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Meet the Student Designer Behind Our Nautical Satin Cutouts

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For Fall/Winter 2014 May Arts Ribbon released a nautical line designed by student Helga Gardner. The design was submitted from our partnership with the Moore College of Art & Design. May Arts created the partnership in an effort to continue producing unique and on-trend designs. For some history on the partnership, visit here and here.

Get to know a little more about our first student designer, Helga with this Q&A!


Give us a little background on yourself.

I am 23. Home for me is Brattleboro, Vermont. I started out as a Fine Arts student, but then I switched into Fashion Design.


What made you choose Moore College of Art & Design?

I transferred to Moore’s Fashion Design program from Greenfield Community College in Massachusetts. I decided to transfer after contemplating fine arts, jewelry/metals, and costume design. Moore College of Art & Design had the major I was looking for to gain experience in the fashion world.


What inspires you?

I can get inspired by really anything, but left to my own devices I often look to the body itself, history, culture, and geography.


How did you like working with May Arts?

The May Arts project was great for me because I really benefitted from using and developing more research skills. By looking into trends and what the company didn’t already have, I could really understand the design process better. It was a good first experience for designing with a company.


What do you hope to do after graduation?

At this moment, I am open to a lot in the design world. I just finished an internship in New York City, working on costumes for Broadway with a small costume shop. I enjoy designing lingerie and women’s sportswear, men’s apparel, and art to wear. I am also interested in prosthetic design, a product design trend where a designer works with the amputee to create a new limb unique to their body and aesthetic, in an effort to rebuild not only the mechanical, but also social and aesthetic functions of the missing limb.



If you are interested in seeing more of Helga’s work, you can view her online portfolio. Helga is currently entering her senior year at Moore College of Art & Design. If you are looking for a talented designer for your team, we encourage you to reach out to Helga via her online portfolio.

 Stay tuned for more student designs and inspiration as May Arts is continuing the program with Moore College of Art & Design this fall!


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  1. sue gibson

    I am sooo in love with the nautical ribbons!!! I am redoing my bathroom in nautical theme and these ribbons would fit perfect!!

  2. TracyM #6773

    GREAT interview and FABULOUS designs Helga – CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I can see you have a very bright & creative future ahead of you!!!


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