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A Mother’s Day DIY that you can finish in under 20 minutes!MATERIALS NEEDED:

  • Colored Tissue Paper cut into 3″X20″ (make sure the tissue isn’t coated with a shiny or waxy film.  This coating prevents the bleach from soaking into the tissue paper, it will not absorb and bleach the tissue.)
  • Household bleach
  • Small glass bow
  • Green floral tape
  • Greenery sprig (I used a plastic greenery from the floral department at most craft supply stores)
  • Flower stamen (pre-made, like the one pictured above, or you can create your own using floral wire, a cotton ball glued to the top of the wire and fabric or paper to cover the cotton ball on the floral wire.  Finish it off by wrapping floral tape around the base of the fabric or paper used to cover the cotton and to secure it in place)
  • May Arts ribbons in varying length, color and width.

    18” of HA05-94 1-1/2 wide double faced satin in a robin egg blue.

            8” of SKM-5-01 1-1/2 wide pink / white dyed silk

            10” of KN46 in  3/8” wide two tone light green

            5” of SK18 in 1/4” celery silk
Cut several large sheets of tissue paper into 3″X 20″ strips.  You will use 3 strips per flower. 
I was making 100 flowers so I had stacks of tissue stripes to dye. I rolled the the strips up and dipped one of the edge in a small glass bowl filled  a 1/2″ deep with household bleach.Let the tissue soak up bleach for a few seconds.  Unroll and hang to dry, or for immediate results, use a hot blow dryer for a few minutes.
Take one strip and scrunch the tissue paper until it looks like the above pleated piece. It’s the same effect we use when we take the paper wrapper off of a straw.
Glue a bead of hot glue along one side of the tissue paper strip ( be sure to keep the same side consistent in your gluing, either the white side or the colored side).
I Like to see the white part of the flower at the top, So I glued along the pink edge. Quickly wrap it around the base of the flower center where it was glued. Use caution while handling be careful not to burn your fingers.
I like to twist the tissue paper base of the “Petal” with the hot glue so it keeps the petals pleated and scrunched. Hot Glue and wrap the second layer of tissue around the base of the flower.
Repeat a third time by adding the last layer.
Wrap floral tape around the base of the flower and the full length of the leftover wired stem. Add a sprig of plastic greenery to the stem and wrap floral tape to attach it to the flower.
Then place the flower on top of the wide double faced satin ribbon that you wish to use as the corsage tie.
Take your skinniest 1/4″ light green two toned ribbon (or close to that width) and tie the flower stem to the wide ribbon.
Then add the other two varying ribbon lengths to it and tie all four ribbons securely to each other. Curl the floral taped wire into a little ringlet curl so it stays secure in the ribbon know and won’t slip out.
Tie the wide ribbon around Mom’s wrist 
And there you have it! Mom’s Mother’s Day Corsage to make her feel special on her day!! Thank you for checking out my blog post and happy Mother’s day to all you ladies out there! xoxo Aimee Ferre

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