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2 Weekend Giveaways and the Winter 2013 Collection Sneak Peek!

Wow, this has been an amazing week!   We always love teaming up with our friends over at Lawn Fawn!   A big thank you to Lawn Fawn & to all of our fabulous fans!  

Of course, we couldn’t finish off this week without a proper Weekend Giveaway!   Aaaaand since I did just get in some new releases, we are having twice the fun this weekend!

First up, I have posted all of the projects from Lawn Fawn Week on one Pinterest Board.  All you have to do is repin & comment on your favorite photos to enter to win a prize of a Lawn Fawn Stamp Set of your choice!


Now for the Sneak Peek:

I always love a good sneak peek, but I especially love this one!  That’s because I am particularly excited about this upcoming season’s new collection.  I do believe we have quite a few new fan favorites coming up!  And I am not just saying that because I’m The Ribbon Lady.  😉   Hopefully, I’ll get enough goodies in to post one more before they are released.  But until then…here are two brand new winter releases for you!

Beads!!!  Now these come in a bunch more gorgeous colors.  But, for now, this is what I have to show you.  🙂


Houndstooth!   These 1.5″ pretties will be available in 5 fabulous classic & springy colors. 


Now, here’s your chance to win 1 roll from each (when available)!   Just post a comment telling me what you think of these new ribbons! 

For an extra chance to win, post your comment on our Facebook Page too.

I will announce the winners right here on Monday, December 17th.


Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a couple winners!  The winner of our Lawn Fawn Prize is:

Kathy Harrison
This card is just one of my favorites. I love all that is going on in this cute little scene!

The second prize pack goes out to:

 Sandra Strait
Wow! I think these ribbons are awesome!

Congratulations, Ladies!  Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**


  1. Jean

    The houndstooth is classic but the fresh colors make it all new again!

  2. Sheila

    The new Bead colors are awsome.  Great way to add more depth to a ribbon hair bow.  What can I say about the Houndstooth ribbon, I Love It. It looks like fancy check ribbon.

  3. heidi

    oh scrumptious yummy houndstooth……… so many delicious colors!

  4. Chitra

    Love the houndstooth ribbons, all the colors are so pretty..

  5. Pai

    love the houndstooth!

  6. sandeeNC

    I love the ribbons, they are bright, fun and cheerful looking. They would be easy to match up to any project and just make it better!

  7. Doris Widder

    ooh Awesome! Love the beads, but that houndstooth is fantastic! Love the gorgeous colors!

  8. Nikki C

    Such pretty ribbon that houndstooth is fantastic
    hugs Nikki C

  9. Kate

    Wowee wow wow! Love the Houndstooth! Cute, cute, cute!!!

  10. Carmen

    I love Houndstooth! Santa better bring me some 🙂

  11. Crystal

    Love the houndstooth! Pretty colours!!

  12. {vicki}

    love it all

  13. stephanie contreras

    love the houndstooth – gorgeous!!! also love the happy christmas card, very clever and creative 🙂 thanks for a wonderful week of crafty goodies 🙂

  14. Anita Braddock

    super Beautiful RibbonsI love ribbons and would love to win this new amazing ribbon thanks for the chance to win

  15. Kathy H

    Wow! I haven't  been "into" ribbon for a while but that Houndstooth just shot me in the other direction!

  16. Donna Sue

    Super bright colors to cheer everyone up!

  17. Mary Lou H

    Love the checkerboard ribbon.    I try to use ribbon on my greeting cards and these would work really well.   I like the beads but they would be harder to use on the cards – might get broken in the mail.

  18. Lisa R

    Love the houndstooth!!  Can't wait to see what other new goodies you will have for us!

  19. Janet Sisk

    Love the ribbons, especially the Houndstooth!  😀

  20. Kim

    I love the houndstooth anyway, but they're so much brighter in this newest batch.  I'm thinking I like that green very muchly!!  Now those beads are another story!  I love beads and would love to use this sort of bead string on projects.  Thanks for the chance to play, and love your stuff.

  21. Margie Visnick

    Love the houndstooth and the gorgeous gift bag!

  22. Becky Johnson

    I don't normally care for the houndstooth pattern but I love it in these ribbons.  Anxious to see what you do with the beads.  I have a plethora of Mardi Gras beads I can use up.  Glad I stopped in.  Becky Johnson

  23. Jeniff

    This ribbons, are so beautiful. I love it!

  24. char

    I can see using the beads on a prom page or mardi gras page!

  25. Ruza

    Love the houndstooth ribbon! Love all those colors!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  26. mary marsh

    eeek! houndstooth ribbon I love it and all the gorgeous colors

  27. L Smoke

    Right now I color my beads to the color I want.  Sometimes they don't look, well, pretty but these beads would work a whole loe better. The spring  Houndstooth looks so pretty. 

  28. Linda Rae

    Love the hounds tooth ribbon.  Keep up the good ideas!  Thanks!

  29. kerry k.

    well, as a beader of course I love all beads, in any form…and houndstooth is always a winner!

  30. Verna Angerhofer

    I love them both and such luscious colors too. But I feel I prefer the houndstooth over the beads. It is a tough call though for sure!

  31. Dana Cavanaugh

    The houndstooth ribbon is great! Lots of ideas for it already!

  32. Patty

    I love both! Definitely going to have to get some of these beautiful colors!

  33. kathleen schriber

    what pretty color combinations.

  34. SuZeQ

    There's something about houndstooth that just makes me smile all over.  Not sure what it is, but who cares – if I'm smiling, that's a good thing.

  35. Christine Dring

    Beads! Someone has Mardi Gras on the brain! LOL! Loving the houndstooth ribbon! Definitely a must have!

  36. Jen M

    Oh my gosh, the houndstooth! LOVE IT!

  37. Marilyn B. Hughes

    Love the beads!  What a wonderful addition to your line of ribbon.

  38. Cheryl Hutcherson

    The beads are fabulous!  LOVE the houmdstooth!

  39. Angie Gray

    Also shared this wonderful contest on facebook.  🙂

  40. Angie Gray

    I love the houndstooth!!!  Great vision when you created these.  I can see using them for so many wonderful projects.  🙂  Thank you!

  41. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Ooooh, I love that lime green houndstooth ribbon.  The colors in thie collection are really yummy!  I also really like the soft pink.  Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Irene Barendse

    I love the collors and pattern of the ribbons, cannot wait till I can use them for the spring creations.

  43. Jasmine S.

    I love houndstooth! It looks like such a great pattern for these new ribbons. 🙂

  44. Carla Hundley

    I like the beads ribbon a lot, but the
    other is cute also.
    Carla from Utah

  45. Maureen Hayes

    I went to pin and ended up pinning at least five, so many wonderful ideas this week!  I loved the card with the sledding bunny and the beautiful May Arts now on the front.  I also enjoyed the cute tags with gnome stamp!  Too many to pick one favorite.  It was a wonderful week full of fun and inspiration.  Thanks to May Arts and Lawn Fawn or teaming up to bring it to us!

  46. LynnR

    The colors of the new houndstooth ribbon are so cheerful and make me think of springtime flowers!  Simply wonderful!

  47. Maureen Hayes

    Oh my gosh I nearly dropped my iPad when I saw the sneak peeks!  I love them both, beads, what a great idea and houndstooth is my favorite pattern ever!  I am thrilled with these.  Thank you for a wonderful week with Lawn Fawn, and for sharing the sneak peek and chance to win with us!

  48. Kim Warne

    beautiful, colorful ribbons!

  49. katie brooks

    LOVE the houndstooth!

  50. Beverly Jordan

    The houndstooth is like a sophisticated check! Love it in all the colors but especially pink, black and green.  Pretty cool!

  51. sharon gullikson

    I love the colors, especially the limey green.

  52. Denise Bryant

    The Houndstooth ribbon is my fave! Love it… great colors!

  53. Charlotte Zweigoron

    I'm loving the houndstooth ribbon and the colors are terrific!!  I wish I had some now for Christmas goodies!

  54. Cynthia Rose

    Houndstooth will be great for more masculine and 'classis' style cards.  I am not sure what to do with beads, but look forward to seeing what the Design Team does.

  55. Cynthia B.

    Love the houndstooth!! A classic pattern – great for boys and girls…great new product, May Arts!

  56. Kati S.

    Love the houndstooth!

  57. Penny Laschanzky

    love that houndstooth ribbon!   very unique and fun.  I found a couple items on Pinterest that I had to repin…thanks for leading me there!

  58. Annette Hindes

    Houndstooth, how pretty!

  59. Debby

    Being a crafty crafter the beads are going to be marlveous in all types of projects.  I'm especially excited about the Houndstooth.  I'm a classic type of person and I can see everything from Spring decor to hair ribbons for my grand-girls.  Great ribbon!

  60. Darlene Gabriel

    This houndstooth ribbon is gorgeous.

  61. Deborah

    Love the bright colors in the houndstooth pattern. I would use that a lot.

  62. Annie

    I love that houndstooth ribbon!  So fun!

  63. Peijuan

    The ribbons are so cute! 🙂

  64. Ria Johnson

    Oh my gosh!  I love love love that ribbon!  I think it's some of the cutest ribbon I've ever seen.

  65. Dorina D

    Fun week with so many ideas from May Arts and Lawn Fawn. Great job by both DT's.  Thanks for a fun week.

  66. Nicole Grossinger Sparshu

    I love the bright colours!

  67. LilyH

    Wow, houndstooth!  I didn't think I would find a favorite like the chevron twill but now you have houndstooth in bright colors.  I will have to expand my ribbon storage. 

  68. Sue D

    Oh my–how pretty–love the colors.

  69. Lois Stokes

    Whispering Aloha to your ribbons. Fun colors any season of the year.

  70. Katherine L

    I love, love, love the houndstooth ribbon!  How awesome you came out with this!

  71. Indy

    Wowza!  These are spectacular!    I am so "into"  houndstooth right now! 

  72. NWFlamingo

    Beads chains and Houndstooth!  Great News!

  73. Angela Ballou

    BEADS! OMG! I love the bead ribbon. And there are More colors? Wonderful!

  74. ava g

    hounds tooth 1.5 inches sure does look like a big seller.
    ava g

  75. Grá O'Neill

    Love the houndstooth & the beads look fab 🙂

  76. Kelly F.

    I love the houndstooth ribbon, especially the lime color.

  77. Rufus

    Bead ribbon trim in tons of colors, yahoooo!!  Adore hounds tooth and am itching to get my hand on the black, the red, I see a really sweet looking cream in there…in other words I want 'em all!!!

  78. Jessica

    Love the bead trim and houndstooth is always a favorite of mine.  Can't wait to put these to use!

  79. Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

    love the bright houndstooth ribbon!

  80. Sheri

    Love the colors of the bead trim, and the houndstooth ribbons!

  81. Kailash

    Fun and unique styles of ribbon, love them!!!

  82. Sandra Strait

    Wow! I think these ribbons are awesome!

  83. Heather Sweet

    OMG!! I love the beads!  I love the beads!  I love the beads!  I'm super excited about, can you guess, the beads!  And of course, I absolutely adore the houndstooth ribbon as well!

  84. Luz Maria Martin del Campo

    I love the houndstooth ones they are gorgeous!

  85. Mary-Anne V.

    I like the winter friends card with the two snowmen with ribbon scarves…so cute. Sorry I could not repin since i do not have a pinterest board. 

  86. Holly Tolman

    I love the colors of the houndstooth ribbons, I can already invision little girl's easter dresses!

  87. Karen H.

    These are so fun!!!  I can't wait to see the whole lineup!

  88. Emily H

    Bead ribbon. That is super cool!!!


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