. Happy Birthday Dude.  LOL  Have a great time.

  40. Lucy

    Happy 7th Birthday! Have a great time at Disney 🙂

  41. SuZeQ

    Happy Birthday, big dude!  Have fun celebrating with Mickey.

  42. Rebecca King

    Happy  7th  Birthday!!!!  Have lots of fun at Disney.  Thanks for chance to win.

  43. Kathy S

    what a great Birthday to have it at Disney World Happy 7th Birthday and really enjoy yourself. may the days your away be filled with love laughter and many happy times 

  44. Denise Coulter

    happy Birthday little dude !  Hope you had a magical birthday with your family 🙂

  45. Jenn Guymon

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!!!! Have fun at Disney World!!

  46. saxonr

    Happy Birthday!!!  Have an amazing time at Disney!!! You will have a blast!!!

  47. rush

    happy 7th birthday, little dude!  have a blast with the disney folks!

  48. Denise Bryant

    Happy 7th birthday to the little dude! Disney is a favorite destination of mine too, although I have only been to the California park. It IS the happiest place on earth! Some day I'd love to visit Disney World too. I'll look forward to seeing your pics posted on FB!

  49. Angela A

    Happy 7th birthday! I hope you make lots of fun memories! Enjoy Disney!

  50. wendi

    Happy Birthday!   Enjoy the magic — (Disney Fireworks)

  51. B. Poteraj

    Oh you lucky boy. You have a mom who adores you, and you get to spend your 7th birthday at Disney!!!!! Happy birthday.

  52. Sharon Gullikson

    7 years old? Happy birthday young man. I hope that you have an amazing time at Disney World!!!

  53. Emily h

    Aw! Sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday little dude!  I hope it is a great one!

  54. Dorina D

    Happy Birthday, Little Dude.  Can't thik of a better place to celebrate than at Disneyland. Have fun and a great birthday party at Disney.

  55. R. Huffman

    Have a wonderful seventh birthday, Little Dude! Hope Disney World is all you imagined it to be.

  56. Bethany Becker

    Happy Birthday!  Enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

  57. Lynn

    7 candles on a cake,
    the Little Dude will blow,
    A birthday gift extraordinaire
    To Disney World you go!
    Happy Birthday!!

  58. Ashley N Newell

    Happy birthday, Little Dude!  Enjoy Disney World!!  

  59. Lisa S

    Happy, happy birthday Little Dude! What a magical place to spend it…enjoy!

  60. Katherine L

    Oh, Happy Birthday Dude!!!!  I hope you have a blast in Disney World.  What a fun birthday present!!  Make sure you tell everyonet there, you are there for your birthday.

  61. Jeyatha

    Happy b'day Dude… Disney is a wonderful place and you are gonna have lots of fun.. Enjoy your birthday little kid.. 🙂

  62. Teresa Godines #6857

    Happy Birthday, Little Dude.  Have a wonderful time with my friend Mickey. 

  63. Susan

    Congratulations on turning 7 today and a very Happy Birthday!  Have a wonderful time at Disney.  Ride all those fun rides and say "hi" to Mickey for me!

  64. Niki M

    Happy Happy Birthday!  Hope you all have a wonderful time @ WDW! Ride the people mover for me! Its the best ride to sit down after all of the walking!!

  65. April W

    Oh how fun!!  Happy Birthday to your little man!

  66. Janet Lebeau

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!!!! Have fun at Disney!!!!

  67. Carmen

    Happy birthday Little Dude! I'm sure you'll have a great time at Disney!

  68. Lisa L.

    yay!!!!  Wishing your son a happy happy birthday in the most magical place in the world!!! Have fun!!!

  69. Penny H.

    Happy Birthday, buddy! Have fun at Disney!

  70. Carrie Scaduto

    Happy 7th Birthday to your Little Dude!!!  Awesome that it is in Disney!   Have a great time and thanks for a great opportunity!

  71. Marie

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!!! Have fun with Mickey and friends!!!

  72. Miriam Prantner

    Happy Birthday little dude! Have a great, great time at Disney!

  73. Pat Baker

    A very happy DISNEY birthday to your little guy!  How exciting!

  74. jackie 4124

    Happy Birthday.  Enjoy the "Happiest Place on Earth" (going in a couple weeks myself)

  75. Robin Hanning

    Happy Birthday buddy! Wow, you will have a blast at Disney. I took my daughter when she was 8. Get lots of rest now because you will need all your energy!

  76. Wendy Crowe

    WOW!  Happy Birthday!  What a lucky little guy!  Have a wonderful time!  Looking forward to seeing pictures! 

  77. Stacy H.

    Happy Birthday little dude!  My own little dude just turned 6 yesterday!  You are one lucky duck to get to go to Disney!  We can't wait to go back!  Have a great day!

  78. Holly Elliott

    Happy 7th Birthday! Have an excellent time in Disney World ( lucky guy)!!

  79. Rachel J

    Have a happy happy birthday Little Dude!!  My big boy turns 7 in 3 weeks time and he'd love to go to Disney too!   All the best boys were born in May 2005!!  Enjoy you trip, and your birthday!

  80. Amy Jones

    Happy Birthday Little Dude!!!!  Have a blast with Donald, Goofy, Mickey and all the rest..  I know you will have a blast.  

  81. {vicki}

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Little Dude!
    Happy Brithday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Linda R.

    Happy Birthday Little dude!  Ride Space Mountain once for me, OK?  I know your birthday will be wonderful!

  83. Flo

    Happy Birthday little dude. Give Mickey a big hug for me.

  84. Charlene

    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  LITTLE DUDE!  Have tons of fun at Disney World…and eat tons of cake and ice cream too!

  85. Angie Hall

    Have a great time at Disney. Seven is a good age to go.Thanks for the giveaway. Will we have a winner of the Ribbon carousel soon? Thanks

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Just posted the RC winner, Angie! 🙂



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