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? Simple Hair Bow in a Classic Print ?

Hi everyone! This is Minda from A Simple Bow and I’m so excited to share this simple hair bow tutorial with you! These bows are wonderful because they’re easy to make, and with the wide selection of ribbon available at May Arts the possibilities are endless! 

Let’s begin by gathering the following supplies:

STEP ONE: Cut Ribbons
Cut your ribbons and seal the ends by quickly running your lighter over the edges. For one 3.25” bow you’ll need the following:

  • One strip of 1.5” ribbon that’s 9.75” long
  • One strip of 5/8” ribbon that’s 3.25” long
  • One strip of 3/8” ribbon that’s 4.75” long (keep in mind that if you use a hair clip that’s a different size than the one listed above you may need to adjust this measurement).

STEP TWO: Line Hair Clips
Line your alligator clip using the strip of 3/8 ribbon. If this is your first time lining a clip I suggest watching a video on YouTube to get a better idea.

STEP THREE: Make the Bow
Take your strip of 1.5” ribbon and fold it into thirds.  Make sure the ribbon end that’s showing faces towards the back and slide the end back slightly, about ¼”, so it won’t be seen from the front (see the picture below).
STEP FOUR: Take the ribbon you just folded and fold it like an accordion. You want the ribbon edge to face the back of your bow (see the picture on the left below). Once you’ve folded it take a needle with coordinating thread and push it through all the layers in the center (as seen in left picture below) and wrap around the center a few times before tying it off. I used yellow in my example to make it easier to see but I suggest using coordinating thread when making your own.STEP FIVE: Attach the Center
Using your glue gun place a small dot of glue on the back center of the bow and attach your small strip of 5/8” ribbon. You can use the side that shows the polka dots, or turn it over and use the solid color. Hold the ribbon in place until the glue cools then wrap it around the center two times and glue to the back. You can wrap around once if you prefer, just cut the extra ribbon off.  
STEP SIX: Attach Bow to Clip
In this last step we’ll attach our bow to the hair clip we lined earlier. Using your glue gun place a small amount of glue on the top of your clip and then attach it to the back of your bow. Allow the glue to dry and you’re all set!

Your simple bow is ready to wear! Try experimenting with the different prints and ribbon sizes available at May Arts and make more of these simple bows to add to your collection! They’re so simple to make and versatile because they can be used as a bow in the hair, or as a cute little bow tie that just clips right on.Ribbons Used:


  • alligator hair clips (the ones I use are 1.9” across)
  • matching thread and a needle
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • ruler
  • lighter
  • scissors


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