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???? ????Wine Glass Candle Holder ????????

Hi!!! Pam here today on the May Arts Ribbon Blog. I am sharing with you how to create a Wine Glass Candle Holder using some fabulous May Arts Ribbon along with paper flowers.
Begin by twisting the May Arts Ribbon: 1 1/2″ Sheer Spring Floral Print Ribbon between your thumb and index finger.
Secure with a piece of floral wire.
Repeat  until you get enough ribbon looped to fit around your wine glass.
Adhere to the brim of wine glass with hot glue. Add pink gemstones over wire twist.
Glue flowers and floral leaves to one side of wine glass brim.
Make a matching bow from the 1 1/2″ Sheer Spring Floral Print Ribbon; attach to the base of the wine glass with hot glue. Add a few more of the paper flowers and floral leaves to stem of wine glass.
I hope you have been inspired to recreate the Wine Glass Candle Holder… it would make the perfect Easter Favor, Mothers Day Gift, Wedding Favor, etc. Hugs Pam




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